Your Two Cents: Favorite Heels

Your Two Cents is our interactive feature where we gauge the opinions of our Twitter and Facebook followers on different discussions in women’s wrestling.

This week, we’re asking this: Mickie James has turned to the dark side, so to speak, so we want to know: who has been your favorite heel in women’s wrestling? We’ve read your responses on our social media pages and picked some of the best submissions to highlight here on the website. As always, you can join the debate by leaving your comments!

* @CaseyFatale: I think my favorite heel was Victoria. Her promos were among the best when she played her psychotic character.

* @ClydeEDawkins: My all time favorite heel is Melina! She was the perfect villainess; conniving, devious, even scandalous at times! I loved her!

* @DFCatchemALL: Madison Rayne. The way she commands the ring with promos but has also retired Knockouts and is a multi-time champ.

* @DJ8946: Lay-Cool (Michelle McCool & Layla. They ran through the entire division, were so bitch, & they are the only co-Women’s & Divas Champions.

* Eric J Martinez: Trish Stratus!!! Hands down. “I wore white…cause I knew that you couldn’t.”

* @FemWresFan: Always liked Sensational Sherri, she may be the best of all time.

* Francisco Mata: I typically hate heel wrestlers, but my favourite has got to be AJ Lee. After that promo on RAW, she got me! She plays heel to perfection.

* @HuntGrOfficial: Maxine! She was a natural when it came to being a heel!

* Joshua Mcdonald: The wicked Winter is my fav. She was creepy, spooky, and snobish. Odd in many ways but still incredibly hot!!

* Josue Guzman: I liked Molly Holly‘s sacred heel run. Not only was she able to insult her fellow Divas by labeling them as “filthy” and “trashy” but she was able to back her words by winning Championships.

* Martin Bentley: Saraya Knight. She makes the Eagles Club cower in fear, and she intimidates wrestlers, officials and fans alike.

* Nikolas Dombkowski: Jessicka Havok!! Her promos are absolutely sick. She is the reason I started watching independent women’s wrestling.

* Noah Malone: Sunny. She could make you hate her and want (to be) her at the same time.

* Richard Dix: Throw a tip of the heel hat to Portia Perez.

* @thekiddtrae: You couldn’t help but hate Stephanie McMahon! Just watch her promo when she declared “The Bitch Is Back!” That she was.

And Mickie herself couldn’t help but respond to our question in her own way..

* @MickieJames: What?! I’m an angel!!!!

And now we turn it over to you…

What are your two cents on the debate? Who has been your favorite heel in women’s wrestling?

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  • sasuke

    Awesome Kong is the best heel

  • wwestarlee

    i have to say Foxy as my personal favorite and Eve

    • divaindemise

      Alicia Fox is a very underrated heel. Her wrestling, for me, is at its most consistent as a heel, and something about her flow and rhythm just attracts your attention.

  • charovnica

    I’m gonna talk WWE,since I watch it mostly…Trish would be my pick,cause I just love snarky & bitchy yet funny heels.You love to hate them.Stephanie and Melina were the same type of heels but with different range of bitchiness,so they’re automatically up there in my ever-lasting three…in no particular order.

  • WweLitafan4ever

    I LOVED heel Lita.
    She played a great heel after being a huge baby face for nearly five years.
    She had many memorable moments/segments and I did enjoy her mic work during that time.
    It was kind weird at first,seeing her as a heel because I was so used to her being a face. She pulled it off really well and did her job perfectly.
    Love,love, love Rated R heel Lita.

    • divaindemise

      I don’t think Lita’s heel character was fully explored as well as it could have been, but something I completely award props to her for is how she more or less remained a sceptre to the crowd heat. It must have been uneasy for her to draw inspiration from such a personal situation to begin with; so by the time she retired with that notorious post-match segment, I had nothing but respect for how committed to the role she had become.

    • StratusXtreme

      Yeah but that could be said about anyone going from a baby face for 5 years and then suddenly being a heel. Lita was a great baby face but not a great heel. There were definitely better heels IMO.

