In Video: New WWE Diva Makes Television Debut

As was teased on Monday, the newest members of the Total Divas cast were backstage at Raw, and one of them made her television debut on tonight’s edition of WWE Main Event.

The episode, which was taped Monday prior to Raw, featured Tons of Funk, and the Funkadactyls introduced them with a song and dance in the middle of the ring.

Naomi and Cameron were joined by Jo-Jo Offerman, who showed off her pipes, demonstrating some staggering singing skills.

Watch it all below:

What do you think of Jo-Jo’s singing?

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  • jtiera

    Jojo is gorgeous but I don’t want her doing this. Anything but this.

  • Kaitlyn_LitaFan321

    That was horrible she can’t sing to save her life. I am getting sick of wwe hiring these no talent Dancers/Bikini Models over Women who can actually wrestle and have been in the Indies.

    • Kim099

      From a kaitlyn fan?so u would rather see someone like hamada doing this instead or Sara del Rey?


        You know @Kim099, EVERYBODY and even girls like SDR and Hamada can do this, it’s all depend of their gimmick. I agree, they should be use as big monsters but like Kane, they can do dancing or singing or comedy stuff if it’s well done. It’s not because you’re have a dominant body or you’re an AMAZING wrestler that you cannot do things like this I’m sorry.

        • Kim099

          Um I don’t think so

    • art

      she can sing she looked nervous as hell though….

    • JamieKym

      love how a Kaitlyn Fan said it. how hypocritical can you be?

  • DJ8946

    I think this was suppose to be on RAW. Either way I personally liked it. & Naomi is that good of a singer but she still performed very well!

  • Cj2010

    I honestly do not understand the reasoning behind signing her. She does not seem wrestler material. She reminds me of Layla on her early days, but a wash-down version in every aspect (looks,agility,etc.). BUT, i’ll wait until she steps foot into the ring to make an official judgement.

    Eva Maria, on the other hand, is a token star down the road.

    • mckenzie

      Your going off based on looks so your not making ANY sense.

      • Cj2010

        it’s a thing called first impressions and like i said, i’m holding my judgement until she wrestles

    • jonboi

      You know people probably said lalya looked like a watered down version of someone & look what lalyas done, its not about how someone looks we shouldn’t judge people on first impressions, its all about how willing she is to train & get to be the best wrestler that she can be!!! Welcome to the world of womans wrestling Jo Jo enjoy the ride girl!!!!

  • DJ8946


  • DJ8946

    & She’s only 19 which means she isn’t permanently on the main roster & if she is she won’t be wrestling anytime soon.

    • christopher_cc

      Kelly Kelly was 19 when she debuted but I don’t think she ever wrestled until she turned 20 I think right?

      • DJ8946

        Supposedly they changed that rule. It seems like it’s true since Paige was 19 when she started for WWE.

        • Jordan

          Where does that whole “21” non-sense come from anyway?

          Kelly Kelly and Jo-Jo are obvious examples of it being bogus. Paige had toured with WWE quite a few times already for live events, so the reasoning for not putting her on the main roster isn’t her age but it’s timing/ placement and how to introduce her.

      • DJ8946

        Supposedly they changed that rule. It seems like it’s true since Paige was 19 when she started for WWE & hasn’t been called up.

        • marcum1234

          Why does everyone assume that wrestling skills are the only thing involved with being called up to the main roster? Yes Paige can wrestle, but that doesn’t mean that she’s just going to magically turn up on the main roster. Even Natalya was in the developmental territories for a year before she made her Main show debut. Paige has only been with the company for over a year, its called paying your dues. Jo-Jo was only there for Total Divas hype, which is more than likely the reason her and the other girl were signed.

        • Spike7000

          There is no rule, it’s just something that was made up by the dirt sheets

  • Lil’Homie

    I’ve died and gone to heaven!

  • SherriShepherdWWE

    very interesting I like, her joining Cameron, and Naomi seems to be the perfect fit for me

    they could be like the new Vince devils, I think they would be amazing as a heel group

  • Lil’Homie

    I can’t wait to see how Eva is gonna debut!

    OMG, Naomi Cameron & Jo-Jo the Funkadactyls! AHHH I’m fanboying so hard right now!

  • Jordan

    …….. no.

    Just, no.

  • notorious

    her range is good but why was her singing so quiet. You arent supposed to let the music overpower the voice. But on a positive note, I do pick up on early 2006 Layla vibes. Maybe she could be decent but dont ever let her keep up with this gimmick. This is just too much going on and not in the good way.

  • mckenzie

    Cool enhancement to the stable. It reminds me of destiny’s child. She looks like a little solange Knowles in the middle. Again we can’t fully judge JoJo because we do not know her in ring skills yet. So far so good. Im glad she made her debut so we can see what she offers to WWE.

  • Kim099

    Something fresh and new love it still dancing

  • Kim099

    And love that girl in the audience they should sign her too lol

    • Lil’Homie

      OH GOD YES!!!

  • candice7000

    I must say this was a horrible debut for a diva. Her singing was good when she hit her notes. But when the other divas joined in it sounded like the world was ending in terror. I like that she is part of Tons of Funk or Funkadactyls. She fits in. But if she gonna sing. Please let her do it alone. Cameron needs not to be a hype man no more.

  • coleyjillianaksana

    Omg I’ve Figured It Out The Brought In JoJo To Pair With Cameron So They Cant Put Naomi In As A Full Time Performer.


      Good the idea but there is a problem, who is going to be the WRESTLER and who is going to be the CHARISMATIC one? Cameron is not good enough to be the WRESTLER but she can be the Charismatic one but JO JO is not ready to be NAOMI ot Aj or layla or Natalya or Alicia in one day.

  • BarbieBlank

    Umm yeah I didn’t enjoy that at all..
    Id rather see her be added to their group as another dancer .
    It could be cool to give her this gimmick but her voice isn’t strong enough and she might get booed eventually at one of the tapings.
    I would like the idea of another girl being added to te Caomi alliance though

    • coleyjillianaksana

      Would They Go By CaJoMi?

  • Dustin

    That wasn’t good. Of all the songs that can be sung, this one should not. I must say though, Jo-Jo has one HELLUVA voice! Such a beautiful voice.

  • Johnyfaction3

    I have an Idea. Have her replace Naomi and then Let Naomi go for the Divas Title!!

    I don’t know hwy everyone is being so negative. This was just for fun. Is not that big of a deal.

  • OJ Von Erich

    Hahaha that was fun, I rather enjoyed that, how on earth she kept up in those shoes I shall never know (RESPECT!)

    Obviously I don’t see this being a full time thing, but it was something fun & new. Plus is was great to see her actually out there.
    I agree with the ‘diva search’ Layla vibes, I said that the minute I saw her when she was signed, bless her! :)

    Plus, girls got some pipes! ;)

  • CandiceMichelle&TorrieWilson

    She’ll grow, like they all do. I just want to see what Natalia brings to the table, she’s got a spark hopefully she’s not a hit & miss

  • lucky1now

    pass on all this singing is not good for this group

  • divaindemise


  • wwestarlee

    i dont know what to say or how to feel. so many questions is this a one off thing will she be with tons of funk permanently why was she acting like beyonce when shes really Michelle im so confuesed smh

  • shameronstar

    This was a hot mess! but hey it’s wwe. Maybe they’ll get better but perhaps if they had a song that fitted a female voice better it would’ve came off better. But MoJo JoJo is cute though at least:)