Kharma Debuts New Look, Slimmer Physique at SHINE 12

This is Kharma like you’ve never seen her before.

Last Friday at SHINE 12, former WWE star Kharma – competing as Amazing Kong – wrestled Mercedes Martinez, defeating the indy veteran. But that’s not what got people talking.

At the event, Kharma debuted a completely new look, ditching for the first time her signature black leather attire in favor of a sequined top and fur-trimmed boots.

Even more noticeable than the costume change was Kharma’s physique. She’s clearly dropped a good deal of weight since we last saw her, and the new form-fitting clothing made it plain to see.

Following her WWE release, rumors circulated that the WWE wanted her to lose weight gained during and following her pregnancy. By the looks of it, she’s well on track to accomplishing her goal.

We think Kharma looked absolutely fantastic, and hope that she reaches her ultimate goal very soon!

See pictures of Kharma’s new look, courtesy of, below:

What do you think of Kharma’s new look?

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  • Memo Soto

    Not a fan :/

    • shameronstar

      I guess her braids where being washed and her “Kharma/Kong” gladiator suits were being resized because she looked like she was wrestling in her street clothes or something:( but I am glad that she’s losing weight and looking and being healthier:D

      • Peace

        That’s what I thought. This looks like she’s going out to the bar with the girlfriends or something, I think it’s just temporary until she can sort a proper attire for her new slim figure. She looks fantastic though! I’d love to know how she did it.

  • wwestarlee

    She looks good, just dont like her attire

    • BorisG

      Well, maybe she just tried it out, to see how it works.

      • Catalina

        Well in her shoot she did mention being cheap, I would not be surprise if she was like, “I’m going to wear this until my outfit gets done”.

        • BorisG

          Yes, she might get new one.

      • wwestarlee

        True, you never know what works unless you try

        • BorisG

          We’ll see if she will wear it next time.

  • Number One

    Much better look than the gear she always wears!

  • ????? KING ?????

    I think she will be back in WWE before year is over and that is the reason for the weight lost my only thing is her size is what made her so intimidating i mean she looks to have lost atleast 50 or more pounds if she keep losing she still will be intimidating but it wont be the same

    • Kaledrina

      yup. the reason kharma is who she is, imo, is because of her size.

      i figure that telling kharma to lose weight would be like telling the big show to stop being so darn tall, or telling the undertaker to lighten up a bit and wear some lovely neon colours lol.

      • ????? KING ?????

        Right same goes for Chyna when she came to TNA without the muscle i was like ughh she looks like another chunky interchangeable girl from the indies or like someone from a Springer show her size was her IT factor so was Kharma … it will be interesting to see how this works and plays out

  • OJ Von Erich

    Not a fan f the attire, but she as a person looks GREAT!!! :D

    • Matty Ryan

      You as a person look great!!! <3

      • OJ Von Erich

        Oh you ^_^ STAHP!

  • OH SNAP!

    Something screams diva and not monster…. Glad she healthy but I hope when she returns to wwe she doesn’t become a diva and act like one.

    • I dig CrayJ

      Don’t worry,if Kharma returns,it will be as a monster :)

  • Kaledrina

    hmm. iunno. maybe i’m just not a fan of change, but i don’t really like it. it’s as if she just showed up wearing what she wore to the club the night before

    kharma’s unique selling point has always been her image and to see that become almost tainted just for the sake of trying to get back into a company that, by her own admission, contains racists and people that don’t particularly care for women’s wrestling is just sad.

    • Nikolas Dombkowski

      I agree that outfit definitely looks like what she would have worn to the club the night before LOL

  • Addy

    Her hair and body are FLAWLESS. Outfit.. could use some work. Shaping up to get back into the WWE?

