Kharma Returning to WWE?

kharma3Kharma could be on her way back to the WWE, that’s if you look deep into the company’s copyright applications.

WWE owned the rights to the word Kharma, yet the trademark was dropped in January, reports PWInsider.

The report goes on to state that WWE have now re-applied to own all rights to the Kharma name – a very interesting move indeed!

Kharma, who has been back wrestling under the name Amazing Kong on the independents, will still have some commitments to attend to before she returns, that’s if she is returning. She is scheduled to compete at SHINE 8 in the main event and she will also face off against Mia Yim at SHIMMER 53 as part of Wrestlecon on April 6th. The latter event will take place in New Jersey, the home of this year’s Wrestlemania.

Now that would be a way to return.

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  • pumped up kicks

    Oh please please please be true! That would be amazing! Although I am super excited about her match with Mia Yim… that will be fun to watch! And Shimmer will be on ippv now with is great.

    • Brandon

      Just the thought of kharma makes me so relaxed with the future of the divas division. In fact, if kharma comes back its likely beth would return full time, or even just a feud. I have an account on SEScoops and Bleacher report. Most of the ppl hate me for being a Dias fan, but the only thing in which we are alike is the fact that I haven’t heard any of them say they hate kharma. She definitely can get the fan talking bcuz it’s rare to see wwe place a different size diva in the ring. Kharma hopefully destroys the Bella’s, and dominates the division leading to the return of beth phoenix :)

  • k2evecrew

    Yessssss everything’s falling back into place :) maybe after she’s done with the Bella’s she can feud with kaitlyn for the divas belt.

    • shameronstar

      Kaitlyn is pretty tough and can probably take Kharma more devasting moves better than most of the other divas! I would also like to see Kharma vs AJ and Kharma vs Naomi

      • k2evecrew

        I would love to see her & AJ go at it , she would’ve been the perfect person for Vickie to bring in to destroy her

        • jtiera

          You guys are reading my mind!!!! I just hope it’s not a squash match or anything. Like it should be a legit match with stipulations. But I would love to see this. What if AJ and Kharma were to work together, they both got that sadistic thing goin on. kharma could be AJ’s muscle.

  • HeelEveRulez

    If this rumor is true i hope we will get a new design for the belt(or the old one)with more wrestling looking than a barbie ring.I mean who can picture Kharma/Paige or any of the talented ladies with that butterfly title?I look at every single diva on the roster and i am sure they would look like much better.

    • puppies

      I guess McCool, Beth and Natalya amongst others just aren’t talented ladies.

      • Ryan

        Natalya and McCool rocked that cheesy belt haha
        One thing about Natalya, no matter what crap u give her she turns it great. She matches gear color with the belt
        Michelle she wore that belt with pride… But she wore the women’s championship like a true champ.. Then as a BFF charm

      • HeelEveRulez

        You know i didnt mean that.But McCool and Beth rocked with Womens championship rather than the divas.As for Natalya i agree with Ryan but i am sure she would look like much better too

    • charovnica

      The title does not make the champion.The title just proves you’re the current best and it’s up to you to make it look good and to make it worth something.Gosh…the previous WWE title looked like a toy and yet that didn’t stop Punk from having a tramendous run with it and make it important.The way a title looks is the smallest problem in wrestling.

      • HeelEveRulez

        Well you are comparing the looks of WWE title and Divas title?WWE title at least looked like a title while divas title REALLY looks like a toy.Well i think it matters because the title should look good if someone looks at the title they shouldnt think it is toy it should be a title.Well it is my opinion.

  • redsandman99

    I’m trying not to get my hopes up in case we all get disappointed but this would be awesome if it was true. She made it clear that being in WWE again is what she wants so I would be really happy for her if it can happen.

  • SherriShepherdWWE

    OMG OMG OMG, i love this, i think this is a really really good sign, why get rid of a trademark and then like a month later re-apply for the trademark

    this is exciting, maybe we will finally get Kharma against the Bellas, or the ultimate WM 30 match kharma vs pheonix

  • Ryan

    Oh damn wait! hindsight! Bella’s are back and Kong is coming for you!! (Phrasing!)

  • numero47

    I still prefer calling her Awesome/Amazing Kong than Kharma but nevertheless WWE making this move has to foreshadow some kind of return.

    I’d love to see her return to Wrestlemania as I plan to attend the event.

  • sieghrt

    Now I get why they’re re-hiring blonde divas…
    Someone’s gonna rip their heads off. *fingers crossed*


    Simply amazing! Hope we get a beth phoenix/kharma feud who can who is able to be the feud of this decade if the wwe don‘t drop the ball with them.

  • Kessuki

    if she did i would love wwe to give us a dreammatch between kong vs natalya with a cage match or i quit stipulation.

    • Jillfan1

      I would die marking out oud in the words of someone FINALLY! we deserve thebest product Kong vs Hart oh hell yeah

      • J.D.C.D.

        to quote Stone Cold Steve Austin. OHHH HELL YEAH!! I’d love to see Natalya vs Kharma in a cage match with full time. I saw their match from the Indies years ago but both are different competitors now. I bet WWE would save that match till after the division is in better condition.

