Another Wrinkle in “Tattoo-Gate” as Knockouts Champion Gets Involved

brooke-angelinaWho’d have thought tattoos would be the cause of so much consternation between current and former Knockouts?

Following biting cryptic tweets sent by former Knockout Angelina Love and current TNA star Brooke Tessmacher earlier this week, reigning Knockouts Champion Velvet Sky appeared to get involved in the debacle with a cryptic tweet of her own.

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Velvet is, of course, close allies with Angelina, having been part of seminal Knockouts group The Beautiful People together, but the situation is made rather sticky considering she and Brooke are current Knockouts and therefore share a lockerroom.

On Friday, Brooke responded to a question about her thoughts on hand tattoos, tweeting: “On ladies no. Tats should be coverable. Classy not trashy.”

The champion — in her own words — “played along” by joining the drama yesterday. She tweeted:

Asked by a fan why she was getting involved, Velvet hit back: “it’s called playing along, kid. Myob (sic)” (“Myob” meaning ‘Mind your own business’ for those not versed in Internet jargon.)

Though she didn’t directly respond, Brooke appeared to agree with the sentiments of one fan, favoriting a message reading: “@VelVelHoller if you want to talk about somebody why don’t you tag @BrookeTess in your tweets?”

While we’re used to seeing TV feuds spill over onto Twitter, this has the makings of a feud we’d much like to see spill over onto TV.

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    I agree with Angelina, but Velvet getting involved probably isn’t the wisest move since she’s the forefront of the Kockout’s division. Part of this is making me cringe although I’m finding it rather amusing. I still love Angelina and Velvet though. Bring Angel back form TBP and show Brooke what classy is!

    • Lita-Sault-666

      Disagree with you there, Brooke said a personal opinion which was in response to a fan question(?), which Angelina took offence against and made a personal attack against Brooke basically saying she can’t get the balance between classy and trashy herself. Brooke only defended herself from here on out.
      Love was a bit emosh and sensitive towards Tessmachers comment if you ask me.

      • Storm

        Well, basically Tessmacher called Love trashy for having tattoos, she doesn’t have to intentionally direct it to someone for it to become personal and about that particular person. But I’m not on anyone’s side here, Tess gave her opinion, answered a fan question (good for her!) and Love sought she needed to remind Tess that her opinions can apply to almost anyone (hence the swipe she took at her). But here, with Sky making this tweet, I think it’s just stupid. NOT on anyone’s side but Sky is being… childish… and hypocritical. Saying “Myob” to a fan yet she is making herself apart of this feud that has nothing to do with her – at this stage. But whatever, it’s entertaining. :)

        • Raekon

          No @Storm she DIDN’T.
          That’s the whole point here.

          Taking personal offence (Angelina in this case) of something someone said in general without targeting her, shows how low her self confidence is and how immature she is in overall.

          Now Velvet showcases why they are best buddies by being totally immature herself.

        • Crazy_J

          Okay.. so Tess didn’t exactly direct her comment at Love, but if someone were to say “oh my lord I can’t stand flamboyant men, they are disgusting”. I would take that as a personal attack regardless of if they were talking to me or not. That’s the way it is, don’t say shit if you don’t want the backlash for it.

          I love how people make it sound as if Velvet and Angelina are the immature ones when they weren’t the ones making fun of weigh, tans, and other people – and Brooke isn’t some huge girl without a tan it’s hypocritical. You have the right to stick up for yourself or things you believe in. Of course if you come after me one of my best friends is going to have my back – duh!

        • Raekon

          @Crazy_J you seem to ignoring the fact that Brooke brought the stuff on Angelina AFTER Angelina went at her for no reason at all.

          Taking personal offence on a general opinion of someone shows that you are the one with the issue, not the other person to even start with.

          That alone should be indication enough for you to sit down and think a little bit about yourself when you say you would take issue if someone in general said something about flamboyant men, without directing it to you in the first place.

          I witnessed tons of people saying bad things about gays or people being homophobic in a quite bad way, should I go there and start a fight with them only because they have a different opinion than I do?

    • perceval

      Anyone consider the possibility that Velvet was Brooke’s target in the first place? Let’s see… Brooke’s the top face KO, then Velvet returns, with her hand tattoo, & takes that spot, and the Knockouts Championship.

      Brooke then singles out hand tattoos on women, calling them “trashy”. Coincidence?

