In Video: Maryse and The Miz Discuss Having Children

Trish Stratus isn’t the only former WWE Diva fielding baby-related questions these days.

Former Divas Champion Maryse joined fiance and SummerSlam host The Miz on the red carpet for the Superstars for Hope party late last week, and it was only a matter of time before she was asked about their family plans.

When asked about having a baby with Miz, Maryse said that merely planning their wedding has been the biggest project of her life, but she doesn’t rule it out.

Miz, meanwhile, is worried about how annoying the kid might be, saying that if people find him annoying, they can only imagine how annoying his kid would be.

Watch the exchange below:

We’d love to see a little Maryse/Miz hybrid! The attitude of those two in one little body? That’s a star in the making.

Do you think The Miz and Maryse will have children?

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  • Kingbooman

    Maryse is hot.Miz is handsome.They will have a beautiful baby!

    • Matty Ryan

      Well you know what they say

      Pretty + Pretty = Ugly

      • Kingbooman

        Nope…A baby is a baby..You cant judge a baby.

  • Matty Ryan

    She seems like the type of woman who wouldn’t want to have a baby cause it would ruin her body.

    Rightfully so, as she makes most of her money from her body.

    • Yuna

      wow that’s pretty harsh especially considering that you don’t know anything about her asides from her tv character

      • Matty Ryan

        Well I’m just saying the type of vibes she gives to me. Not really harsh, I could’ve been really harsh.

        But I find it funny that when I say something about Maryse everyone gets butthurt, but when Nikki is called a golddigger and Eva is called a ho, no one says anything.

  • amberindia

    This is the only time I am disagreeing with you, Matty. All the Guest votes in your comments were by me. Take your negativity and leave. Why should a fun news be subjected to bashing because of your personal prejudice? Get a life, may be.

    Maryse and Miz are wonderful. Hopefully they have kids and all the joy in the world. Maryse is/was the most beautiful woman to ever be in WWE, in my opinion. I ship Eva Marie and Kaitlyn. Kaitlyn because of her quirky sense of humor and Eva because she’s Maryse’s lil’ b!tch!

    • Matty Ryan

      Fun news? Bitch please, it’s not like she is having a baby.

      • amberindia

        XX I forgive your a$$ ninja

        • Matty Ryan

          Da hell are you talking about?



          • Yuna

            Ikr LMAOO

  • xFoxylicious

    It would be so cute for them to have a Maryse/Miz jr. :) Anyways, I can FINALLY hear Maryse’s voice again! I miss her soooo much! But I hope they both have an awesome wedding and start a family somewhere in the future. :)


      She was so unique in so many different aspects. The way she talked with her french accent and made up her signature hair flip and talk to hand gestures set her apart from all the other divas while she was there. WWE NEEDS to bring her back. She still supports WWE and said never say never to a return :)

  • Alex Ángeles. ?

    Maryse was not the best wrestler but her character was priceless. <3 She was gold in backstage segments.

  • BorisG

    Why not? Maryse would make a wonderfull mother, everything could expect. I bet Taryn wasn’t ready for a baby yet, but when she got pregnant, it was like greatest feeling.

    • llele!

      again Taryn never said she was pregnant.

  • Marcos Navarro

    Seeing Maryse on camera felt so great!

  • DivaLicious

    Oh, wow! Matty Ryan is catching heat today.

  • OH SNAP!

    I loved maryse’s character. Something kinda new and fresh. Hope she haves one more short run. Aj and a maryse feud would be kinda neat.

  • I dig CrayJ

    The mic skills and the charisma in that kid! (s)he will learn how to talk from the day it’s born!

    • Harold Lee J Johnson III

      If she is a wrestler or manager her interviews would b crazy good

  • dagmii

    Miz and Maryse are my favourite WWE couple :D It’s a shame they didn’t put them in storylines except for few backstage segments, ‘coz they have such a chemistry. :)

    • Marshy

      If she had stayed that she could have been on Total Divas.

      • dagmii

        It would be great seeing her there but she said she loes her life outside the WWE so I’m happy for her now. :)

        • dagmii


  • Marshy

    Their baby will be among the future of the next generations of the cutest WWE Superstars and Divas.


    Aww i’m seriously so happy for them :) I feel like once they get married they won’t have a kid until maybe a year or two later so Maryse can make one final return to WWE :) I’ve never seen her live or in person and she’s been my favorite WWE Diva since I started watching wrestling. I’m so happy for her tho :D

  • wwestarlee

    Love these two esp Maryse. Love the fact she’s a “never say never” type of person. Would love for to come back and do one last wwe run


    Their kid would just be fucking gorgeous. Sigh. Why wasn’t I born this perfect?!