New Knockouts Champion Crowned

Mickie James became a three-time Knockouts Champion tonight on Impact Wrestling.

In a Knockouts Title match granted to her last week by VP of Knockouts Brooke Hogan, Mickie defeated champ Velvet Sky, taking advantage of her bad leg to earn the victory.

That ups Mickie’s title reign total–including five with the WWE Women’s Title and one with the WWE Divas Title–to a whopping nine.

Congratulations, Mickie!

Are you happy to see the title back around Mickie’s waist?

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  • SomebodyCallMyDaddy

    I wish this match could’ve resulted in velvet retaining and Mickie turning full on heel but if velvet really is injured then its best for her to sit it out and return when she’s ready .

    • Essex Boy

      I think it’s inevitable that she’ll turn heel. I mean, it has been six LONG years since the last heel turn!

  • Satisfaction

    Congrats Mickie! Well deserved title victory! Now she can be regularly featured again.

    Feel sorry for Vel Vel though, her title reign meant as much as her first one did :S


      @SATISFACTION: Just what I was thinking bout Velvet D;

  • MickieJamesluvslave

    YEA MICKIE!!!!! Well deserved. Couldn’t happen to anyone better. So happy. CONGRATULATIONS!!!!

    Definite heel moves but not a full blown turn IMO.The way it played out gives TNA flexibility: keep Mickie face but with a heel or turn her feel at a later time.

    So Happy tonight

    • MickieJamesluvslave

      Sorry that should read face with an [b[edge/b]

  • OJ Von Erich

    Congratulations to Mickie James… I have to wonder if she was already in mind to take the title from Velvet?

    I mean we all know they’ve been teasing us with it, but it feels that with Velvet legit injured, they sped up the process?

    Oh well, I look forward to the Knockouts hopefully going in a new direction with harder hitting matches & stories.

    I also pray they call some girls up too. =D

  • MsSassyAshley

    I think I’m gonna cry, MICKIE so deserves to be a CHAMP, congrats to be beautiful, talented, fabulous woman, hope it’s a long GREAT reign, and yes this so makes the Knockout title mean more than the Divas title!!!!!

  • OJ Von Erich


    The four women to advance to the semi-finals are Paige, Emma, Alicia Fox & Summer Rae!!

    • TNAknockoutJillianHall

      Alicia Fox was in? :D


      Who they defeat??

      • DIVASKO

        OK i found the spoilers:
        Paige def Tamina with a Roll up.
        Alicia def Baylee with the Axe kick.
        Summer def Banks with the Sunset split (old Melina Finisher)
        Emma def Aksana with the Muta Lock.

        • divaindemise

          Curious to see Summer execute the Sunset Split, especially given her height in comparison to Melina.

        • divaindemise

          Oh and while I’m always thrilled to see Alicia Fox get some ring time, it’s sad that she’s an accomplished former Divas Champion with a tenure that classifies her as a veteran competing for a developmental title. And not even considered a leading contender for it at that.

    • Liam Holden

      That’s a bit disappointing, I mean I dont want to sound ungrateful or anything but I wanted to see them introduce new NXT Divas

      • Nostalgia

        The new girls aren’t ready sheesh

        • flash1086

          Alicia Fox isnt ready either yet they gave her the divas title.

    • OJ Von Erich

      I think Emma could be the dark horse, but you’re probably right, I mean it makes storyline sense!
      Emma defeats Alicia.
      Summer defeats Paige via dirty tactics.
      NXT Women’s Championship Final:
      Emma vs Summer Rae… Emma defeats Summer after Paige provides the distraction? =D

  • BillyGP

    Nine time champion and mickie can be a tweener or steve austin type character .

  • Matty Ryan


  • Litaker61

    Thank god it’s off Velvet, she’s just not champion material. At the same time where do they go from here, we’ve seen Mickie/Tara and Mickie/Gail done to death at this point, fresh faces are needed.

  • StratusXtreme

    Congrats Mickie! :D

  • Lancerboi1986

    Since she will soon be Diva of the Decade this is quite fitting. :)

  • art

    congrats to mickie..

  • TNAknockoutJillianHall

    I wish Mickie could win at least one time a Knockouts Tag Team title so she could really have all the main goals in female wrestling! :D

    • Essex Boy

      Those tag belts are probably the most failed female championship in history. Is the ref still tag champion? ODB isn’t it? Lol.