      • theprincedann

        I agree with perceval..

        and the fact that Brooke probably gets hundreds of tweets a day, and she chose this one to publicly respond to.

        Its all about spots and positioning. Brooke came in and Angelina got lost in the shuffle, and jobbed to Brooke consecutively. Velvet came back and Brooke got lost in the shuffle. Turnabout is fair play Brooke. You can’t be topdog forever.

        • trishfan11

          I like Brooke – she is pretty hot. I don’t know what her beef is with Angelina but when she tweeted about the eating/weight issues and face surgeries, that was taking it a bit too far. And Velvet jumping in suggests those two don’t particularly care for each other.

          I hope TNA makes this a storyline and Brooke and Velvet feud with each other. Brooke needs to turn heel and this is good to show that these girl really don’t like each other. I think Brooke has what it takes to be a very good heel. I can’t wait to see a heel Brooke beating Velvet for the title.


      I THINK PEOPLE ARE SKIMMING OVER THE IMPORTANT BIT, FORGET ABOUT THE SODDING TATTOO. When Brooke brought up Angelina’s weight and surgeries that’s when spit hit the fan really. I think it’s disgusting to exploit such things.

  • Liam ‘

    Oh jeez. This entire thing is going out of control. Hope its a work…but damn the KO’s have beef.

  • Blac Chyna

    Brooke act like she some celebrity just because she got a petty push and talk to ppl how she want she could simply avoided angelina tweet but no she has to be a smart alley

    • Trevor

      And really, ever since Velvet came back, it seems like Brooke’s been pushed out of the spotlight.

    • Matt

      How is Brooke acting like a celebrity? If she just gave her opinion on something and 2 girls felt it was there place to say something.

      • Kim099

        I thought she was a celebrity

  • charovnica

    I hate when in a fight between two a third person appears. Shut up and watch with popcorns in your lap…if you wanna support chant silently,Velvet! Highschool’s over,ladies!

    • Rickalicious92

      No Velvet had every right to speak up and defend her best friend! If someone was arguing with/picking on my best friend i would do the same thing as Velvet and defend my friend.

      • charovnica

        Um,no.Actually in this case it wasn’t needed.You see the problem was between Angelina & Tessmocker.If Tessmocker was having a third person to play in her defense Velvet interfering would’ve been the right thing,but since this was 1 on 1 I don’t see any reason for Velvet to step in.A grown as person shouldn’t need anyone to fight his/her battles.Period.Long time ago now it’s not just the tattoos issues,it’s strictly about Angelina & Tessmocker not liking each other.

  • She’sGotLegs!

    I like all three girls, but honestly, arguing about tattoos is so stupid. Seriously, it’s not that big of a deal.

  • AJFan95

    What a mess.

  • Blac Chyna

    Roxxi also got involved siding with angelina

    • Mr. Asstastic

      Girl her twitter isn’t even verified…

      • charovnica

        LOL I just feel sorry that today this is considered as some sort of insult.

  • Mr. Asstastic

    What I found funny was yesterday Brooke, Taryn, Mickie, Gail, ODB, Val, etc. took part in a bikini shoot, while the Knockouts champion was somewhere in a dark room taking pictures of her thumb. Smh must have been a slow day for Velvet. Idle hands are the devil’s playthings. Isn’t she like 30? She should get some business that isn’t Brooke’s or Angelina’s.

    • Blac Chyna

      Typical brooke fan getting offended

      • Mr. Asstastic

        Right, of course I side with Brooke because I’m a biased fan, not because Velvet is being messy.
        I knew that was coming, so thanks for being predictable.

        • K2Evefan

          But seriously brooke has no room to talk about trasy. I have never seen angelina love on tna so I dont know anything about her but brooke has a move called asstastic lol and she shakes her ass alot which is kinda trashy (I love it but still she has no room to talk) hell televised womens wrestling has always been a little trashy.

    • Liam ‘

      It’s all going a bit too far I think. I think all girls involved are beautiful. Why can’t they just hug it out? Darn

      • k2evecrew

        A majority of mainstream women wrestlers have all had a trashy move or have done something trashy at one point , doesn’t mean they’re a whore in real life.

    • jewels1931

      seeing vel has many tattoos as angelina and not all coverable maybe vel thought brooke was calling her trashy and it was digusting brooke tweet about angelina weight. when brooke covers her body so we don’t see what she has had for breakfast then she comment on what is trashy and what is classy.

