Cheerleader Melissa Honored by AIDS Walk San Francisco

SHIMMER Champion Cheerleader Melissa has been named AIDS Walk San Francisco’s first “Walker of the Week”.

Melissa, who is an avid supporter of the San Francisco charity event, was profiled on the San Francisco section of the website, and she spoke with them about her history of fundraising.

She told the site, “I’ve lost friends and family to this epidemic and the AIDS Walk is an inspirational event for me to celebrate their lives.” The profile notes that she has been a Star Walker for the event for the past five years.

Melissa also gives credit to her fans and friends, who help bring in donations to the charity and spread AIDS awareness, saying, “I’m very blessed to have an outstanding fan base of supporters and wonderful friends in the wrestling business to help me spread the message.”

Her Twitter account, she says, has been her main source for generating donations, having worked her way up to #6 on the walk’s list of top fundraisers.

As of now, Melissa is roughly $200 away from her fundraising goal of $2,000. She has until July 21st to reach her goal, so we encourage Diva Dirt readers to consider sponsoring Melissa in this year’s walk.

Click here to sponsor Melissa.

The 2013 AIDS Walk San Francisco takes place July 21st.

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  • divaindemise

    I love Melissa. Such a beautiful and talented lady. Good luck to her in reaching her target and on a completely separate note, I hope the WWE sign her one day.

    • therightone

      Only for the money I hope. I want her to get paid not put over models.

  • Carmen Couture

    Omg melissa ur so beautiful mamasita ur make up looks flawlezz!
    Ugh and hunay u need to walk San Fran, well the good part at least lol.. trust me that side of town is like lighting urself in gasoline and walking through flames.. The men there are HOT AF… But those flames and fires being spread will kill u lol ugh
    luckily i dont have bad news for my man Alejandro as of 4-20-2013

  • dsan

    She’s such a queen. It’s good to see an indy girl honored by something as important as the AIDs walk. Good going, Melissa!

  • shannymac

    This charitable queen <3

  • art

    anyone who does something to help others shows their true nature & not many support aids awareness so good for anyone who helps/walks/donates…

  • Crazy_J

    I love her for this. I’ve read/seen things in the past over the years of her doing/dealing with things involving aids, it’s awesome that she does!

  • Lancerboi1986

    Good job. Also, she looks like Lita in this pic.

  • therightone

    Congrats to Melissa for doing charity work that matters.