WWE Payback in Review: Kaitlyn Cracks and AJ Picks up the Pieces

Talk about being a multi-tasker. I’m kicking off this Payback Review with the preshow up on my computer, and Spain versus Uruguay on my television. As if I didn’t dislike Shakira enough for being flawless perfection, her baby daddy is like right up there with the male equivilant of flawless perfection. Then again, the majority of Spain’s national team is perfect – Ramos, Fabregas, baby daddy Pique, Juan Mata, Casillas…

You get the point, and I’m actually pretty pleased that this Redux tonight is going to be full of substance and I don’t have to fill in wretched gaps with fluff-brain rambles and what I may or may not have pinned on Pinterest today.

AJ Lee and Kaitlyn is arguably the most anticipated Diva encounter of this current era. We’ve been with these two women since the very beginning – from FCW to NXT to SmackDown to the Chickbusters. We watched the Summer of AJ unfold on television last year with tears in our eyes because a Diva was getting a serious push. We watched as the Chickbusters grew apart, had confrontations, and ultimately broke up. We watched Kaitlyn feud with Eve, and on her third try finally capture her first ever Diva’s Championship. And now, we’re watching these amazing Divas finally step in the ring against one another for the Diva’s Championship in the city of Chicago, Illinois.

If Raw and SmackDown are any indication of how this match will go, it will be a turbulant emotional roller coaster of a ride. I personally don’t expect these two to do much wrestling. I expect them to just brawl and end up with some type of no-contest. I highly doubt that this feud is over. I think tonight is just the beginning of something completely special for two Divas that really aren’t your stereotypical beauty queens. AJ and Kaitlyn fans have been waiting ages for this. Diva fans in general have been waiting even longer for two women to come around and fill the gaps Trish Stratus and Lita left. But what might be even more important, is wrestlings fans are waiting for this match. I really hope we don’t have to wait a long time for this to get started.

Shockingly enough, we didn’t have to wait long. Right after a solid opener that saw a new IC Champ crowned in Curtis Axel, Kaitlyn made her way out to the ring. While Kaitlyn walks to the ring, recap videos from Raw and SmackDown play. She’s clearly not in the best frame of mind, and she’s definitely not smiling. AJ is out next and she looks absolutely adorable in black and hot pink. I wonder how many people are going to Hot Topic’s website right now looking for those shorts? Her pop is huge, and like we predicted, she’s got Big E. Langston in tow. Both women look ready for this match and it’s not a shock that it starts off with a staredown and slap to the face. Kaitlyn takes control early on, takes the action to the outside, and throws AJ into the announce table. That draws a nice reaction from the crowd. The action goes back and forth from the outside to the inside, and when Kaitlyn takes back outside of the ring, AJ is able to get away from her rival. The feisty Geek goddess scrambles back into the ring and levels Kaitlyn with a sick kick. When Kaitlyn ends up back in the ring, AJ for the first of a few covers. Kaitlyn kicks out after the two count.

At this point, AJ slows the tempo of the match down to a point where she can really dominate her more physical opponent. Kaitlyn’s selling is spot on, and AJ looks incredible during this offensive part of the match. Just wanted to give him a mention, but Big E. Langston is looking on during all of this in his singlet. Why he wears that when he doesn’t wrestle is beyond me. I think he’s just trying to make us all jealous with his majestic chest. What do you guys think? Another thing I’d like to note, is the crowd. They’re eating this up and it’s brilliant. Chicago is probably one of the best places this match could have happened. I LOVE this crowd, and it’s nice to see that they’re not very deflated from the Blackhawks’ unsettling loss. I know I was, but anyway. aJ goes for another cover, but once again our champ shows her savvy. She kicks out.

The frustration on AJ’s face is pretty evident. She seems baffled that she’s been unable to put Kaitlyn away up until this point. AJ decides to go for a sleeper hold submission but jumping on Kaitlyn’s back and wrapping her arms around her ex-BFF’s neck. Kaitlyn is eventually brought to the mat, but she ends up fighting her way back up. Kaitlyn’s strength is pretty incredible to be honest. She forces AJ into the turnbuckle, which breaks up the hold, but AJ is crafty. She gets to the top rope and kicks Kaitlyn in the back of the head. That leads to another cover, which leads to another kick out.

