SmackDown Redux (July 12th, 2013): Revealing Texts and Rampaging Wrecks

This week on SmackDown we witnessed a piece of Diva history, as former BFFs AJ Lee and Kaitlyn participated in the very first Divas contract signing, ahead of their championship rematch this Sunday at the Money in the Bank PPV.

As this was such a historic event, it was only fitting that the entire roster attended. That said, I don’t think anyone (especially Kaitlyn) was ready for the bombshell that AJ dropped. Check out the segment below:

Thoughts: Wow… Just wow. I can honestly say that was one of my favorite Diva segments of all time and definitely the best thing to come out of the division in recent memory.

Everything from the mic work from both women, to the amazing spear by Kaitlyn was incredible. It’s crazy to think that this random friendship formed on NXT 3 has managed to form into such a fantastic rivalry over the years. Could you imagine what things would be like if Kaitlyn hadn’t been called up so soon?  Or if Naomi had won NXT instead of Kaitlyn? Or if Aloisa hadn’t been released…? Just think about that for a moment.

I must say, this segment has me so excited for Sunday’s title match! I have an idea of what might happen, but you’ll have to read the Diva Dirt MITB Predictions to find out what it is. Until next time, guys!

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  • RatedReyn

    The spear was sick. It looked like AJ broke her neck. This beat my favorite segment (which was Melina and Candice). Simply Awesome. Can’t wait for Sunday.

    • BorisG

      If you mean segment from Candice and Melina that turned into a bra & panties match, it was great! This was still awesome.

      I hope AJ retains and finishes this feud with Kaitlyn. Kaitlyn can feud with Natalya, and Layla can feud with AJ.

      • RatedReyn

        YES! Melina was always gold at the mic. I don’t know what happened to her when she turned heel recently (Back in 2012?).

        • BorisG

          She turned heel in late 2010 (December) and has been until her release in August 2011. The problem was, WWE didn’t give her mic time or promos to showcase her mic skills again.

  • Matty Ryan

    I really liked this segment! My only thing is I would’ve loved if AJ got power bombed through a table.


      I would have loved it too but It could have also kill the segment if Aj couldn’t break the table because well, she is skinny.

    • KaitlynLover<3

      That would have awesome :)

  • flash1086

    AJ is great but she needs to feud against a diva thats popular as a babyface.

    • Onetooth

      and who else besides Kaitlyn gets much of a reaction?


      Well Kaitlyn is the most popular after Aj, Paige and Maybe Summer Rae. She is the most popular BABYFACE on the MAIN ROSTER by FAR so what are you talking about?
      Anyway talking about popularity, did anyone notice than Aj has now more than 900.000 F**UCKING FOLLOWERS ON TWITTER?! IT’S CRAAAAAAAZY! Is there ANY diva that had more than 900.000 F**UCKING FOLLOWERS ON TWITTER?! Congratulation to Aj!

      • KaitlynLover<3

        I´m not shore how many Kelly Kelly had, but I know that she had many aswell!


          I know she had more than 800.000 followers at some point but I don’t if she get 900.000. Maybe, not quite sure.

          • BarbieBlank

            I can’t remember how many kelly has but AJ defiantly has the most out of everyone

  • 09DHK

    The only thing that could’ve made this segment better is if Kaitlyn had low-blowed Big E as opposed to just slapping him. since I find it kinda weird that he’d just stand there IN THE RING and let Kaitlyn spear AJ. I think a low-blow would’ve made Kaitlyn look even MORE badass. Btw AJ sold the shit out of that spear.

  • divaindemise

    What I noticed:

    Layla has a likeness to Kylie Minogue.

    AJ is one of the WWE’s best mic workers, male or female.

    And I’m really, really looking forward to seeing the Money in the Bank match after this amazing segment.

    • art

      LMAO the kylie/layla lookalike has been on twitter before lol both look amazing….

  • http://N/A TheUndisputedDiva87

    Would it be funny if Natalya is the one to turn hill against Kaitlyn and not Layla

  • http://N/A TheUndisputedDiva87

    I meant heel not hill

  • Johnyfaction3

    I think that AJ is going to retain. What I can’t think of is how. Is Layla going to play a role in this match? Is Natalya or the Funkadyctyls? Who knows. I do think that Natalya might be the next contender though.

  • Brandon

    I enjoyed the segment and knew something big would happen before MITB. Great spear/slap by kaitlyn. Lol at aksana face for when aj slapped kaitlyn XD.

    • jen07201

      Layla’s face was also hilarious

      • Brandon

        I just saw it lol…everybody had funny faces

  • Brandon

    Also it was nice to see kaitlyn speak.