  • Ryan

    I’m staying out of this lol
    If they aren’t gonna settle this in the ring than I’m out B-)

    Maybe a Bra and Panties Match between Brooke and Angelina could settle things.. Humiliate the loser by exposing her and peeling off the clothes off her body… That will show her. ;D
    Otherwise all those broads can stfu :/

  • Nostalgia

    Lolll nothing about Brooke says classy. Who thrusts their opponents faces into their vagina.

    • Blac Chyna


    • puppies

      Maria did that and she’s pretty classy in my opinion. It’s just a move haha.

      • Mr. Asstastic


      • Blac Chyna

        a women that posed for playboy is classy? paugh of the day

    • DJ8946

      So make fun of other girls, calling them ugly, putting make on their face unwillingly, & cutting their hair is classy? No.

      • Ryan

        Fuck classy Brooke is awesome! And she power thrusts that ass!! BAM BAM BAM!!

        Melina and Maria were classy and broco buster and I mean Melina split.. Her les were wide open nuff said haha and she was kind of a whore but dude she’s still classy! Like no matter what!

        • k2evecrew

          Brooke doesn’t seem to classy considering the fact that she worked at hooters

    • Raekon

      Torrie Wilson, Kelly Kelly and even Rikishi and Yokozuna have used stinkfaces and bronco busters so I don’t know what it has to do with classy or trashy. The move goes with a gimmick and everyone did it for a other reason.

      When Maria did the bronco buster the crowd went crazy and the way she did it wasn’t trashy at all, it looked the way the move were supposed to look and she executed like several male wrestlers did it in the past instead of doing the “sexy thing” or something.

      TNAs 99% of the photoshoots are looking trashy so I don’t really understand the point on calling them classy or trashy because of such things when they have to do with their job and are not their real life personas.

  • Juan

    Human nature in action. It’s in our nature (males and females) to attack those we dislike/ have little in common with and side with/form alliances with like minded individuals. Nothing “high school” about it. Anyway I find this feud amusing.

    • AJFan95

      It is. Fighting over a social network and a friend getting involved. These ladies all need to grow up, especially Brooke because her comments on Angelina and her past eating disorder was disgusting.

      • Juan

        I disagree. This kind of behavior is every where in life, no matter the age. That’s just my view of course. I’ve decided not to choose sides however.

        • Ryan

          Totally grew Juan

          Anyone who says something I’m sure I would totally call them out on it if it portrays to me, even if it was not directed at me.

          Then next thing you know if it did not portray to me, I would say “grow up” free opinion or something.

          Best advice is stay out of it haha
          Unless these three are gonna get it on in the ring, then I dotn care really -_-

      • theprincedann


        i agree, the eating disorders comment was way too far- and in an argument about class, with that comment, Brooke proved she has none.

  • AJFan95

    But the irony in the three trashiest women who were ever in TNA fighting over classy.

    • Green As Grass

      What about Jenna Morasca and her ‘sexy’ pin? That was trashy.

  • Trevor

    I also don’t like finger/hand tattoos on women but there’s no need to be cruel to someone who does. And to mock their face, that’s the kind of stuff people basically can’t change. Brooke was too harsh.

  • jonboi

    OMG highschools been soooo far behind me untill I read theese tweets lol ohhh velvet MYOB stay out of this one brooke & angel can sort this out there way without it turning into a secene from Mean Girls!!!

    • Mr. Asstastic

      The irony of Velvet telling a fan to mind their own business…

      • Kessuki

        exactly. ha!!

  • lucky1now

    Velvet should take her own advice and myob………….

  • rodneyclint

    These ladies are too old to be acting so highschool. Like really Velvet? Sit your ass down. Myob? Take your own (kind of rude) advice and let the other two bicker and embarrass themselves.

    • Gail-Trish-Brooke

      Right? Kinda ironic that Velvet told the fan to “MYOB” when she wasn’t even involved.

  • Blac Chyna

    Velvet didnt even do anything wrong but tweet angelina why yall getting butthurt and bashing her

  • theshadowranger

    You know the old saying. All women hate each other.

  • velvelove

    You might say Angelina was out of line but i disagree. brooke made a rude comment, saying that tattoos are trashy. and if you have them, youre gonna be offended, sorry thats the way it is.

    Especially when the one trying to be classy, has a moveset of rubbing both of her no no parts in peoles faces.

