Knockouts News: Two Big Matches Announced, Tag Team Titles Vacated

On tonight’s live edition of Impact Wrestling, Knockouts VP Brooke Hogan delivered a “State of the Knockouts” address.

She announced two blockbuster matches: next week, Mickie James will defend her Knockouts Title against Velvet Sky. In two weeks, Gail Kim will take on Taryn Terrell in a Ladder match!

Lastly, the M.I.A. Knockouts Tag Team Titles were vacated, with champs Eric Young and ODB surrendering the belts to Brooke.

The fate of the Tag Titles is not yet known, but may we say: THANK GOD!

What are you most excited about: Mickie vs. Velvet, Gail vs. Taryn or the resurrected Knockouts Tag Titles?

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  • TNATaraNonstopAction

    Awesome !!

  • 3xplicit

    like i aid before this segment had so many holes in it, what’s happening to the tag title? where are brooke and tara? what are gail and taryn climbing the ladder for? why didnt u address the fact that there were only 5 knockouts on the ring 4 if u discount odb? i was hoping she was going to expand the roster..

    • BillyGP

      Climbing the ladder for a contract to be #1 contender.

    • Gailkimlover3

      well the segment didnt need them so i dont think they would have wanted to drive all the way to come to inpact and just stand there for 5 minutes in a segment which didnt involve them… as for the ladder match its a number 1 contender.. i guess the tag title are no longer part of the division? idk or maybe they’ll start a tourney to crown new champs?

      • J.D.C.D.

        The only problem is there aren’t that many KOs now for the KO’s tag title. Even if Brooke T and Tara were at the state of the KO’s division address TNA doesn’t have any where near the amount of quality women wrestlers they had before. Unless TNA acquires Shine/Shimmer I don’t think they have enough women to vie for the KO tag team title belts. To me they barely have a KO division for the women’s title.

    • xX-Zoey-Sky-Xx

      Brooke T is taking time off to film her reality TV Show and Tara is busy with her restaurant in Chicago and isn’t it around now she’s supposed to be filming for a soap opera part with mr Hollywood?

  • redsandman99

    It was definitely time to do away with the tag titles. I just wonder where Tara and Tessmacher were in all this.

    • BillyGP

      Both taking time off vacation.

    • Spideywebby

      Yea definitely taking time off. Tara is probably at her restaurant busy snapping pictures with Molly & Lena, remember?

  • Gailkimlover3

    cant wait for the ladder match.. not to compared the 2 wrestling shows but ever since we got that last knockout standing and it got such huge praises the divas have had some great showing too. i mean we got that awesome match last sunday then a great following segment on raw..+ the its been over 2 minutes mind you.. then not to be left behind tna announce a ladder match? as a fan couldn’t ask 4 anything else.. so happy

  • diegoxoto1

    I hate the fact that they got rid of the tag titles but I also want to see the tag titles being utilized and emphasized.

    • Sarah Connor

      Don’t worry they’ll probably be back before the end of the year.

  • Marlon Eric

    Dude, give the Ladder Match to the other girls who can deliver.

    The Last Knockout Standing match was a perfect entry for Taryn to make her a name and praise in women’s wrestling. Hanging with Gail gained her instant credibility and now all eyes are on her to actually be in competent matches without Gail.

    But we don’t need a rerun. Give another Knockout a chance to turn it up a notch. Mickie and Velvet. LOL @ Velvet….it could happen though..

    • Superstar77

      What do you mean LOL at Velvet?! She does have talent people like you just chose ignore it.

      • art

        ROFL velvet can’t hardly wrestle & shes been doing it for ten years…

  • Marlon Eric

    And IF the Knockout Tag Titles have to be vacated every six months, than they need to either 1) Build the Division 2) Drop the fucking titles

  • shameronstar

    Im so glad tna FINALLY fixed that tag title problem! And Taryn is a history maker because she’ll be the 1st EVER wwe trained diva to do a ladder match:) tna must be trying to show up the wwe since they have started to improve! Wwe might retaliate with AJ vs Kaitlyn in a streetfight or something at Summerslam or maybe the 1st EVER Diva Money in the Bank match at the mitb ppv! This is great because they’re actually competing against each other now and it’s improve both divisions:D

    • jonboi

      I was going to say Beth vs Katie lea But they weren’t trained by wwe Unless you count that they were trained in the wwe style of wrestling

  • BarbieBlank

    I’m kinda scared for tayrn in the ladder match, hopefully she’s got enough experience to not get hurt

  • Bikini model destroyer

    Come on motherfuckers, there is a fucking ladders match,

    why yall ain’t marking out????