I love this match.

Kaitlyn gets back to her feet and has an opportunity for her first cover of the match. AJ is able to kick out, so Kaitlyn keeps working her over. At one point, AJ tries to escape from the ring by grabbing onto the apron. Kaitlyn pulls her back, ripping AJ’s belt off in the process. It doesn’t surprise anyone that the belt ends up coming into play. AJ seizes the opportunity to wrap the belt around her hand and knock Kaitlyn out with the buckle while the referee turns his back to try and fix the ring apron. AJ gets rid of the belt, decides to play opposum so nothing looks suspicious, and when the referee turns back around she crawls over to Kaitlyn. I literally held my breath at this point because I thought the match was over. But sure enough, Kaitlyn manages to kick out! Not only do I love this match, but it’s downright incredible.

It comes to the point where Kaitlyn is finally able to get off a spear. AND this is after she fought her way out of the Black Widow Submission. It looks like she literally breaks AJ in half with it. It’s plain as day that Kaitlyn has this thing won, but instead of covering the woman who’s made her life Hell as of late, she decides to taunt AJ’s fallen form. Kaitlyn cradles AJ’s head in her hands and decides to blow her a kiss before finally going for a cover. Obviously AJ is going to kick out, and she does. Kaitlyn just wasted waaaaaaaaay to much time there. It ends up being Kaitlyn’s downfall as well because AJ does managed to lock in her finisher for the second time, and unfortunately for Kaitlyn she’s not lucky enough to worm out of it this time. AJ’s isn’t going to let go for anything this time and eventually Kaitlyn has no choice. She reluctantly taps out, giving AJ the victory and her very first Diva’s Championship.

AJ celebrates her win with Big E. while reality sinks in for Kaitlyn. Long after AJ has made her way backstage, the now ex-champ is crying over her fate. The crowd begins to chant “you tapped out” as Kaitlyn makes her way slowly up the ramp and towards the backstage area. When she’s almost at the ramp, she stops again with tears streaming down her face. Eventually, Layla comes out and helps the devestated Texan up to her feet and backstage. Alicia Fox and Natalya are waiting to provide some comfort as well, but Kaitlyn wants nothing to do with it. She just wants to be by herself. She leaves the three girls and walks off. And that’s basically how that ended last night.

First of all, what can I saw that will really do this match justice? I fully expected a brawl, but what we got instead was the best Diva match in recent memory. Everything about this match just clicked, from the start to the finish. I want to sit here and type 3000 words gushing about how brilliant it was, but I really don’t think it’s necessary. What happened inside that ring kind of speaks for itself, and at the end of the night, AJ saw her childhood dream come true. I couldn’t be more happy for her. She literally puts her heart and soul into everything she does for the WWE and if you don’t appreciate her back story and how much wrestling means to her, then you literally don’t have a soul. As a fan of hers and of wrestling in general, this was an amazing moment for her and I’m so proud of her.

Kaitlyn has come such a long way and I think her star just shines brighter now. She took that loss so, so hard and I can’t wait to see what happens next. With the way they lingered on her, you all know that this is far from over. Kaitlyn’s not going to handle this loss very well, and I can’t wait to see things explode between these two women again. It blows my mind that some Diva fans still weren’t satisified with this match. They thought it started off boring and slow. How was that slap and table spot boring? How was that slow? Since they went with an actual match, instead of a brawl, it made perfect sense for AJ to slow things down a bit. She’s not going to make the match physical, because Kaitlyn would win every single time. Hell, Kaitlyn did have it won. They booked this match perfectly. Both girls came out looking great, and the possibilities now are endless. I hope, hope, hope they build a solid program towards Summerslam. They definitely deserve that stage.

Payback gets a solid “A” from me. I have nothing negative to say. It doesn’t even bother me that the spot calling was a bit on the obvious side. They more than made up for it in terms of action, character, and the way the story was left open. I can’t wait for Raw. I hope it’s a happy Redux much like this one is. Until then… Cryssi out!

