USA Network to Air ‘Total Divas’

The USA Network will be airing the first epsiode of E!'s Total Divas reality show on July 29th immediately following Raw.

The hope is that airing the show after Raw will give the show an added boost to fans who may not necessarily tune into the E! Network.

The show, which will star WWE Divas Brie Bella, Cameron, Eva Marie, Jo-Jo Offerman, Naomi, Natalya and Nikki Bella, premieres on July 28th, the day before it airs on the USA Network.

Both E! and the USA Network are owned by NBCUniversal, making the special airings possible.

No further USA Network airings of the show have been scheduled as of yet.


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  • moonpiggy


    • Monkey Tennis

      It does seem to have a very limited appeal. It probably won’t interest wrestling fans, cos it’s a scripted reality show. And it probably won’t interest reality show fans, cos it’s about a group of wrestlers. And the Bella Twins.

      I’m not sure who the target audience really is.

      • kio3j2

        But people watch the Kardashians and Lochte on that same channel, so yea, I think they have a shot.

      • Matty Ryan

        OOH Girl, is that you in you’re picture?

        • BarbieBlank

          Since the show seems like it will be more about their love life’s and friendships than actual wrestling it may help bring in the reality tv crowd

  • xX-Zoey-Sky-Xx

    I think its to target Diva fans, who dont get the daily diva allowance at Raw/Smackdown. And seeing as JC will be on this, supercena fans will probably watch it to see him.

    • Monkey Tennis

      But that’s the problem. We’re talking about a very small demograph. We’re not even talking about fans of women wrestling in general, cos this isn’t going to be a show about wrestling.

      It’s only appeal will be for those people with an interest in the Divas as ‘personalities’. Sure, there’s a few of those that visit this very site. But will that be enough to sustain an audience for a TV show? I’m not sure.

      I guess the WWE are hoping it’ll catch on more with the reality TV crowd, which will probably mean the ‘showbiz lifestyle’ aspects of the Divas involved will be given priority over any wrestling.

  • OJ Von Erich

    I can’t wait for this to air, I shall certainly be tuning in each week! XD

  • charovnica

    I can’t judge it before I see what it’s all about,but I wish WWE would focus more on the ring talent and build stars rather then giving people that are still nobodies and will continue to be nobodies if they’re handled like this forever,some extra TV time on a cheap reality show.

  • jerzyboy1970

    I hope this show tanks. What a waste of tv time! Cant believe any will watch this show.

  • Chika

    Doesn’t RAW finish at 11:00 p.m. in the States? They don’t think that’s late?

    • charovnica

      It keeps getting worse for the show.Who will be watching it after a 3hr RAW show…It was a stupid decision by WWE to even try and be hip and trendy.Stick to what’s working,guys.

  • SherriShepherdWWE

    cant wait for this show to air, i think it is gonna be awesome :)

    and i believe it was a smart decision to air it after Raw, i know some of you are thinking why have it so late, well this is the thing, if it is after Raw and in my case the same channel right after Raw, there is no way i can forget about it, its gonna come on right after, so weither ur a diva fan or not, it is right, there and u will see the logo WWE, and that will get the extra fans that didnt plan on wathcing it in the first, then they will just to see what it is gonna be like for the first episode!!!!

    and also it is gonna be airing on the USA network, as well and E, so those are two major channels,

    • charovnica

      You do have a point,but it’s also a Monday…the crappiest day of the week,everybody is tired and they barely made it to the finish of RAW…do you think most of them will be able to stay through another show? I’m kind of skeptical about it,but I guess we’ll see what’s gonna happen.

  • wwestarlee

    i personally dont see how this will help the divas division in my honest opinion. will it help the bellas,nattie,naomi and it etc sure, but it wont help foxy,layla,tamina, aksana and the others girls who haven’t been on tv much. I think the girls getting exposure is great but hopefully WWE will see all the girls need exposure just my opinion.

    • charovnica

      If anything people will be confused why are only AJ & Kailtyn there and where the hell are the girls from the show.They really didn’t think this through.I ,in general, think that WWE should have not one but two parallel diva storylines going on.People don’t need a title to feud.They can feud over many other reasons.

  • AJFan95

    The show will be fun to watch. Natalya’s storyline will be crushing.

  • Blacklighter05

    I love how everyone was all for a Diva’s Reality TV Show a while ago when the WWE Network was gonna launch but now that it’s going to be on a Major Network everybody hopes it tanks?! Perfect logic. I for one think it’s a great move on the WWE’s part. The only thing I wish they would’ve done different is spotlight the NXT Women rather than these two nobodies. Eva arie and JOJO Offerman reek of desperation to me. Yes they’re attractive but they seem like generic model wannabe’s. If the show tanks, which I really hope it doesn’t, they’re gonna get released, hopefully.

    • wwestarlee

      Jo jo to me seems as if she’ll leave faster than Eva.

    • charovnica

      It’s because of the idea of the show and the time frame it’s in.Nothing else.

  • Matty Ryan

    I think they should do like they did with Tough Enough, have Total Divas be the third/first hour of RAW’s time slot.

  • BarbieBlank

    It has a chance to be a success on E! But most wwe fans may not watch it because a) it will be on really late and they’ll probably want to go to sleep after watching a 3 hour show of raw and b) because most wwe fans probably aren’t into glamourous reality shows