  • DivaMatches

    my favorite heels of all time are Trish Stratus and crazy Mickie James

  • funkyweapon a-gogo

    Madusa was a great heel when she was in WCW with the Dangerous Alliance.

    • kessa

      i agree with you mate and she was great during her heel run with Team Madness and taking jackknife powerbombs from Kevin Nash. She really was fun to watch as a face or heel.

  • DivaMatches

    “Open your heart, just like you opened your legs !” – that’s the line of the century, I was 8 years old when Trish cut this promo at my fave Lita’s wedding. I was in complete shock that she said that to her and couldn’t wait for Lita to beat that ass lol, Trish got heat from me whenever she came out during her heel run, except for when she beat up barbie bimbos that came from the diva search like Christy Hemme, Trish was the face then for me lol

  • VelvetLoveFan

    The best heels of all female wrestling, The Beautiful People they always got the reaction and come on … They cut kong riasha saeed., daffney’s and Taylor wildes hair ! Lol I loved them !!

  • jim462

    I love all the heels but in WWE & TNA currently My favorites are AJ Lee in TNA its Mickie James & Gail Kim. All 3 have been incredible heels this year

  • vdcvt

    There’s so many from the past, it’s hard to go into detail. Just to name a few, Sexy-Candice, Psycho-Victoria, Crazy-Mickie, The Beautiful People and Lay-Cool from beginning to end, Monster-Awesome Kong/Kharma. I wish that more heels would emerge in which you can see that heel intensity like in Victoria when she was ruthless.

    Out of the current Divas, I really wish Alicia can just be a heel, she’s pretty aggressive and ruthless but mixes it up with a little cuteness which I find really entertaining. I also really, REALLY loved Layla as a heel back in her ECW days. I found her really entertaining in Lay-Cool but loved how fiery and aggressive she was. Madison Rayne was the best heel for me in TNA, but now that Mickie’s turned gotta go with her :)

  • GailKim95

    Saraya Knight. That is all that needs to be said

    • charovnica

      I agree actually.I always find it shocking how bad-ass she is in the ring and how sensitive and amiable she is in real life.

      • divaindemise


        I was so intimidated about approaching Saraya during the intermissions of a SHIMMER set because she was genuinely frightening, but then I saw how embracing she was towards fans. She was also extremely proud of her daughter (who is exceedingly pretty in the flesh) and put her over at any given opportunity. Needless to say I think it’s testament to Saraya’s instincts as a wrestler that her prominence has increased since she brought this heel character to SHIMMER. When it comes to ring psychology and crowd interaction, you get your money’s worth with Saraya.

  • notorious

    Vickie guerrero and melina. Vickie was and is a heat magnet. She is devious and the fans boo her at the very sound of her voice. This has been so long I forgot why they boo her in first place. (I think it was the edge storyline) And Melina was the head bitch. Evil, conniving, decietful, malicious, and a brawler in the ring. Especially during her greatest wrestler of all time and playboy hate campaign. Her mic work was spot on and her appearance was very “you can look but you can’t touch.” Gotta love Melina.

    • funkyweapon a-gogo

      I’m pretty sure it started when she turned on Rey Mysterio and Rey & Chavo feuded.

  • Lylee89

    Trish stratus 04-05 heel run. she’s hands down the best, sarcastic, nasty and a straight up bitch, she really knew how to play with words. she possessed the perfect heel elements.

  • StratusXtreme

    Stephanie was the best for me. Such a bitch, rude, sly, spoilt, and had some of the funniest promos and segments as a heel. Jericho bashing her and Stephanie singing for Stone Cold were top of my list :D
    Steph you rock!

  • Divafan0118

    Trish, AJ, The Bellas, Stephanie, Melina, and Vickie

  • Gail-Trish-Brooke

    Trish Stratus was THE heel. Nobody has ever topped her run as a heel.
    I really like Gail’s heel character as well. To me she is like the female heel version of Dolph Ziggler or Cm Punk, because she doesn’t resort to be petty or childish, she just straight up knows she is THE best.