Match Rating: 5/5

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  • https://www.facebook.com/LusciousLaylaEl WweRules32

    the match was brill and it lived up to the hype and i cant wait to see where this goes

    • Brandon

      Agreed. The match was PERFECT. If anyone complains about this then thats pathetic. I go on SESCOOPS all the time and all the people typically joke about the divas. Well, for the first time in a while…i got them ALL to agree that their match was amazing. One of the main guys on that website even said it was probably the match of the night. The match was great and Kaitlyns spear was wicked. I loved the backstage segment with alicia, nattie, and layla. Kaitlyn did good with her crying that time XD. I’m starting to think Kaitlyn will go into depression or turn heel because layla, alicia, and nattie were barley there for her until she lost the belt. This match got a solid A for me!

      • kingbooman

        I think Layla will be the next contender.

  • Johnyfaction3

    What an awesome moment for both ladies. This is what they needed to plant themselves as the Top divas of the WWE. I am so excited because both of them are still young and they will keep growing from this and this is what the divas need to be once again force to reckon with. That match was awesome so many near falls. I thought Kaitlyn should have retain but seeing how AJ reacted after she won made me change my mind. I am so proud of both of them. I bet they both cried like crazy in the back. This is my favorite match of the year so far. Kaitlyn has grown so much too. It’s really nice to see her grow more and more every time.
    So far she had 3 match of the years contenders.
    Kailtyn vs Eve (When she won the title)
    Kaitlyn vs Nataylya (NXT)
    Kaitlyn vs AJ (Payback)

    I am so excited to see all the fresh fueds that we can see from AJ’s reign.

    I am still mad that Del Rio kicked the Divas Title. I hope he receives some nice heat from the Divas for that.

  • wl75

    It’s going to be interesting in how they book things- especially with Ziggler turning face last night. Does AJ stay full heel? Maybe become a tweener? (the only thing I don’t want to see is to have the Bellas start feuding with AJ over the belt- which I suspect might happen to tie into the Total Divas show)

    Kaitlyn is pretty much broken at this point- and if they get the rematch out of the way quickly, I could see her becoming the first main roster addition to The Wyatt Family when they debut- she’d be in such a bad situation mentally, she could be easily swayed by them (and it would differentiate them from The Shield by adding a female member)- and I think it could work really well with her in that faction, especially if they eventually fully turn AJ face.

    Regardless, Kaitlyn’s in a dark place right now.

  • redsandman99

    I was extremely nervous before the show because I was afraid AJ and Kaitlyn would either get horrible match placement or they would get shafted with their time. What happened instead was beautiful. They got time to tell their story, compelling action and near falls that had me going. I would love to see this feud continue through the summer and it honestly could go on that long easily. Kudos to both women for the performance they gave us.

  • DJ8946

    This was the match of the night for me. It told the best story, the crowd was really into it, the match was 9 minutes, & it gave character development. It was better than Gail & Taryn to me because they actually wrestled. Gail/Tarynwas gvery entertaining but it was a spot fest. But if they pulled out all these spots then I can’t even imagine what they’re gonna do in their next match.

  • Johnyfaction3

    I also love emotional title wins because it shows how much they care and worked hard for it. I loved seeing AJ’s expression after she won. No one has yet to beat Candice Michelle’s celebration though. She cried so much.

  • MrMexican99

    BEST DIVAS MATCH since Trish & Lita at Unforgiven. These two gave it their all and he crowd loved it, I loved, and the storyline was put into it! The commentery was actually doing their job! This is the kind of storyline development we need from the writers. It isn’t that hard!

  • LadyGoDiva

    I loved it.Loved everything about it there wasn’t anything that I hated about the match at all period.Now I’m praying for a rematch with a stipulation and continuation.

  • NT86

    This has to be one of the best Divas matches in a while. And the crowd responded very well to it. Extremely good story telling by both of them. Kaitlyn was so convincing as well, with the breakdown after the match!