  • BarbieBlank

    The way AJs face looked when kaitlyn got her pinned in the corner was priceless .That spear was also crazy! aj looked like she got ripped in half . The only thing wrong about this segment was that I was expecting kaitlyns text messages about the girls to be more meaner .i was also hoping that she would’ve said something about Layla too . Can’t wait for MITB though.

  • jadeleela

    I loved the segment…kaitlyn is really starting to come into her own…yeah AJ will probably retain, but i see there being another match between these two….

  • MrMexican99

    Great segment! This rivalry better go on until Summerslam!! WWE is not disappointing me right now!

  • shameronstar

    This was probably the best diva’s segment since the end of the Golden era. Everything was on point. AJ’s mic work was brilliant, Kaitlyn mic work has improved quite a bit in the last month, and the beat down followed by that legendary spear was EPIC. AJ’s selling was even more phenomenal than usual and it seems that Kaitlyn has been watching some tapes of Rhino because in the last month her spear has gotten sharper and more intense! I think I’m looking more forward to this Sunday’s match than I was for the match they had last month!

  • Francisco

    i cannot explain my love for Kaitlyn, and this segment, it was just so perfect, everything was perfect, the slap to Big E, that amazing spear… god damn, thank you jesus christ for this feud, we diva fans waited a whole lot to get something like this! THANK YOU WWE FOR ACTUALLY HEARING YOUR FANS FOR ONCE AND DO SOMETHING WITH THE DIVAS DIVISION! Something tells me they will have an epic match tomorrow, and I can’t WAIT!! I wonder if we will get a video package… would love that!

  • Monkey Tennis

    Not too shabby. I wasn’t completely sold on the text angle, it seemed a bit random to put Kaityln on the outs with Nattie again seeing as how Layla has suddenly become her BFF in recent weeks. And Kaitlyn has no relationship whatsoever with Naomi and Cameron so her text about them (and their reaction) was pretty much irrelevant.

    However, that aside, it did the job well. Primarily ‘cos Kaitlyn didn’t lose it or cry or have a breakdown or whatever. Of course, we know she’s gonna lose on Sunday. Let’s just keep our fingers crossed that defeat doesn’t send her back down that same weepy road again.

    I also hope that, whatever the outcome, the WWE make an actual effort to keep people interested after the match this time. Instead of just plodding along, marking time until just before the next PPV.

    • BarbieBlank

      Cameron and niaomi were involved alittle bit with kaitlyn when she had the admirer. They had a segment backstage when they were talking about who it could be & they were involved in the segment when Kaityln apologized to nattie about her birthday

  • KaitlynLover<3

    OMG am I dreaming or what? Did this really happened?

    I truly don´t have words to describe how awesome this segment was, seriously, I´m speechless. After all the waiting, we´re finally getting this, I´m so happy :)

    This girls grown so much since NXT season 3, they now look like main eventers :)

    Can´t wait for Money in the Bank!

  • Liam Holden

    Kelly Kelly has just over 680k followers @Kaitlynlover


    This segment was the best segment in YEARS, the secret admir segment was great but not even close to be as good as this one! This was th best Smackdown segment since the CLASSIC one with Laycool, Maria and MICKIE JAMES! WOW!

    EVERYTHING was perfect! Aj is definitely the best female talker right now (even better than Mickie which I never thought I would say that considering how much I LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE Mickie), ONE OF THE BEST FEMALE TALKER IN WWE

    Aj telling the truth was really good, it add some reality to it with Aj telling things like \half of them don’t like you\ or things like this was great. And that \We ain’t got tine for that\ from Teddy was AMAZING! Also, THANK GOD Layla didn’t talk because yes she is AMAZING on the mic but it was about Aj and Kaitlyn and it could have kill the segment.

    The moment when Aj was revealing those texts was AWESOME! Natalya’s reaction was PERFECT! She make me feel REALLY bad for her, the funkettes’ reactions were great too but Naomi’s reaction was a bit better in my opinion. Also, I have to give ALL the divas(and Big E and Teddy) some credit because EVERY SINGLE PERSON helped the segment by their good acting for once(for some) or because there were laughing, [...]

    Kaitlyn, girl that night you don’t know how PROUD I was! Your facials were better, your mic work was better, girl, you are AMAZING. Props to you girl! You began your year strongly with the end of your feud with Eve where you won your first divas title but after, things gotten worse unfortunately, you had such a bad reign not the worst but still bad with TONS of hint to good feud like with Tamina, layla or even the bellas but nothing happened till Aj win that battle royal, you worked soo hard and you deserved better than that and I think you should have had better but since the beginning of the feud with Aj, you IMPRESSED me, you gave me life again and I think you will FINALLY end up as a strong contender as the women’s wrestler of the year! Well, again props to you girl, you worked hard and you deserve it!