    Why there is no CAPS???

    I bet if this was WWE this thread will be having over 600+ comments by now.

    This is the reason why I can’t stand DD users. They are the worst ever.

    • pumped up kicks

      I see these types of matches in Shimmer and Shine so thats why im not marking out. But this match should be GOOD! ;)

      • Bikini model destroyer

        FYI those promotions had yet to make a Ladders match, If I’m correct only AIW Girls Night Out, WSU, and some Joshie promotions booked this type of match, but they, unlike WWE/TNA don’t need those type of matches to put on a great show. So its all good ;)

    • redsandman99

      The match will be good there’s no doubt about that. I agree if it was WWE it would have more comments though WWE has never done a female ladder match before unless one counts the Beth Phoenix/Katie Lea OVW one so the shock of that would bump up the comments count.

    • Sarah Connor

      oh i’m marking out alright :). scroll down & read my post.

      would LOVE…..if when we have new KO tag champs somewhere down the line, they defend their titles in a ladder match. how amazing would that be?.

      I could just picture The Blossom Twins vs Gail & Lei’d Tapa \or/ Tara and Tessmacher vs Gail & Lei’d Tapa.

      its such a shame they released sarita because she would have been epic in a ladders match.

  • Litaker61

    Hopefully the titles don’t come back they’ve proven time and time again they can’t handle both title pictures at once.

  • BorisG

    If titles were vacated, than their reign should be counted until Lockdown 2012, that was their last title defense. They shouldn’t reckognise 350+ days, for not doing nothing, they are billed as the longest reigning KO Tag champions, they beat The Beautiful People’s reign. First they haven’t defended titles for 13 months, man won the title and they had it for 400+ days!

    And I hope Taryn and Gail will amase us.

  • richies88

    vacant that the best they can do with the tag time they should just abandoned them

  •!/JillianHallTNA TNAknockoutJillianHall

    Hope to see The Blossom Twins come back and win those titles :D until Madison Rayne comes back and she and Gail wins what is rightfully theirs!

    • jonboi

      @TNAknockoutJillianHall I have a feeling that Mother Maddie may just feud with gail on her return I’d be invested in that

  • misschrissi7

    Is anyone suprised that Brooke decided to vacate the Tag Titles?? EY has been out injured for months & she reduced ODB to ref. Not to mention the releases of Angelina, Winter, Rosita & Sarita serverly deminished KOs Tag Teams.

    Mickie vs Velvet: I see Mickie winning by cheating.

    Gail vs Taryn Ladder match: Can these two top the Last KO standing match from Slammiversary? In my honest opinion, im not sure they can. It was an epic match but if we are gonna see Taryn vs Gail for the next 6 months then at least TNA are trying to mix it up a bit.

    But it is time to call The Blossoms, Taelor & Lei’d up from OVW.

  • Superstar77

    Oh wow TNA finally did something about the Knockout tag titles after over a year?! Really this company is ridiculous. I say they should just completely get rid of them their a joke now anyway and have been for a while.

    After reading the spoilers for next I’m not excited for the Velvet / Mickie match at all.

  • Sarah Connor

    :O WOW-WOW-WOW! Finally! I’ve been crying out for a womens ladder match for sooooooooooo long and I am now getting to see one!! YESSSSS! I have no reservations about Taryn and Gail’s ability to withstand this match because these two will absolutely deliver. If only the stipulation was for the KO title and not the number one contender, but regardless of that i’m well stoked. Thanks Brooke.

    Mickie vs Velvet? Mickie to win of course no doubt on my mind about that!

    Tag titles? well they had to be vacated since ODB became KO’s official referee and can no longer assault or compete against any of the KO’s (as was the case with Taryn when she was referee).

    Also the tag titles deserve a place in the Knockouts division but i just think not yet, as there are a limited number of KO’s currently. When Taeler, ‘The Blossom twins’ are officially called up then is the time to begin a tournament – ideally for the new KO’s with something to aim for before contesting for the KO’s title.

    • Superstar77

      ODB and Eric Young wasn’t doing anything with tose titles long before she became a referee so you can’t use that as an excuse for the titles needing to be vacated now. They should have been stripped of them last year after going so long without defending them.

  • art

    AWESOME a Knockout ladder match im hoping for some big bumps….i wonder what lackluster match wwe will put aj & kaitlyn in again….