Picture of the Day: The “Misfit” Divas

Note: This post contains spoilers for the NXT Women’s Title tournament.

AJ Lee certainly isn’t your typical WWE Diva, and neither is Paige. Both have spent their fair share of time in the indies and have developed characters and looks that set them apart from the rest.

Having developed a kinship with the younger Diva, AJ took a picture with Paige while at the NXT tapings last night, tweeting it today:

While they’re far from being “weirdos”, it’s nice to see two women who have given their blood, sweat and tears for a shot at the big time actually get that shot–and hold titles as well!

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  • Ambrose-DivaFan

    LOVE this picture!


      I love the picture too but it just makes me sick how the championships look. they look like toys.

  • VeteranArmy

    Only if the WWE had a wome tag team division…

    • jtiera

      I would cry so hard if that happened, you don’t even know

      • xX-Zoey-Sky-Xx

        You know they’d originally planned to bring back the Women’s Tag Title’s with the Bella Twin’s in mind for the becoming the champions, but due to the fact it was around the time the Bella’s were leaving last year, the idea was nixed.

  • jtiera

    Ugh I love it. My two faves. I love that Maria supports these two. There was also a picture of bailey hugging her. Too cute.

  • richies88

    i actually can’t wait for that match. it would be brilliant one.

  • Bikini model destroyer


    2 indy wrestlers holding wwe female titles.

    I know a lot of diva dirters are hating lol.

    • Spike7000

      Like omg AJ and Paige are soo overated, why is AJ getting all the screen time, etc.

      When a female pro wrestler gets signed by WWE: like omg she doesn’t look like a Diva, she looks like a butterface, I don’t think she’s going to last in WWE, oh she’s looks ”basic”

      When a person with no previous wrestling experience gets signed: Like omg she’s my favorite new Diva because she’s soo pretty, she’s going to slay, stan, whatever. Let’s follow the person on twitter and call her a ”queen” and make a pointless fan site when no one really knows about previous background

      Or to even calling former talent cuss words and being perceived as ”bitter” because talking about a ”favorite”

      • BarbieBlank

        People have talked just as much shit about kaitlyn , the Bella’s , aksana , & taryn (mostly before she had her matches with Gail) as they do with girls like AJ & Paige. That doesn’t automatically mean that they hate all models does it??

  • Looking Glass

    And the smarks go wild…

  • Wrestling.fan.from.France

    Wwe’s most popular divas, PAIGE AND AJ LEE! Those two worked HARD in indies and deserved to be where they are, ON TOP of their own division! I really hope to see a feud between those two in the future because they are A-MA-ZING!

  • BarbieBlank

    Fingers crossed for them to have either a alliance or feud when Paige is called up

  • FameHooker18

    Even if you don’t click on the article you can still see Paige with the title, which ultimately spoils the tournament. There’s no point of saying this post contains spoilers, when it’s already been spoiled by the picture on the homepage of the website. At least put a spoiler picture up next time *tut tut*

    • http://worldelitewrestle.proboards.com FOXY & FLAWLESS!

      Lmfao I was thinking this.

  • BorisG

    Lol they should have switched the titles, since Divas title is bigger than NXT Women’s title, which would fit perfectly for AJ’s tiny waist. Anyway, glad to see two champs who worked hard to get to WWE and to win these titles. Congratulations!

  • http://divaderby.net/ DivaDerby

    The current top divas are both talented and deserving. Nice work WWE, finally.

  • http://gayken.tumblr.com Swaggy

    It’s just kind of funny to me that the “misfit” Divas who both claim to be so different from the other Divas are basically carbon copies of one another. So much for the diversity they both claim to herald.

    • dsan

      How so? Paige has a goth-rocker vibe, and AJ has more of a tomboy geeky vibe. Is it the black shirts and the black hair? I don’t see it.

    • charovnica

      They both have absolutely different styles,so I’m not gonna even pretend I understand what you meant.

      • AJFan95

        He was trying to sound witty, but failed flat on his face. Boop, there’s always next time.

  • dsan

    Me: *sobs*
    Great picture!! Both have busted their ass to get what they’ve always wanted! It really warms my heart :)

  • redsandman99

    Awesome picture. I love these two.

  • vdcvt

    Two Divas who definitely have put in the effort to get where they are :)
    And did anyone think of ‘Welcome to the Island of Misfit Toys’ from Perks of Being a Wallflower when they read the title? Nope?…Just me? okay…

  • Gail-Trish-Brooke

    Am I the only one who finds them both a tad bit overrated?

    I’ve always found that Paige is missing that certain “spark” with her wrestling. She has the character, but her matches despite being clean, fall incredibly flat for me.

    And I just cant believe Aj as a heel what so ever. In real life someone of Kaitlyn’s size could stomp a hole into Aj. The only time I have liked Aj is during her matches as a babyface. The only time it is believable for someone of her size to win, is if they are using lucha type moves.

    • divaindemise

      They’re both solid talents who deserve the limelight, but their fanbase comprises of some highly insufferable pretentious snobs. Their apprenticeships in the independent scene makes it unimaginably wrong to say anything bad about them. For instance, I could connect more with AJ if I didn’t feel like being a fan would be akin to joining a cult.

      See below when one is labelled bitter for voicing an alternative opinion.

  • Paige Knight Revolution

    Love them both and I’m so sick and tired of the haters so whatevs, I’m not gonna sweat it. These women worked their asses off and I support and wish them both well.

  • charovnica

    I don’t think they’re overrated. You may not like that AJ gets so much attention,but she started from the bottom…making out with Hornswaggle;being destroyed by the divas on Smackdown;getting a storyline that many thought would go nowhere [with DB],but while many other divas would’ve feel sorry for themselves,AJ had enough talent and experience to bring life to her character and of course,when people at the back see that you actually bring it they will give you more chances.C’mon…that SD segment once again proved that AJ is CM Punk on the mic,her reactions were great and she gives the other person something to work with.
    IMO AJ helps a lot to get Kaitlyn over.Kaitlyn gets better and better with her reactions and mic skills seens she has been involved in this feud.

    I’m sure if back in the day those forums were so popular,Lita and Trish would’ve been called overrated on every damn arcticle about them.

    • charovnica


    • AJFan95

      This! Totally agree 100%

  • flash1086

    AJ and Paige both have the potential to be the next Trish and Lita.

  • Paige Knight Revolution

    I love them both and to people saying they’re overrated etc… GFY and take your bitter ass elsewhere.

    • Gail-Trish-Brooke

      Everyone is entitled to their own opinion. Just because Paige is your favorite, doesn’t mean that everyone else has to cum over her existence.

  • Sarah Connor

    paige looks adorable with the belt. i love that she’s british. :)