    Also, that catfight will NEVER get out of my mind! Tht slap from Aj was AMAZING! The way Kaitlyn push the table on Aj was AMAZING and the look in the face of Aj…WOW! This girl is an INCREDIBLE actress! I never seen a girl selling her scare like this since the return of Jazz and the face of Trish! This face was PURE GOLD! The way Kaitlyn attack Aj was WOOOOOW! And the BEST PART OF THE NIGHT…
    first, DAT SLAP! DAT F****CKING SLAP WAS EEEEEEEEPIIIIIIIIC! THIS HAS TO BE THE BEST SLAP I EVER SEEN! Even the CLASSIC Slap from Melina to Maria backstage back in time wasn’t as great as this one! It was also the MOST HARD SLAP I EVER SEEN IN WWE HISTORY! It was like a Slap-punch, looked MEEEEEEGA PAINFUL and props to Big E for taking that Slap we heard in the whoooole arena!

    Kaitlyn looked REALLY STRONG going to MITB and even if she have been DESTROYED by Kaitlyn, Aj looked strong too a bit less but still strong. The build up to that match was AMAZING and it was like WAY BETTER than ANY BUILD up unless John vs Henry and the Raw MITB match! The division is on FIRE and even if I want to see Layla turn, I feel like she shouldn’t because I’m afraid that she kill the feud but it can also be good if they have a triple threat at SummerSlam and then THE END of the Aj/Kaitlyn feud at Night of Champion or on the main event of Raw (like Trish and Lita).

    the Taryn/Gail feud who is not as CLOSE TO BE AS AMAZING AS THIS FEUD, this feud is ALL about MATCHES and the feud was not that great without them!).

    Anyway, HIGHLY EXCITED for MITB, and I two thing to say, that feud will go down as the BEST FEUD OF THE PG Era (Yes, better than Laycool vs Mickie) because EVERY GOOD FEUD had his defining moment and this feud already have MANY(Secret Admire, Payback match, this segment, …), and again PROPS TO EVERY GIRLS FOR DOING THEIR BEST TO REVIVE THE DIVISION AND THANK YOU WWE FOR EVERYTHING YOU ARE DOING FOR THE DIVAS NOW!

    • KaitlynLover<3

      :D I loved your comment so much, looked liked you we´re reading my mind xD

    • charovnica

      I agree! This segment made me scream from happiness :D

  • redsandman99

    I loved the segment. AJ’s gold on the mic and Kaitlyn did very well here too. That slap to Langston was haaaard as shit and made for a quite salty Big E on twitter after the show lol. Definitely am looking forward to Sunday even more now.

    • charovnica


  • Brandon

    You are a bit hyper Jk lol. I agree with everything. This feud is amazing and so great. After waiting for long periods of time wwe is giving us something amazing. This segment was great as well. And that slap was PERFECT…I even felt bad for big e lol

  • kingbooman

    Everything Is about Kaitlyn! Aj would beat the Weave outta Kaitlyn I love kaitlyn but she is Doing too Much!Why did she push Aj all the way back when she coulda just slapped her back.Then Aj black widowed kaitlyn but reversed it and speared Aj.

    • Monkey Tennis

      It had to be all about Kaitlyn on Smackdown, cos she’s gonna lose tonight.

    • KaitlynLover<3

      It had to be about Kaitlyn because until now every segments were about AJ and how smart she was, while Kaitlyn was always crying and having break downs and losing all her friends. With this segment its shown that she will not fall on more AJ´s mind games and she looked strong, and it was needed for the storyline, so this actually was really good booking!

  • jtiera

    I would usually give a paragraph about how great a segment is but I’m not because there was too many things that I loved from the mic work, to the slap and the spear, all the way down to the selling. BEAUTIFUL. even the kaitlyn pushing AJ all the way in the corner had me on my toes. Happy and proud of these girls. Proving that if giving something to work with they can DELIVER. That spear looked hard as hell, it hurt me.

    • jtiera

      I forgot to mention making history with the first ever diva contract signing and coming the fuck through… If there are any other contract signings involving the divas they better show out

  • notorious

    Hulk Smash! That is all.

    • kingbooman

      Aj is so funny Lol.She shit slapped Kaitlyn now katy perry knows not to call Aj the C Word…

  • wwestarlee

    nice to foxy,layla, and the funkadactyls get more tv….. Aksana where have you been?? That is All