In Video: OVW Introduces Same-Sex Romance

Ohio Valley Wrestling, based out of Louisville, Kentucky, has introduced quite an interesting (and well done in this reviewer’s opinion) romance storyline featuring two of its former Women’s Champions, Taeler Hendrix and Heidi Lovelace.

As we normally don’t cover OVW, we have decided to highlight this particular storyline due to its groundbreaking nature. Play catch-up with the story below and look out for more updates as it progresses.

Week 1 – The Reveal:

After a few months of receiving gifts from a secret admirer, Taeler Hendrix was determined to find out just who had been sending them to her. As Dylan Bostic and Ryan Howe (of Tough Enough fame) brawled inside the ring, Hendrix came running out with a microphone in hand attempting to break the two up. She begs them to stop fighting over her, as both Dylan and Ryan accuse each other of being the admirer. Ryan takes a moment though, to insult Taeler and dub her a dime a dozen, which seems to upset her to the point of near tears as she pleads to know who sent the gifts if it wasn’t either of them. …Suddenly, out comes Heidi Lovelace to the ring! She takes the microphone from Taeler and lets out one simple phrase: “It was me.” Taeler looks on in shock and confusion, while Heidi heads to the back after revealing quite the bombshell.

Week 2 – The Explanation:

Out comes Heidi Lovelace to presumably explain her actions from last week. She apologizes to Taeler for springing the reveal last week out of nowhere, but she got caught up in the moment of everyone fighting near her. Heidi is a little perplexed on just how to tell Taeler the way she really feels, but before she can attempt to continue on, Taeler’s music hits and out walks the fiery red head. Hendrix receives a microphone herself and completely understands why Heidi did what she did because every woman wants to be like Taeler and thus she tends to rub off on them.

From there, it seems that Hendrix believes Heidi is simply attempting to cover up for Ryan Howe so he isn’t considered a homewrecker for invading upon she and Dylan Bostic’s “IT couple” status. Heidi backtracks and tries to explain that Taeler isn’t really grasping what she means in that neither Dylan or Ryan care about her to begin with. In fact, the only reason Hendrix even got the presents to begin with is because Heidi cares about her! Lovelace just wants to know how Taeler feels in return, but Taeler is caught extremely off guard and simply walks off, leaving Heidi in the ring alone, and declaring she has a lot of thinking to do.

Week 3 – The Proof:

Heidi’s back out to the Davis arena once again, claiming she doesn’t want to seem pushy or in any way attempting to push Taeler away. She’s given her a week to think about how Taeler’s going to react to everything, now questioning whether or not she took the right approach to revealing her feelings for Hendrix. She’s cut off once again by the entrance music of Taeler, who gains help to get up the stairs and inside the ring. Hendrix gets a microphone and attempts to be fair with all the thinking she’s done over the past seven days. Before she can answer though, Taeler has a few questions herself for Heidi, such as first off wondering if everything is true in that Heidi is the true secret admirer as opposed to Dylan or Ryan. As soon as Heidi completely confirms everything to be correct, Taeler reveals she’s a little surprised at this — questioning if Heidi really wants to be the “lip” to her “gloss” so to speak.

Taeler contemplates her answer to Heidi, but before she can get it out she’s cut off by Dylan Bostic and his crown. Bostic takes the microphone from Taeler and reiterates to Taeler that he’s always felt completely fine with her bringing home female strippers (i.e. Heidi), much to their disgust. Dylan then tries to get a threesome going between them by walking away with both ladies, but Taeler manages to escape his grasp and decks him with a punch across the face! Heidi looks shocked, as Taeler starts screaming at Dylan. She tries to leave the ring, but Dylan grabs hold of her. Heidi looks to be about ready to kick some ass in defense of Taeler, but before she has to make that decision, out comes Ryan Howe who chases Bostic away!

Week 4 – The Aftermath:

Backstage we see all of the various OVW Divas gathered together in the locker room chatting, as Heidi Lovelace enters and they all turn to silence. Heidi simply wants to know if anyone has seen Taeler, but some (Nikki St. John and The Blossom Twins) seem to want nothing to do with her. Meanwhile, others (Epiphany and current Women’s Champion, Trina Thompson) accept the way Heidi feels regarding Taeler. She then walks off as the fellow Divas continue their talking and seem to show where their true colors lie.

Week 5 – The Answer(?):

Out walks Taeler Hendrix as she prepares for what looks to be some in ring competition, that of which only seems to be further cemented by the entrance of The Blossom Twins. Taeler and Holly stand in the ring as Hannah supports her sister from ringside and the bell sounds. Taeler piefaces Holly early on and drops her by the hair, but Holly fights back with a takedown for a one count. Taeler fights out, with both women running off the ropes and scoring with a double facebuster. Suddenly, Heidi Lovelace enters from the back pleading with Taeler to stop. She simply wants Hendrix’s answer right now, and couldn’t even resist waiting another moment for the match to finish. Taeler grabs the microphone from Heidi and hands it off to the referee, before grabbing her by the hands and walking off together as if to signify her acceptance of Lovelace’s invitation! The referee begins counting to ten, as Taeler loses her match against Holly via countout and the Blossoms semi-celebrate a win.