  • http://twitter.com/RyanRoman0 Ryan

    Haha fck yeah!!!! AJ!!!!! WOOOOOOOO!!!
    This was an awesome match!!! Kate and AJ tough as nails!!! Screw u wannabe wrestler divas!! get good or GTFO!!!
    Loved everything about this match!! AJ is dementedly sexy so crazy it’s genius!! Her cockiness is hot as hell!!!
    And sorry Kate but JBL is right.. She got to ur head toots an u LOST lol!!!
    Many marriages but no anniversary lol
    The Missle dropkick on the apron, tossing AJ over the table, the bak breaker the spear all of those
    Crowd was hot for it too! I heard This Is Awesome chants!!
    Way to rock divas!!.. I mean way to rock Kate and AJ!! Naomi AJ and Kate the few girls who can get the crowd going!!
    Never doubted AJ or Kate :)

  • http://www.youtube.com/user/xFranciscoMvsx?feature=mhee Francisco

    I freaking loved the match, there were some miscommunications and a little bit of pace problem, but the story it told made it up for everything. What i’m freaking hating at the moment is how people are praising AJ like she’s the queen ( and she is) but are forgetting Kaitlyn, and being like oh finally couldn’t wait to see that belt off of her and being like Kaitlyn is a horrible actress, Kaitlyn is this, Kaitlyn is that. Let me tell you just like without Trish there wouldn’t a Lita and vice versa, without a Kaitlyn there would be no AJ in this feud… while most of you will tend to disagree on this statement its the truth, Kaitlyn worked as hard as AJ, and put it all out in this match as AJ… it takes two to tango so please start treating them with same respect. I loved the crowd in the beginning and hated it in the end, thought it was disrespectful to boo kaitlyn and say you tapped out, it just annoys me how people are treating Kaitlyn, can’t they see how much of a star she is? Or is it just me?

    • redsandman99

      I thought Kaitlyn did great last night. I understand if people like AJ more but to just downgrade Kaitlyn (or any other diva) to help build your favorite up just really bothers me.

      • http://www.twitter.com/wwestarlee wwestarlee

        me too i agree all the divas work hard its not their fault they dont get to show it like your fav gets too so dont bash them if you dont know their full capability in the ring

    • bikini kill

      i completely agree with you. the you tapped out chants really pissed me off and i felt like kaitlyns tears (if ANY of you noticed them) were real because she was hurt the audience turned on her. like trish vs mickie at wrestlemania when the crowd turned on trish.

      • redsandman99

        I can’t say I was surprised by the audience. It was Chicago. They’re one of the crowds that will cheer and boo whoever they please, no matter what WWE is trying to get across.

        • http://twitter.com/#!/JillianHallTNA TNAknockoutJillianHall

          Yeah, Chicago boos the faces and cheers for the heels! Hahaha :D

      • http://www.youtube.com/user/xFranciscoMvsx?feature=mhee Francisco

        I noticed that too, those tears were tears you cannot fake, i felt really sad for Kaitlyn, altough its scripted you could see those tears were genuine.

    • Monkey Tennis

      Kaitlyn’s done a great job in what’s been a completely thankless role that has essentially buried her character. You have to give her kudos for that.

      • BillyGP

        It helping her character not burying her.

    • Paige Knight Revolution

      I think it’s perfect the fans chanted that…this might send Kaitlyn the character over the edge, someone is turning heel here! Maybe not her, maybe she’s going to become like Lita where she was hellbent on making Trish pay!

      Speaking of Lita, did anyone catch the I Miss Lita sign!? Awww XD

      • Melissa

        YESSS, omg how could I forget. That sign made my night.

      • charovnica

        Yeah,it was right next to the AJ sign and I just died :D

    • melina prez

      I love Kaitlyn and all but the Chicago crouds are bruttally honest. They really just helped the storyline (to add insult to injury to make her even crazier).

    • charovnica

      What are you talking about? Most people that commented on the Payback related topics were praising both girls.

      • DJ8946

        Probably talking about Twitter.

    • Nintendoboy

      I was in the crowd yesterday. Both Kaitlyn and AJ got mixed reaction. One thing is for sure: THEY LOVED THE MATCH, AND THEY WERE SO INTO IT. As for the “You Tapped Out” chant, I don’t think that has anything to do with disrespecting Kaitlyn, but shows more of care of the match. Some of the matches didn’t get such reaction from the fans.

  • Monkey Tennis

    I’ve already commented on the match and it’s outcome in another thread, so I won’t go into a lot of detail again.

