Pro Wrestling: EVE “Special Edition III” Results

Von DutchLast weekend Pro Wrestling:EVE were in Sudbury, Suffolk for their last ever show at the Delphi Centre, “Special Edition III”. The show featured the EVE debut of rising Canadian star Leah Von Dutch, as well as appearances from Ted DiBiase and Tommy Dreamer.

See below for the results:

* Kay Lee Ray and Erin Angel defeated Shanna and Leah Von Dutch

* Rhia O’Reilly defeated Bete Noire

* “Amazon” Ayesha Ray defeated Viper

* EVE Tag Team Championship Tournament: The Glamour Gym (Sara-Marie Taylor and Carmel Jacob) defeated The Owens Twins (Leah and Kasey) to advance to the tournament final.

* Viper defeated Shanna

* Sara-Marie Taylor defeated Bete Noire, Leah Owens and Ayesha Ray in a 4-way match. Taylor pinned Owens to pick up the victory.

* Rhia O’Reilly defeated Erin Angel

* Kasey Owens defeated Leah Von Dutch

* 2 out of 3 Falls Match: Carmel Jacob defeated Kay Lee Ray by 2 falls to 1.

* Tommy Dreamer defeated Joe FX and Sam Slam in a 3-way hardcore match.

* Kay Lee Ray won a battle royal by last eliminating Ayesha Ray.

Were you in attendance? What did you think of the show? Let us know in the comments!

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  • SherriShepherdWWE

    I was wondering, any update on if there were any divas try outs in the UK,this past week, one would have to think yes , usually when they are there usually 3 or 4 girls get a try out

  • Monkey Tennis

    Up until a couple of days ago, I had no plans to attend Saturday’s Eve event. It was advertised as another ‘Special Edition’, which inevitably meant guys on the card (which I’m not remotely interested in) and there had been next to no publicity for it (with Eve seemingly concentrating on promoting next month’s QotR show in Nottingham). Plus, Nikki Storm and Alpha would be absent due to their respective trips to Japan and the only thing we really knew about last night’s show was that two ex-WWF guys (Tommy Dreamer and Ted Dibiase) were gonna be involved.

    And with money uber-tight for me right now, I really couldn’t justify making the trip so I figured I’d just skip this one. But then, a few days ago, Eve promoter Dann Read posted a message on FB announcing that the show would be Eve’s last night at the Delphi club, and having attended every event there prior to this one, I realised I couldn’t miss out on Eve’s final night in Sudbury.

    And it’s bloody lucky that I did! Against all my expectations (on the basis that I thought this would mirror Eve’s previous ‘Special Edition’ show and feature a number of male matches), last night’s show was arguably the best Eve have put on for some time. And that’s not to say that the shows prior to this weren’t great too. But yesterday’s show went that extra mile.

    Arriving in Sudbury, I was a little disappointed to see the ‘WRESTLING’ posters all over town advertising the show featured 5 wrestlers – Three of whom were guys, with only Kay Lee Ray and Erin Angel representing Eve. There was certainly no suggestion on the poster that it was a women’s fed.

    Now I get that it’s about bums on seats and getting the punters in, but I do find it frustrating that Eve can’t be more upfront about their own promotion, at least as far as advertising goes. Yes, two of the dudes on the poster were Dibiase and Dreamer, and of course it makes sense to big up the ‘celebrities’. I guess it’s not so much Eve that I’m disappointed with, but moreso the idea that any women’s promotion should need to piggyback on the suggestion of it being a male show, just to get people in the door.

    Anyway, the posters didn’t do much to inspire me ahead of the event, but I figured if we at least got 3 or 4 Eve matches in-between all the guy’s stuff, the trip would still be worthwhile.

    As it turned out, we’d be getting a few more than that.

    The show kicked off with what could have arguably been a main event on a fair few other shows, with Kay Lee Ray and Erin teaming up against Shanna and the other visiting wrestler on the card, Leah Von Dutch. I did wonder why such a big match was opening the show, but I know Dann’s often spoken of kicking things off with a bang, rather than starting with a more typical undercard match.

    And this one certainly did that. It was arguably the match of the night, and that’s not to say the show dropped off in any way after this, cos it didn’t at all. It’s simply that this match was an especially good match on a night full of fantastic bouts.

    Next up came two single bouts, pitting She-X vs Ama-Reilly, with Rhia O’Reilly first taking on Bete Noire, and then Viper facing Ayesha. Both matches were awesome, the one disappointment for me came from Viper not getting a win over Ayesha. After Rhia defeated Bete, it just seemed on the cards for Viper to redress the balance and give both feuding tag-teams one win each. Plus, I think it would have been a nice ‘big’ win for Viper, who has quickly established herself as one of the standout members of the Eve roster.

    Ultimately though, I guess the double loss for She-X was all about building towards the subsequent tag rematch between the two teams at Eve’s next event, as part of their still-a-bit-wonky Tag-Team title tournament.

    I say wonky because, whilst one side of the tournament bracket is still on the first round, on the other side, we’d already reached the semi-final stage. And that match was up next, with the Owens Twins taking on the Glamour Gym. Good stuff from both teams, nailing that sometimes difficult balance between comedy and wrestling. It wasn’t a huge surprise to see Carmel and Sara take the victory and reach the final, but the match was very entertaining nevertheless.

    At this point, an interval was announced and I figured that was pretty much it for the Eve matches. We’d seen everyone in attendance from the Eve roster wrestle once, we’d had some fantastic matches and so I naturally assumed the latter part of the show would be all dude stuff. I was a bit put out in my assumption that the Eve matches had essentially been the undercard, but they’d all been so good, I actually wasn’t too annoyed.