Taeler Hendrix recently gave a presumed partial in/partial out of character interview with The Greg DeMarco show in which she spoke on her love story with Heidi.

On its controversial nature: “Um, isn’t every guy’s fantasy a threesome? … It’s really hard to tell people what I’m feeling as far as Heidi Lovelace because in Kentucky it’s really frowned upon. … I nearly wanted to throw up at first. … But you know, I can’t lie, the thought of it sounded really appealing, something fresh and something new, and I’m excited to see where this goes.”

On if she thinks the storyline needs more notice: “Absolutely [the storyline should be getting more attention], girls don’t get enough exposure in this business. … I definitely think this should have more exposure because it’s relatable to lots of people. … Almost everything in professional wrestling has been done. … I’m an entertainer—I’ve always wanted to entertain people. I’ve always said I’m the Bette Davis of pro wrestling. … This is a storylines that takes the girls in Ohio Valley Wrestling to a different level. It gives us something to play with and explore.”

What do you think of the Taeler Hendrix/Heidi Lovelace storyline? Are you a fan of the way the company and women are portraying it?

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    All the things she said
    All the things she said
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    • Liam Holden

      Okay u just made me spit my drink all over the screen

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    •!/JillianHallTNA TNAknockoutJillianHall

      t.A.T.u. < 3333 I LOVE THEM!!! :D

      • Stuff

        call them out in TNA , make them a tag team to take the championship out of ODB and make “you and I” by tatu their theme…..Please

        • JamieKym

          Or “She Loves Me out”

    • JamieKym

      I was thinking the same damn thing lol

  • jsich

    This is beyond awesome. I love when wrestling storylines relate around this sort of subject, seeing as I’m a bi guy. Makes it more entertaining. Haha.

  • Ryan

    I think TATU!!!

    Fuck Taelor is hot as fuck! And holy shit her name is pronounced Taylor? I kept thinking it was teeler Hendrix!
    I don’t care for lesbians!!! I want bi girls because lesbians don’t want none of this in other words I don’t care for them but still Taylor is hot as fuck haha maybe if she wants some, her, a friend, maybe Trish Stratus and Mickie.. Brooke and Velvet.. And Tara.. And can’t leave out ODB.. Jizz in my pants baby
    Btw the Dawn Marie Torrie lesbian angle wasnt hot for me because how uncomfortable both were
    Meanwhile, the Sable Torrie angle was fuckin hot haha because how into it Sable was.. She made Torrie feel so molested lol love Sable that hot lesbian seductress! Plus it was entertainingly funny

    • Carmen Couture

      Ewwww ur discussing foo!!!!
      ugh all horny looking at womens wrestling for ur perverted pleasure u sick puto!!
      get back in line bitch no want wanna hear ur shiet! i bet u have a small cock
      and ew lesbians??? WTF??!!! Estooped!
      why can’t we have guys??? making out and wrestling in tiny jocks and such uy Mira eso.. i dont wanna see no females in these angles were are da MEN????!!!

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      • divafandom

        LOL I WISH

        • k2evecrew

          Yes we need more bisexual men in wrestling :D

        • Rhawk

          So long as they aren’t Orlando Jordan though, that stuff he did on TNA before was just… weird. And I’m not on about Bisexuality on no, I’m on about the OJ character being weird.

      • Lil’Homie

        Huntie where have you been? Obviously you’ve been gone for a while so let me fill you in, Ryan is Diva-Dirt’s resident douche, who is probably secretly gay. (Not that there is anything wrong with that.)

        • Ryan

          Whoa hey! Carmen and the rest of the gang…Hostile work environment!


        • Ryan

          Whoa hey! Carmen and the rest of the gang…Hostile work environment!


          What did I do wrong? Can’t a man just jerk off in peace? Jeezy Pete’s man! Is nothing sacred anymore??

        • art

          @ryan no everyone laughs at carmen shes got a double standard where she can say she’d blow half the roster but than you can’t say you’d like a 3 way with two bi girls…she obviously out of her mind

        • Carmen Couture

          @Art-uro how dare you talk to me like that bietch! U ratchet! I should kick ur moms in her pussy! Ewwwww no I wont do dat mira! vagina makes me hurl ugh!!! women are disgusting foo and art you’re a homophobe!!!!!! Why u hating foo???!!!
          maybe u should try it before u say anything pendejo!! and

          Yes!!! LilHomie Ryan is secretly gay he just try’s to put a front bietch! Ryan is diva dirt up in diz bitch gurl please who u finna try to front to?! **flips hair***
          Ryan i bet u is a bitter bottom

          And ARTURO!!! As long as i can kneel n breath i will say whatever I want and blow whomever i want!!!!