    I’ll give the WWE credit for a storyline that got people talking about the division, and for the length that last night’s match was given. But I still think this story could have been told without the need to bury Kaitlyn in the process. Particularly after pretty much ignoring her in the six months leading up to last night.

    It raises an interesting point. When was the last time the women’s division had a genuinely strong face? Kelly Kelly was over (regardless of her ability), but that was generally in a more ‘plucky underdog’ way. And the face runs of Beth, Layla and now Kaitlyn have all been completely forgettable.

    Not that the heels have been much more memorable prior to AJ, but that’s been a symptom of the decline of the division in general. The absence of a strong babyface, however, that just feels like the WWE simply don’t know how to put a face Diva over.

    So I guess we should cross our fingers that AJ remains a heel for the foreseeable future!

    • charovnica

      I agree with the face part. WWE could have a fantastic face in the face of Nattie,but they just put her on the back burner and I don’t see her coming in the front any time soon.I’d love if they start building Naomi as a strong single completitor,because she can get over fast and she’s also a very entertaining in ring worker.

      • divaindemise

        Agreed. Natalya had everything going for her to be a top face Diva after winning her first championship, but she was substituted for a face Eve, who elicited no reaction from the fans whatsoever. I never quite got that one. Maybe they didn’t think Natalya had the typical Diva look to be the division’s poster child.

        • coleyjillianaksana

          Speaking Of Natalya Im Glad She Is Getting A WWE Poster Not Many Do But Nattie Definitely Deserves It Id Love It If They Did A Diva Group Poster Featuring

          Aj in Front
          Kaitlyn & Layla On Either Side Of Her
          Aksana Alicia Natalya
          Cameron & Naomi Behind Them
          Nikki Brie Rosa & Tamina At The Very Top

  • let the pigeons loose 12

    Loved this match so much watched it lived was so into it. At one point I was jumping on my bed screaming SPEAR HER. LOL when Layla came out of no where no joke nearly shit myself I was like WHO THE HELL. I also have a funny image that when Kaitlyn ran off crying she ran to AJ and they where screaming jumping in circles. Must of been so fun to fight your BFF in what was the BEST DIVAS match in a long time.

    I can only see 2 people ending AJ’s regin Kaitlyn. Or Paige. Can’t wait to see where this Fued goes personally I’d love to see AJ hire Paige as protection to fend off Kaitlyn .

    FInally why does Chicargo always BOO faces even if the faces are better wrestlers they still boo them ???

    • bikini kill

      when kaitlyn was doing her rip of of gail kims christo/flying dragon whatever (okay aj puts a different twist on her and im an aj fan so dont hate on me) i felt like all kaitlyn had to do was jump and fall flat on her back and pin the bitch ll.

    • charovnica

      Because Chicago fans are smart.They don’t follow what WWE says them to follow,they find the heel characters more daring,more interesting and for the most parts the heels are indeed the better workers.

    • Nintendoboy

      nope. I was there in the crowd, but they don’t just boo every face wrestlers.

  • https://twitter.com/Oliver_James611 OJ Von Erich

    Very proud of both ladies & how well this match was booked, I think that is all I can say.

    I do see the Bella Twins coming along to get their revenge on AJ for what happened recently between them.
    It would also be good to see AJ face off with Alicia, Layla & Natalya who could possibly seek retribution for Kaitlyn, possibly one each week?

    Then have Kaitlyn come back after a month to chase the title again?

    • bikini kill

      i told the bellas on twitter if theyre only going to do arm submissions in the ring and not any wrestling moves they should just be valets. at this point, they should exclusively be valets/catfighters but not wrestle. they’re strong personalities which is good but their wrestling is bad for the renaissance of the divas division.