    • Jamal

      What makes the commment even dumber is that Brooke is not only putting down other wrestlers but fans as well! SMH

    • MELshocked

      Brooke made a comment based on HER opinion. Angelina attacked HER. So Angelina IS out of line.

    • marcum1234

      She didn’t say tattoos were trashy she just said that in her opinion they should be coverable.

  • redsandman99

    The irony of Velvet telling a fan to mind their own business when she’s obviously sticking her nose into this mess. Then again, Velvet is Angelina’s friend so nothing less should be expected. I gotta say I’m not a fan of tattoos on the hands but this whole thing is ridiculous. Clearly there’s been beef between Angelina and Brooke before and maybe all three girls should just shut up now and keep it off social media.

  • K2Evefan

    Do you really want to see a fued about tattoos on tv or just a fued involving these ladies lol

  • redsandman99

    Also, I gotta disagree with someone’s moveset defining how classy they are outside of it. I don’t care for Brooke rubbing her stuff everywhere, but I’m not calling her trashy as a person. Those moves are trashy but I think humping the middle rope as you get into the ring is too so yeah…

  • mykel1990

    This is just ridiculous. Velvet should have kept her pigeons in their cage and minded her own business. Which has a bit of irony since she’s telling people to mind theirs. Brooke is grown, so is Angelina, they can fight their own battles. However, Brooke had her opinion on tattoos, and if Angelina felt it was some kind of dig, why didn’t she DM her or something instead of getting all in her feelings and cause a war over nothing? All these ladies need to get their life and have ALL the seats in the iMPACT Zone, because they are acting foolish and childish.

    • redsandman99


    • K2Evefan

      WRONG brooke may not have indirectly said anything about angelina but indirectly she called her trashy because of her tattoos. So if someone calls me trashy whether its directed towards me or not im going off just like anyone else would. So yall can just sit down and stop acting all high and mighty.

      • HoustonHomewrecker

        I have 12 tattoos and still see nothing wrong with Brooke’s original statement. Were talking about tattoos. Unless you’re insecure and already think you’re trashy ,you should be unbothered.

      • redsandman99

        Technically speaking, she called tattoos on the hand trashy. I didn’t take it as she called people with them trashy as a whole (though I could be wrong but whatever). Either way, this whole thing seems rather ridiculous. Angelina could have messaged Brooke in private and Brooke could have not responded as nasty as she did in her one tweet. Putting all this some place as public as twitter is going to lead to people thinking that maybe the parties should keep their stuff between themselves.

        • mykel1990

          Thank you! ^^^this.

      • mykel1990

        As someone with a dozen tattoos I see nothing wrong in what she said. It’s her right to say that she doesn’t like them. And I’m not mistaken, she said those tats were trashy, not the one who has them. So, you, K2Evefan can have some seats and get your life too, and quit getting butthurt.

    • Liam ‘

      On Brookes Twitter she was responding to fans about it. Quite harsh stuff tbh.
      Apart of me thinks this is a work because wouldn’t tna management told them to take it off? Could be a good way to bring Angelina back to tna?

      • DJ8946

        She responded too me!

  • K2Evefan

    So all of you people telling velvet to mind her own business dont ever take your friends side? I dont care if it involves me or not when someone comes at one of my friends the wrong way I have 0 understanding. Yes they can fight their own battles but a friend supports reguardless.

    • sugarrush28

      True a friend supports a friend but I also am not going to get involved in stuff that doesn’t involve me in anyway. If my friend is in the wrong and is getting read than they deserve it. But if someone else jumps in on the mess then I will jump in to defend my friend. I believe in people handling their business 1 on 1. I know a lot of people believe in jumping in everyone’s business but I don’t

    • mykel1990

      If my friend is grown and came at someone on a public forum, over something dumb- then, no. Because they all look stupid. It’s called picking your battles, and saying hand tattoos are trashy is not worth a twitter feud or me inserting myself into one, friend, family or otherwise.

  • Superstar77

    I don’t see what Velvet did wrong here all she did was tweet her best friend Angelina. Also she was wrestling at live events in Kentucky on Friday and Saturday that’s why she wasn’t at the Knockout photoshoot.

    Also it’s obvious that Velvet and Brooke has had some issues with each other for a while now. Why are people just picking up on it now? They don’t follow each on Twitter anymore haven’t for a longtime and go out of their way not to mention each other.