    As a result of my jumping to conclusions, I neglected to ‘use the facilities’ during the intermission, on the basis that I’d have plenty of time once the guys came out. In my world, guys matches are the toilet breaks! And so I spent the interval at the bar until Dann came back to the ring… and introduced Viper. She then issued an open challenge to anyone in the back, so I had to rush back to me seat! Shanna answered Viper’s challenge, and they had a short but sweet match, with Viper taking the win. Whilst the aforementioned KLR/Erin vs Leah/Shanna was probably the match of the show, I think this match was my own personal favourite, primarily ‘cos it gave Viper a welcome victory.

    OK, so with that done, surely the guys would be out next, right? Nope. Next up was a 4-and-a-half way match between Ayesha, Bette, Leah Owens and Sara Marie (the ‘half’ being Carmel Jacob, who wasn’t formally in the match but who remained at ringside). The presence of the Glamour Gym put Ayesha in a more tweener role in this bout and it suited her.

    I still don’t think we’ve seen the best of Ayesha at Eve so far. Not in terms of her ability, but just in how she’s been booked to date, which has often been more about the brawling than the wrestling.

    This was a good match, but as with any match that has one clearly dominant wrestler (in this case, Ayesha), if that wrestler isn’t going to win, then there needs to be a plausible way to take them out of the action to allow someone else to take the victory. I don’t know if that quite worked here, with Ayesha leaving the ring to ‘stalk’ Sara, allowing Carmel to score the winning pin on Leah.

    Erin vs Rhia were out next and put on a fantastic match with some fast paced chain wrestling and a nice clash of styles between Erin’s high flying and Rhia’s more power based offence. This also felt like a really good example of a ‘proper’ face vs heel bout, with both wrestlers very much the perfect examples of their respective roles.

    By now it seemed obvious that the entire roster were pulling double duty on the show, and sure enough, next out came Kasey Owens to face Leah Von Dutch. It’s always good to see the respective Owens in singles action once in a while, and Kasey had a great match with Leah (Dann also announced we’ll be seeing The Owens in a singles match vs each other at the next Eve show!). Kudos too to the visiting Leah who excelled in both of her matches, and worked the local crowd fantastically too.

    The unofficial main event for the evening was another (and allegedly final, at least on an Eve card) match between long time rivals, Carmel Jacob and Kay Lee Ray. It goes without saying that this was awesome, a match that inevitably spilled out of the ring, did a ‘lap of honour’ of the Delphi and smashed a glass or two (unintentionally!)

    The one mis-step, in me own opinion, was in how the match ended. In what had already been a heel-victory heavy night, and with this being the pair’s ‘final battle’, a victory for KLR seemed likely. However, it wasn’t that KLR lost the match which was problematic as such. Simply in the manner of her defeat. What looked to pretty much everyone in attendance to be a two and three quarter count before KLR kicked out turned out to be the winning pin for Carmel. But a slight delay in calling it left everyone a little confused, and rather than a definable “Booo!!!” or “Yay” moment, the match finished on more of a “huh? What happened?” On the plus side, a post-match attack on Carmel did allow Kay Lee to leave the ring on a note of defiance.

    Since the show, Eve have hyped up the ‘controversy’ over the result, suggesting another match between the pair. Whether this was an intentional work, or simply making the best out of a bit of a cock up, I don’t think anyone will complain if the two women share the ring again.

    Another break followed, prior to what Dann announced would the main event featuring Tommy Dreamer and two blokes whose names I couldn’t tell ya. As before (when I had assumed the second half of the show would be all guys), I still found this a bit off.

    Yes, Dreamer’s an established ‘star’, but come on. Who puts on a guest bout at a promotion for the main event? Let alone having a male match as a main event at a women’s promotion!! All that said, I was only really annoyed in principle. The show had been nothing short of awesome up until that point, as well as being Eve’s longest single show to date (I think), even before the bloke match kicked off.

    The match happened (and I finally got my toilet break!) and after Dreamer won, he cut a little promo and called the Eve roster to the ring for the crowd to show their appreciation and say goodbye.

    And it STILL wasn’t over!

    Shanna approached Dreamer with a request for a kiss, and instead hit him with a stunner and tossed him out the ring. This led into a final battle royal which, although brief, did mean that the last Eve match at the Delphi club was an actual Eve match. And KLR was able to compensate a little for her earlier defeat, taking the victory by tossing Ayesha out of the ring.

    Overall then, and somewhat ironically perhaps, Eve’s second ‘Special Edition’ show actually lived up to its name. And then some. This really was a special night, with numerous crowd pleasing moments, not a single dud match and was the perfect way to say goodbye to the Delphi Club.

    • OJ Von Erich

      Do you live in Sudbury?

  • Raekon

    It really saddens me not being able to watch such great Shows in iPPV. :(
    I wish they would do that more or at least offer the whole Show over as a Video on demand at least.

    Sounds great in Overall. :)

    • Monkey Tennis

      I know that previously Eve has said they wouldn’t put the ‘Special Edition’ shows on iPPV as they were always planned to be ‘extra’ shows, rather than full Eve events.

      The irony of course is that this show actually featured more matches than the last few full Eve shows, and that’s not including Dreamer’s match.

      I’m not sure when Eve might be putting on another iPPV. Now that they’re not going to be using what was essentially their ‘home’ venue any longer, it looks like they’ll be putting on shows at different locations and with different promotions around the country. I guess it depends on particular local facilities whether they’ll have an option to do another iPPV at a future event.