  • Johnyfaction3

    I thought it was interesting that she never changed her twitter name back. She left it as Kharma the whole time.

    • numero47

      I’ve noticed that too
      You’d think WWE would’ve found a way to have change if they didn’t really want get back

  • Shade_713

    her and ryback or henry will be an awesome team

    • J.D.C.D.

      Who would do the promos? They all aren’t the best on the mic.

      • pumped up kicks

        Henry is ok at promos. They would need to have a strong promo person like Zeb Coulter or Vickie Gurrero

      • totallynecessary

        Kharma’s Promo skill are Top Notch…. U havent heard her Go but she has a silver tongue… too

  • moogle

    know how i was fuming that the kharma/bellas feud was never finished?

    Y E A H

  • ajfan83

    Eh, I think she’s got more issues than people think. She left TNA for shady reasons and no one knows the truth about her WWE departure. I do think she can make a big splash in the company but it wouldn’t surprise me if her stay is a short one.. again.

    • Ryan

      She left TNA because well Hogan and the whole Love Sponge him being a rascist asshole saying fuck Heidi and she punched him several times.
      Then she leaves when they couldn’t come to terms… Shady business is right but there I sided with Kong
      (Bubba calls Kong in her cell phone calls her many many awful names.. He gets fired by Dixie Carter immediately the next day)
      Next. Kong lies about the baby she was “carrying”… That my friend I find incredibly odd!!! :D

      • AJFan95

        What Ryan said.

      • divaindemise

        Kong left TNA because they were idiotic enough to affiliate themselves with a scumbag like Bubba the Love Sponge, and most likely because the pay was insubstantial in comparison to what she had afforded their division.

        • Ryan

          Well duh..

          Hence why Gail Kim left in the first place..
          But in Gail’s case she had a wwe offer.

          So glad Bubba got fired after that fucked up call he made to Kong. Seriously, how can someone live with themselves talking to a woman like that??!!
          Would of loved to crush that short fat little asshole

        • k2evecrew

          What did bubba say in the phone call??

        • Ryan

          @K2 I rather not repeat the stuff he said to her. It doesn’t merit for anyone to repeat what that asshole said
          It’s on YouTube but damn man how can he say things like that to a woman? Nomsayin? Just isn’t right!

  • charovnica

    Well…I’m super excited! Hope we’re gonna finally get what we want!

  • GlamSlamFan

    Kharma was the only reason why I was still watching WWE at all!
    I know Beth may be gone, but maybe we can have a dream match with Natalya instead!
    I think she can defiantly hold her own against Kharma!

  • Jillfan1

    oh please let it be true i read it and almost screamed yes yes yes pleased I MISS YOU </3 love her when I saw her in TNA for the 1st times she gave me a new view of womens wrestling Kharma we love and support you fan since 07

  • GlamazonInTraining89

    I’d love to have Kharma back in the WWE. but I’m over the whole Bella twins VS Kharma thing. especially since the wwe can’t seem to have divas feuding on raw or SD (where the storylines actually matter) w/o the title involved and as of this point I can’t see any of the current divas Beating her especially since she won’t get booed no matter who she attacks .

  • Robert J.

    Kaitlyn vs. Layla in a Lumberjill Match at Mania. The Bellas try to trip Kaitlyn as she runs ito the ropes. The infamous catfight ensues on the outside. Layla tries to do her spin kick but Kaitlyn dodges and hits the spear for the win. Over the weeks, The Bellas begin their feud with Kaitlyn after Nikki wins a #1 Contendership Divas Battle Royal on RAW. At Extreme Rules, Nikki wins the Divas Championship. After the match, the attack Kaitlyn until that laugh is heard and Kharma returns. She gives Brie the Implant Buster and Nikki the Kharma Bomb before going over to Kaitlyn like she did with Kelly. At Payback, Kharma vs. Nikki Bella for the Divas Title. Brie interferes and the match ends in DQ but the Twins still get attacked. At Money in the Bank: Rematch. Kharma is counted out after being distracted by Brie up the ramp. SummerSlam: Kharma vs. The Bellas in a 2-on-1 Handicap Match. Kharma wins!

    • Hollywood King


  • Melissa

    Raise your hand if you’re not surprised by this because deep down inside, you always knew she’d be back at one point or another.

  • trishstratusfan4ever

    God has answered our prayers…

  • shannymac

    Oh, please god, make this happen!

  • Lancerboi1986

    I really like her, so I hope so :)

  • Marcos Navarro

    With every cloud comes a silver lining.

  • jordy123

    since her match is on the 6th of april with mia yim i hope she could make it for wrestlemania and interfere in whatever diva match there is! THAT WOULD BE EPIC


      I think she should return at extreme rules because i want to be suprise like i was with the bella‘s return and right now everybody is expecting her to return soon it‘s too soon they should bring back beth and other woman who can wrestle befor