    • http://twitter.com/#!/JillianHallTNA TNAknockoutJillianHall

      I would rather have Lillian Garcia or Rosa Mendes win that Divas championship than the Bellas, please just STAY AWAY FROM THE RING!!! -.-

  • Lita-Sault-666

    This match was incredible. It had everything you could hope for and more. It just clicked, the flow between spots was amazing & everything fitted just right. The toss across the table & the dropkick on the apron were great eye catchers for the audience to garner there interest from the get go, allowing for some wrestling to happen before another big spot was needed.
    That spear was perfection. Best yet. AJ is so great at taking bumps, her body literally becomes lifeless and gets thrown around.
    The near falls, the reversals, the finishers… This match is definitely a candidate for Match of the Year. Roll on Raw. Roll on Summerslam! :D

  • SherriShepherdWWE

    THERe are reports now that, there was major TIMING issues with the last two matches, they had take time off the tag title match as well as the Cena match, with the tag match they had the shield rush to the ring and also cut out the promo leading into the match,


    • Melissa

      Thank god AJ and Kaitlyn are WWE royalty and that the bookers wouldn’t dare squish them between two main event spots :”(((


    • Brandon

      Omg I heard that to XD. That could’ve ruined the divas match lol

  • Paige Knight Revolution

    This has snowballed into a decent storyline and with a great match like this, let’s hope WWE does not drop the ball here. They’ve got something good going and you have to love Chicago crowds, no matter what you think of the city personally – they’ve always shown love to the Divas. That’s why I secretly wish Chyna vs Lita would’ve taken place there, although the California crowd was also off the charts loud!

  • charovnica

    That picture <3

  • melina prez

    The match was just perfect in everyway! Match of the year candidiate!!!! Well I love that AJ won and now Kaitlyn needs to get her Payback, probbaly by beating the shit out of AJ on Raw. Im just wandering is AJ is gonna turn face with Ziggler or turn on him and stay heel (hopefull its the 2nd one). AND A BIG SCREW YOU TO ALBERTO DEL RIO FOR KICKING THE DIVAS CHAMPIONSHIP. I know its not that prestigous but come on man. AND PLEASE GOD DO NOT LET THE BELLA TWINS HAVE THE TITLE EVER AGAIN!!!!!!

  • Melissa

    What a night. I don’t care if you’re an indies snob or a diva fan, you have to give kudos to both girls for putting the women’s division back at the forefront of the biggest wrestling company in the world and reminding everyone of the damn FEEEEEEEEEELSSSS we used to get cheering our faves on during the golden era. After the garbage we’ve had to endure for god knows how long, this is such a fucking breath of fresh air. I’m so happy right now.

    Now of course this is the WWE we’re talking about.. and over the years Vince has fucked with our heads so much that our brains have programmed themselves to think like a cynical asshole. So yeah, god knows what’s going to happen tonight on Raw. For all we know, they’re going to give Kaitlyn a farting gimmick and have AJ drop the title to Rosa Mendes. Don’t act like this isn’t plausible.

    • Melissa

      *replace “Rosa Mendes” with “Brie Bella”

      kinda makes it even more plausible.

      • Melissa

        Anyway, since the divas match/segment ended the way it did, it legit looks like the writers have something planned.

        With Ziggler’s inevitable face turn (pretty obvious at this point, really), you have to wonder what’s going to happen with AJ. Is she going to turn with him by association? Are they going to take the lazy route and have Kaitlyn break down and morph herself into a miserable, psycho heel while AJ makes the swap? Personally I’d like to see something a bit more logical, like AJ continuing to taunt Kaitlyn until Kaitlyn 100% snaps (Aksana gorrrl, watch yo back) and for the next few weeks, all we see is a physical/psychological exchange between the girls, leading up to Summerslam where Kaitlyn gets her rematch.

        Ehh, actually… now that I’ve read that idea out loud, it seems a bit stale (I guess it depends on how the girls execute it). I guess I’ll just tune in tonight. But like, did I even have a choice after what I witnessed last night?

        • jtiera

          Lol at the aksana part. All she did was laugh and got her ass whooped. But your comments have me screaminnnggggg lol

    • divaindemise

      It would not surprise me in the slightest if Vince privately reprimanded the girls for surpassing expectations for an average match, in the same vein that Michelle and Melina were scolded for their stellar NOC bout in 2009.