      • trishfan11

        I hope Mickie turns heel, teams up with Gail and they win the Knockouts tag title. Then, she can hold the Knockouts title and the Knockouts tag title at the same time.

        • hbgoo1975

          The Knockouts Tag title is worthless! Only Brooke Hogan’s authority is more important than a tag team belt. Mabe because daddy dearest did not want the title!
          You can blame that on Hogan and his ego.

  • FrenchFineFierce

    For the 1st time I’m happy Mickie won the title… Velvet is not good enough to represent the KO’s division, enven if I don’t like Mickie (and never will), now the KO’s division has a real embassador =)

    • BillyGP

      Just wondering why don’t you like Mickie?

  • Essex Boy

    Well done miss James, well done.

  • Raekon

    Congrats Mickie! :)
    Well deserved!

  • SoooSooo96

    The match wasn’t long
    The bookers become like the bookers of WWE with the Women

  • cwoww

    Yes! Oh my god! I’m so happy right now! haha. So proud and happy for Mickie, she deserved it so bad! <3 And, one more yes! haha finally, Psycho Heel is coming back, look at that faces guys, what a memories! <3

  • shameronstar

    Mickie might be one of the few champions who has a face/heel turn during their reign! She seems to be subtly becoming more big headed and desperate!

    • Ryan

      I love a desperate Mickie James lol
      She looked hungry last night she and at the end those crazy eyes lol..
      Mickie can be heel hope she doesnt though but even if she does its hard not to love her crazy sexy demented fine ass lol

  • SweeneyTodd

    I want her as heel too. But now it’s okay because she is still face when the Queen of TNA PPV will go on air

    • BillyGP

      Those specials has nothing to do with storylines.

      • SweeneyTodd

        I know, but it looks better

  • Superstar77

    I’m not happy for her at all.

    Guess Mickie had to win it eventually after all the title opportunities she kept receiving. TNA sucks!

  • divaindemise

    Although the Knockouts are focusing on rotation of the small women being used on TV, there’s plenty going on with all of them to create many interesting, and superfluous, dimensions. Mickie James’ heel turn should be developed slowly, starting with the stoic lone wolf syndrome and eventually exploding at any threat of competition on her heels.

    Try and keep Velvet Sky in focus as she heals over. Show a promo next week detailing the injury at the hands of Gail Kim (which puts her over as a threat for her PPV match with Taryn) and then Mickie James ruthlessly targeting it to snatch the Championship from her. Then show Velvet confronting Mickie about her unusually ruthless tactics, only to be brushed off. Feed Tara and Tessmacher to Mickie, in which she displays a more aggressive ring style. Gail Kim could then cut a promo about being the more dominant Knockout and how she practically set up Velvet to lose the Championship to her. Mickie could then challenge Gail to a submission match. It ends in a no contest after both women lose their temper. Taryn and Velvet hit the ring, with Taryn laying out Gail and tension being teased between Mickie and Velvet.

    At the PPV, have Gail win but continue a beatdown on Taryn, which then prompts ODB to snap. ODB is far too good and popular a talent to squander in a referee role. Gail and presumably Tara could feud with ODB and Taryn as a side feud while Mickie develops a rivalry with a hungry Tessmacher.

  • jonboi

    Go mickie james there’s another reason to boast your the best female wrestler You deserve this

  • jonboi

    They will probable go mickie vs gail till vevets back then she will drop the title to taryn by the end of the year

  • candice7000

    So technically Mickie beat Trish in winning the most women’s championship. She all together is a 9 times womens champion.

    • Ryan

      Yes! Wow you’re right! In General Mickie has surpassed Trish championship quantity wise combining the Women’s, Divas, and Knockouts championships!
      How many titles does Tara have? And you know what’s lame? In 10 years Gail Kim only has the 3 title wins to boast about.. 1- Women’s and now this was her second Knockouts Women’s Championship.. That being said, her Knockouts title win was the best one ever in history of Women’s wrestling right on par with Trish Stratus!
      Gail Kim, Trish, and Mickie probably the best females in their own right

      • art

        tara is a 7 time champ 2 womens titles & 5 knockout titles/i think the tag belt goes into the 5 too…