  • lavadius eubanks

    She was better before?. Screw wwe and their sexist ways

    • StankyPants

      I mean yeah kinda, but the guys get the same thing. If a guy dosnt have the right look he won’t get pushed either. It goes both ways, wwe is just shallow I guess

    • The_Kisser_Of_82

      The WWE is a company who wants everybody at the Healthiest and Best and not the Rodney ‘YokoZuna’ A’Noai or Scott Hall looks like they was Fat and outta shape. Any Sports Scripted or Not is a Physically demanding job and if your not in your best shape in take care of each other can either end in DEATH or Paralysis. So go watch shows like THe Biggest Loser on NBC or Xtreme Makeover beofre you make that comment. Yeah may of been better than but she coulda had a heart attack or something. Now she’s in better shape and probably feels a helluva lot better as she lookss the giant version of either a Jazz or Jackie Moore

  • Catalina

    During her shoot interview she mention a return to the WWE once she got her weight right, please let this be the start of a return. Hope she get new gear, that DDP is working. :)

  • shameronstar

    If she losses fat but still has and maybe even gains muscle won’t she still be very intimidating?

  • Matty Ryan

    She looks good! Whatever makes her happy.

    BUT the braids and her size are basically what made her a star.

    I just hope she doesn’t lose ALL of it then goes back to WWE and gets mistaken for Felicia or Naomi.

    • shameronstar

      She won’t be that damn small! lol She’ll still be much larger than the other girls. Maybe when she tones up a bit she could be the black Chyna or something(minus the porn of course):P

      • I dig CrayJ

        And giving wrong phone numbers on twitter :P

      • Matty Ryan

        She could be….Afryca!

      • Guest

        I’d rather Kharma just be KHARMA! In my opinion, I feel as though that’s the reason why Beth didn’t go as far as she could’ve in WWE. I think they were REALLY trying to use her as a way to “white-wash” Chyna’s legacy by putting Beth over as “the strongest diva in WWE history.” And I think it became extremely evident when Beth randomly entered the Royal Rumble a decade after Chyna and “eliminated” the Great Khali. Had WWE (mainly Vince) just let Beth Phoenix be Beth Phoenix, I think her WWE run would’ve been better than what it was. Again, just my opinion.

        • Chad

          health comes 1st then a career

          • 09DHK

            This was initially my comment; Idk why it comes up as a “Guset.” Anyways, I’m well aware that health comes first. When I said I’d rather Kharma be herself, it was in response to shameronstar’s comment saying he/she would like to see Kharma become another Chyna. I said nothing negative about her losing weight and getting healthy.

    • Everyone is Unique

      I Totally AGREE! Her size and style made her stand out compared to other women

  • Teddy Kitchens

    In all honesty, this may just have been a case of something happening to her gear so she had to make a last minute change. Not that I’m opposed to a style change, but I feel like this was not a great look for her. The main issue is the top though.

  • @KENLushh

    She looks phenomenal…
    She sorta favored Jazz.

  • Brandon

    She looks great. Congrats kharma! Hope you return some day

  • Kingbooman

    Wtf I dont want Kharma back at her old size!! She loss weight and thats good! you people are saying she was recognized for her size and could have stayed there.Aint NO woman finna stay FAT/Wanna be FAT.Kharma is perfect anyway.Fat/skinny/ugly/cute anything she still is beautiful.

  • SexualChocolate

    she looks sexy

  • 09DHK

    I’m glad she’s healthy, but that weave has to GO!

  • Ilovekpop

    Kharma you’re so fine!

  • Chad

    “she was better before” she’s getting healthy how can you not support that!

  • xFoxylicious

    Um, Kharma, I love you, but that outfit just makes you look like you wanna be a part of the Funkadactyls. IMO. It’s great that she lost weight tho and she looks gorgeous! :D

  • Mykel Cesare

    If she’s slimming down for her, awesome. I don’t know how many Americans saw her on the body challenge ten years ago trying to slim down, and if she likes it, I love it. However, that outfit, like they say on “In Living Color”, HATED IT!

  • xFoxylicious

    Where can I find the match if anybody knows? I don’t follow indies but I wanna see the match.

    • Peace

      I think you’d have to buy SHINE 12. Maybe Clickwrestle would have it?

      • xFoxylicious

        I don’t really want to buy it but thanks. :) I’ll check if CW has it. If not, then i’ll just wait ’till it gets uploaded somewhere.

  • PrinceArtie

    Good for her,i mean its better to be healthy than over weight…

  • Jessica Mendez

    wow that’s a great look for kharma! I wish she would return to wwe and become champion!

    • BorisG

      Let’s hope one day she will.