Your Two Cents is our interactive feature where we gauge the opinions of our Twitter and Facebook followers on different discussions in women’s wrestling.

This week, we’re asking this: Mickie James has turned to the dark side, so to speak, so we want to know: who has been your favorite heel in women’s wrestling? We’ve read your responses on our social media pages and picked some of the best submissions to highlight here on the website. As always, you can join the debate by leaving your comments!

* @CaseyFatale: I think my favorite heel was Victoria. Her promos were among the best when she played her psychotic character.

* @ClydeEDawkins: My all time favorite heel is Melina! She was the perfect villainess; conniving, devious, even scandalous at times! I loved her!

* @DFCatchemALL: Madison Rayne. The way she commands the ring with promos but has also retired Knockouts and is a multi-time champ.

* @DJ8946: Lay-Cool (Michelle McCool & Layla. They ran through the entire division, were so bitch, & they are the only co-Women’s & Divas Champions.

* Eric J Martinez: Trish Stratus!!! Hands down. “I wore white…cause I knew that you couldn’t.”

* @FemWresFan: Always liked Sensational Sherri, she may be the best of all time.

* Francisco Mata: I typically hate heel wrestlers, but my favourite has got to be AJ Lee. After that promo on RAW, she got me! She plays heel to perfection.

* @HuntGrOfficial: Maxine! She was a natural when it came to being a heel!

* Joshua Mcdonald: The wicked Winter is my fav. She was creepy, spooky, and snobish. Odd in many ways but still incredibly hot!!

* Josue Guzman: I liked Molly Holly‘s sacred heel run. Not only was she able to insult her fellow Divas by labeling them as “filthy” and “trashy” but she was able to back her words by winning Championships.

* Martin Bentley: Saraya Knight. She makes the Eagles Club cower in fear, and she intimidates wrestlers, officials and fans alike.

* Nikolas Dombkowski: Jessicka Havok!! Her promos are absolutely sick. She is the reason I started watching independent women’s wrestling.

* Noah Malone: Sunny. She could make you hate her and want (to be) her at the same time.

* Richard Dix: Throw a tip of the heel hat to Portia Perez.

* @thekiddtrae: You couldn’t help but hate Stephanie McMahon! Just watch her promo when she declared “The Bitch Is Back!” That she was.

And Mickie herself couldn’t help but respond to our question in her own way..

* @MickieJames: What?! I’m an angel!!!!

And now we turn it over to you…

What are your two cents on the debate? Who has been your favorite heel in women’s wrestling?