    • divaindemise

      What I love about Gail’s current character is that it sells her wrestling credentials. It’s great to see a heel arrogance routed in the wrestler’s craft and not, say, about being the best looking in the division. Consequently she is perfect for putting over new girls, as we’ve seen with Brooke Tessmacher and more recently Taryn.

      • Gail-Trish-Brooke

        Your comments are always spot on. I agree with everything you say 95% of the time :)

  • kio3j2

    Back then I used to hate all heels but there was something about Mickie James that just made me love her! She was the first to make me love heels.

  • aldo

    I would say Maryse, because I hated her a lot, but she did nothing interesting, so I’m going with Ivory, Jazz, Trish, Melina, Laycool, Vickie and Eve.

    • StratusXtreme

      Oh yeah! I forgot about Maryse! Loved everything about her :) and Trish I don’t even need to speak about, we all know how amazing she was as a heel. ‘Your head is so hard girl you broke my darn shoe!’ .. Weak!! Lol

  • ryais

    Melina! I remember absolutely despising her in 2005/6 and hated every time she was on screen. Then I grew up a bit and realised she was just really good at her job.

  • Aria–

    Trish, AJ, Melina, Ivory and Stephanie McMahon are my holy quintet, AJ obviously being the most recent addition. So wicked.

  • Johnyfaction3

    Eve was a brilliant hell! I wish we would have seen more of her, I am still hoping that one day we will.

  • Brandon

    Melina was the screaming bitch.
    Victoria was the psychotic bitch.
    Trish was the evil bitch.
    I’d have to say with was my favorite heel because when I was younger I despised her for injuring candice and beating divas repeatedly. I was sooo scared to see her beat candice at no mercy and she did -_- lol. Lay cool was cool as well. Eve was so refreshing to see as heel because I never thought she could be on “the bad side” but did well. Too bad she left during her best moments. I have too many favs lol

  • KiKi

    Sensational Sherri. Luna. Ivory. Stephanie McMahon. Jazz. Trish. Melina.

    • kessa

      love your mentions. :)

  • divaindemise

    The patented supreme bitches of WWE: Stephanie McMahon was everything one requires a heel to be: evil, annoying, slightly comedic and a huge, huge heat magnet. A main event villain in every way possible. Trish Stratus, Melina and Ivory were all well rounded antagonists, thanks largely to their equal capabilities on the mic and in the ring. It’s a shame, but I think Maxine showed great signs of potential to follow in their footsteps.

    And, I suppose, for sheer guilty pleasure, Maryse’s narcissistic mannerisms were always fun to watch before her career started to regress.

    In TNA, I think it’s without great difficulty to assert the Beautiful People and Madison Rayne’s subsequent Queen Bee uprising as the Knockout division’s most impactful heel characters. Gail Kim as the dangerously entitled veteran has been developed nicely – a solid heel ring general to focus the division around since Awesome Kong.

    Frankly, I think Jessicka Havok could learn from Saraya Knight when it comes to using shock tactics to elicit reaction from the fans without coming across like a genuinely lousy person. Other independent wrestling heels that stand out to me are obviously the Canadian Ninjas, Sara Del Rey and the wonderful blend of tenacity and humour in Madison Eagles while she was SHIMMER Champion.

  • MrMexican99

    I absolutely loved Mickie’s comment. Her heel run is gonna be good! I only think she’s gonna be in TNA until next year when she turns face and becomes Knockouts Champ on her final night and thanks everyone. Then I think she’ll retire with WWE.

    Anyways… I can’t wait til Madison comes back! I loved how she teased her return last night on Twitter. Her promos are the best and I’m gonna love when she returns but this time, Gail follows her. It should lead to a feud with Velvet and then a return for Angelina Love and then a Beautiful People Reunion.