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“Timeless” Toni Storm Reappears In STARDOM, Says Forbidden Door Is Open

Women’s wrestling action gets started early this weekend as STARDOM travels to Philly as the promotion held their “STARDOM American Dream 2024 in The Keystone State” pay-per-view today. 

To start off the show, the High Speed Championship is on the line as champion Mei Seira defends her title against Saki Kashima and Ram Kaicho in a three-way match.

Seira lives up to the high-speed name taking control of both challengers at the very onset of the match, with Kaicho and Kashima up to their usual shenanigans. Kaicho throws powder into the eyes of Seira, with Kashima rolling up Seira for the win. Kashima now becomes a two-time High-Speed Champion.

Up next, we have Queen’s Quest’s AZM and Saya Kamitani tagging alongside Camron Branae, formerly known as WWE NXT Superstar Amari Miller. They took on Black Desire’s Momo Watanabe and Starlight Kid, with current CMLL Women’s World Champion and Strong Women’s Champion, Stephanie Vaquer.

The match starts with rivals AZM and Starlight Kid in high speed action. Both teams make quick tags and trade blows. Despite the impressive showing from both teams, Black Desire manages to isolate Branae from her team and Vaquer pins her for the win.

Our next tag team match features AEW’s Willow Nightingale and Saki take on God’s Eye’s Syuri and Konami.

Syuri and Konami manage to isolate Saki from Nightingale for a while until she gets the tag. Nightingale looks strong until the God’s Eye tag team power back. However, it’s just not enough as Nightingale hits a Babe with the Powerbomb on Konami.

Next on the card, Club Venus is back in action as Artist of Stardom Champion Mina Shirakawa reunites with AEW’s Mariah May and TNA’s Xia Brookside. And of course, making an entrance that we are all too familiar with. At the opposition stands current IWGP Women’s Champion and Icon of STARDOM, Mayu Iwatani, alongside Tam Nakano and Momo Kohgo.

The action is back and forth with Club Venus being as flashy as ever and the STARS stable finding openings in their offense. Shirakawa makes it into the match, along with a little showboating between her and Nakano. Brookside makes the tag in, as both teams try to gain the upper hand. In the end, Nakano hits the Twilight Dream on Brookside claiming the victory. 

With a distraught Club Venus, some familiar music lifts up their spirits as current AEW Women’s World Champion and former World of Stardom Champion “Timeless” Toni Storm makes an appearance.

Toni gives her flowers to not only Stardom but to her current tag team partner Mariah May. Seemingly, Storm takes an interest in May’s former partner and tells Shirakawa that the “Forbidden Door is always open.” With Shirakawa ready to knock it down.

In today’s main event, the 17th World of Stardom Champion Maika takes on the challenger Megan Bayne. 

Bayne overpowers Maika throughout the match, with Maika attempting to get her offense in however she can. Maika manages to come back hitting a super Michinoku Driver off the top rope and hitting a second Michinoku Driver to retain her championship.

Post-match, Momo Watanabe makes her reappearance and challenges Maika for her World of Stardom Championship at All Star Grand Queendom, April 27. 

What did you think of STARDOM’s show in Philly today? Would you like to see Mina take on Toni? Let us know!

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