          @tyan ONE MORE THING MAMASITO!!!!……. can I watch you do dat?
          Oghh! doesn’t hurt to ask mira… Don’t judge me u queeny bottoms!!

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        You are like the female version of @Ryan except you are actully funny and entertaining.

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          besitos bikini model muah! XoxO
          Love Yall!

    • JamieKym

      You thought The Sable and Torrie angle was hot because Torrie felt molested? This doesn’t sound rapish at all.

      • art

        @Carmen its hypocritical but i find you entertaining……im no homophobe since im for gay rights/marriage & if you knew the meaning of words you wouldn’t say that to me & nothing i said warranted that…

  • tnatiffany

    i love it i”m a female myself and i prefer women over men

  • LuckySeven

    This is definitely different and in a good way. I just hope they continue to take the high road with this one. Otherwise it just plays to the lowest common denominator again.

  •!/FrenchFineFierc FrenchFineFierce

    That’s really cool !! Now, I want the same thing with two boys !!
    And why don’t you cover OVW? Girls are great there

    • Bobby

      We shall be from here on out starting with the next episode! This way everyone can become familiar with the main storyline before jumping into the recaps =)

      • Raekon

        Yay! :D
        Thanks a lot Bobby.
        Can’t wait to see all the reduxes soon.
        Big hug and much love! :)

      •!/FrenchFineFierc FrenchFineFierce

        Thanks !! It is so hard to find the videos on Internet !!

  • ItsRayVolution

    I disagree about this being “Groundbreaking” as lesbian romance Storylines HAS been done numerous times before….especially in WWE during its attitude era…..although I do applaud OVW and Taeler and Heidi for doing a SL that’s considered taboo in a state that frowns upon it. Good for them but as for groundbreaking….nah I don’t think so

    • Erin

      The term “groundbreaking” is being used because lesbian storylines in the past have been used for titillation more than anything else (Mickie/Trish, HLA, Torrie/Sable), whereas this is being played as a serious romance. That’s progress. When you look at it that way, it actually hasn’t been done before.

      • Looking Glass

        As Taeler says, the storyline isn’t groundbreaking because homosexuality is a new thing, but in Ohio it’s still something that’s frowned upon so an angle like that there is actually pretty gutsy.

        And I just realised Erin’s just said the same thing haha…

        • Liam Holden

          OVW is based in Louisville, KY.. it’s Kentucky that is very much against homosexuality.

      • Raekon

        Fully agree with Erin. :)

        In mickies case it was more a psychotic, addicting nature involved and the others weren’t like the Taeler/Heidi “true romance” based either.

  • art

    This will never be done with two guys i mean how many lesbian storylines has there been?? if it’s goes into an actual relationship i wouldn’t mind but if it’s just going for the cheap kissing than i dont care for it….

  • Raekon

    Really happy that we get to see some OVW here too.

    They have a decent roster with Talent that should be showcased more in my opinion and giving them a Little bit extra exposure through Diva Dirt won’t hurt at all. :)

    Most of all it will give us even more things to look forward to additionaly to WWE, TNA and once a month SHINE Wrestling.

    I’m very happy that both Taeler and Heidi are getting such a storyline going.

    Most of all since by the reactions in the lockerroom, it can be used to involve more Girls (some showing acceptance, others find it disgusting and so on) and spark new feuds based on this storyline, giving them the needed background and various directions to go to.

  • charovnica

    Taeler imo is not at all convincing during those segments.

    • Rhawk

      Maybe the story will end up having Taeler pretending to be into Heidi only so she can have more attention and controversy of having Heidi being her walking/talking lip gloss, as she’d probably call her.

  • SherriShepherdWWE

    So very very happy to see you guys finally covering OVW, I watch it ever week, could never understand why diva dirt never reported it !!! So this is awesome news

    Umm it’s a good storyline for the girls down in OVW, because usually they don’t get storylines, they just have a match thrown in randomly , and the matches are usually sloppy sadly , but OVW lately has brought in a lot of new girls

  • Rhawk

    About time OVW has at least some coverage from its women. This storyline isn’t entirely groundbreaking since it has been done before in different ways, most think of Trish/Mickie when it comes to lesbian on-screen story lines. But it hasn’t been done on any form of TV for a little while (not including Orlando Jordan since that’s just… I don’t know what he was doing).
    But even still, OVW is technically TNA’s developmental territory and with you guys down NXT reviews (WWE’s developmental territory), it only makes sense to do some for OVW. Now all we need is more regular ROH ones (like the one from a few days ago) and I won’t have any real complaints.