  • Wrestling.fan.from.France


    It was simply…AMAZING! The divas delivered and last week was one of the best week in the divas division in YEARS! They completely OUTSHINED the Ko and Mickie’s heel turn last week with THAT AMAZING PIPBOMB AJ DID, THE GREAT ATTACK FROM KAITLYN TO AKSANA AND THE REF WITH THAT SLAP AND THIS AMAZING MATCH! Aj was incredible tonight and after this match, SHE IS THE BEST WOMEN’S WRESTLER AT SELLING RIGHT NOW (but Gail and Alicia are not too far behind), the way she sells the spear was incredible! It was one of the best spot of the night and Kaitlyn’s best spear! I am really proud of Kaitlyn and I knew she could be AMAZING IN THE RING!

    I don’t if you missed something but the Summer of Aj has just begun and like last year, it’s gonna be AWESOME! Aj WILL be the diva of year and maybe the women’s wrestle of the year! So proud of her!


    (And by the way, FUCK Y

  • Wrestling.fan.from.France


    It was simply…AMAZING! The divas delivered and last week was one of the best week in the divas division in YEARS! They completely OUTSHINED the Ko and Mickie’s heel turn last week with THAT AMAZING PIPBOMB AJ DID, THE GREAT ATTACK FROM KAITLYN TO AKSANA AND THE REF WITH THAT SLAP AND THIS AMAZING MATCH! Aj was incredible tonight and after this match, SHE IS THE BEST WOMEN’S WRESTLER AT SELLING RIGHT NOW (but Gail and Alicia are not too far behind), the way she sells the spear was incredible! It was one of the best spot of the night and Kaitlyn’s best spear! I am really proud of Kaitlyn and I knew she could be AMAZING IN THE RING!

    I don’t if you missed something but the Summer of Aj has just begun and like last year, it’s gonna be AWESOME! Aj WILL be the diva of year and maybe the women’s wrestle of the year! So proud of her!



    • ILuvEve


      • charovnica


  • flash1086

    I just believe that AJ can have a great match with everybody. She’s that good. (Trish was like that)

    • 09DHK

      Even Trish vs Jackie Gayda in that mixed tag match?

  • http://www.twitter.com/Diva_Fan_4_Life DivaFan4Life

    There are SO many things i LOVED about this match.

    1. They got actual fantastic in ring time 10 minutes!
    2. They told a story in the ring and it was beautiful, all the emotions, kaitlyns tears and the brawl and wrestling
    3. Pinfall after pinfall from both divas and laying out all the big moves
    4. The tearful celebration from aj and then the devastation from kaitlyn realizing she lost her title & ALL those replays after the match..it literally felt like i was watching the main event or something i loved it so much!

    See wwe needs to realize they have a great roster of divas and with all the divas being around for years the crowd knows them and these divas know how to get the crowd behind them. i am looking forward to tonight on raw to see what happens to increase this storyline whether its a promo or kaitlyn attacks aj or even kaitlyn takes her aggression out on layla, natalya or even alicia! i think this rivalry between kaitlyn and aj could last for at least 8 months or even longer! they are the trish and lita of our generation and i cant wait for the future!

    GREAT JOB LADIES! #DivaPower

  • Rosana

    after all the praise i have read on this page i really expected
    a lot out of this match. Maybe i expected a lot more stuff but i wasn’t feeling it that much. I did enjoy the match, especially the spear Kaitlyn did to AJ.The crowd was really into the match which made the match more fun to watch, but i really wouldn’t compare this to Trish/Mickie. When i watched that match, i actually got goosebumps and i didn’t even know who Mickie was! I do have to admit this match was so much better than the previous divas matches i have seen in a while… i guess it was okay to me.

    • Melissa

      Gorrrrrrl let’s get something straight: WM 22 Mickie/Trish is on a league of its own.

    • DJ8946

      I’d say it was like Mickie vs Trish WM in terms of crowd response but in wresting in was more like Trish vs Mickie at NYRs.

      • divaindemise

        Trish Stratus and Mickie James’ WM match has an electricity that has yet to be matched by any other Diva contest since. The sheer heat, even if it was fuelled by defiance, screamed main event.

        • Melissa


        • perceval

          What about Trish-Lita at Unforgiven?

          Regardless, this was certainly the best Divas match we’ve seen in a long, long, time.

          • divaindemise

            Actually, I’ll concede with that one. Trish’s retirement match was spine chilling by the finish.