  • shane

    ewww @ that fan screaming freak show @ Taeler & Heidi. You can see what Taeler was talking about, saying this type of storyline in Kentucky wouldn’t receive the most positive reaction. This is a great storyline for Heidi and Taeler to evolve, both of them are at their starting points in their careers and a storyline with this much meat on the bone can really have them explore what type of character Taeler Hendrix and Heidi Lovelace are.

    • JamieKym

      He was screaming freak show at Heidi. All what he was saying was that Heidi is a long nose freak and stuff like that. He needs to be knocked out.

  • Rhawk

    Also just have to say I’m so glad Heidi Lovelace is one of the people in this angle. Since seeing her in OVW while back before she won the championship for the first time, I could see ‘something’ about her. Now she’s appearing in more places, some Shine shows, SPARKLE pre-shows and even made her SHIMMER debut recently. AAW, CHIKARA while teaming with Saturyne (a DD One to Watch for this year), and just getting more attention lately, and for all good reasons. This will only make Heidi (And Taeler) stand out above the rest, and I say she deserves the attention. I say she would have been one to watch this year, but I think her star will shine (heh) brighter even into next year.

  • Rhawk

    Also while I don’t want to keep spamming the comments, I may as well mention since it is TNA & OVW related, the latest female TNA Gut Check winner, Lei’D Tapa recently started training and appearing in dark matches for their shows. She’s also on one of the latest OVW magazine cover pictures which also proves her involvement with them. Should be cool to see her improve herself as well.

  •!/JillianHallTNA TNAknockoutJillianHall

    Finally, a OVW Write-Up!!! :D
    Awesome storyline, I’ve been a fan of this since it started 5 weeks ago!
    Hopefully TNA thinks about bringing Taeler back and signing Heidi to continue this storyline or maybe start it all again in this type of “true-romance storyline” on TV with main crowd. I’m just so excited with this. And OVW locker room kinda reminds me of TNA’s in 2009 when they had all types of girls :D

    •!/JillianHallTNA TNAknockoutJillianHall

      By locker room, I mean the Knockout locker room!

  • Kellybug

    I live in Kentucky, and two attractive women being together is not a big deal at all. All it does is inspire thoughts of “Hey, I could get a twofer out of that!”

    If it was two “unattractive” women or two men though, all hell would break loose. Call me when it’s two guys and I’ll pay attention.

  • let the pigeons loose 12

    WOW this story line I think shows how evolved the wrestling world has become. Taeler is so pretty, she needs to be on impact more. Now being BI-sexual myself I am wondering if the crowd is only reacting that way because its 2 girls. Not that i’m being sexist , i do not want to offend anyone ,but from what i can hear in the crowd there is allot of men and I wonder if they would react the same with 2 guys.

    How amazing would it be if Taeler and Hidie won the KO tag titles just saying hahah

    Final point Dylan Bostic HELLO this boy needs to be on imact

  • AssaultDriver720

    HLA! HLA!

  • xX-Zoey-Sky-Xx

    I actually read about this the other day in my newspaper, was being praised for tackling a story line where its based in, is considered really taboo. Congrats to Taeler & Heidi for doing this :) I’m genuinely enjoying the story :) Now all we need is two guys ;)

  • Matt

    I have to be honest – OVW has typically glossed over their women from what I’ve seen. When I was checking for them, they had maybe one segment once a month if lucky so I stopped really checking for them months ago.

    This is really good to see given that OVW is TNA’s developmental and TNA puts a good amount of importance on their women so thanks for bringing attention to it. I especially like how respectful the storyline has been to this point. Very nice job from the writers and the players. Also good to see that they’ve significantly bulked up their female roster.

    As an aside, for something truly groundbreaking, I’d love to see something similar to this between two MALE wrestlers but I’m guessing that’s decades off still given both management and fans. I can’t even think of a prominent independent that would be willing to go there.

  • VeteranArmy

    I remember Taeler Hendrix from an episode of ROH on HDTV, where she got feed to Sara Del Rey. She showed promised as a wrestler back then and can take an ass whooping from the best back then. As this angle goes, eh. I just care about the wrestling. Shock value and storylines is purely secondary to me.

  • xoxoRKOxoxo

    I’m fine with it, I would like if Diva-Dirt covered it, I’m in New York, I am not able to watch it.
    I think its good that wrestling is finally breaking away from the same-old same-old! I have no problem with it, good for OVW!!

    • Kala

      You can watch it at OVW’s website/ :D They post the show mid week.

  • Chika

    You would never get this stuff between men in professional wrestling. I just hope it doesn’t become something “sexy” and a cheap way to get attention.

  • OJ Von Erich

    Taeler Hendrix just reminds me of a red headed Loreen for some reason? :)

    • divaindemise


      • OJ Von Erich


        • divaindemise

          My number one gay club song.