Fifth NXT Diva Reveals New Name: CJ Perry is Lana

Four NXT Divas have debuted new character names today, leaving one yet to make the change: CJ Perry.

Well, wonder no more. Tonight, CJ changed her Twitter handle to @LanaWWE, tweeting that she will be henceforth be known as Lana:

She joins Lexi Kaufman (Alexa Bliss), Erika Hammond (Veronica Lane), Brittany Fetkin (Devin Taylor) and Rebecca Knox (Becky Lynch) in debuting a new character name today, but is the only new NXT Diva out of the five to forgo a surname.

What’s you favorite of the new NXT Diva names?

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  • HeidiMontagWWE

    Love it

  • David Muscarella

    Waiting for a segment on NXT where Aksana meets her and asks “What is Lana?”

    • Matty Ryan

      “Is it like llama?”

    • BorisG

      Haha good point.

  • amberindia

    nothing can be more generic than Emma! Hopefully they all make a name for themselves!

    • Username

      Kaitlyn is more generic than Emma. It’s practically like naming a male wrestler Bob.

      • Peace

        Bob Backlund, Bobby Roode, Bob “Hardcore” Holly have all had very respectable careers. I don’t think having a generic name is much to worry about.

        • Username

          Yes but they had surnames. I’m just talking about a wrestler whose name is Bob and that’s it.

          • Peace

            True, but I think it’s different for men. They have to have a ‘cool’ name. Women in wrestling can get away with just having one generic name if it’s pretty/fits them. Kaitlyn’s been doing well in WWE. She’s a former diva’s champion, she was just involved in a big feud and is one of the most over face girls on the roster. Emma, meanwhile, is a fan favourite in NXT. Same for Paige. Layla’s had a decent career. Those are all ‘generic’ names to me (they’re all very popular where I live). A single ‘generic’ name isn’t really a hindrance for women in wrestling, in my opinion.

  • Matty Ryan

    I wonder if it is pronounced with long or short A’s.

    But like always they saved the best for last!


    Judging by her name I seriously hope/think they make her a movie star esque character! With an agent!

    • Number One

      I could see that. She’d be great as the egotistical “A-List” villainess.

  • David Muscarella

    Maybe Lana can be SDR’s sister. They could call her Lana Del Rey….wait…

  • Number One

    Lana, eh? I like it. Really fits her.

  • @KENLushh

    good lord is she easy on the eyes.

  • NyuBomber




  • Randi Parker

    I like Lana. On an unrelated note, didn’t WWE sign Rachelle Walker, what’s going on with her!

    • Number One

      I want to know what’s going on with Sarah Backman, the Swedish arm-wrestler they signed months ago.

      • BorisG

        Me too. Where is she?

        • Number One

          I wish I knew. She would be terrific as the monster heel in NXT.

          • BorisG

            I know. I hope she gets there soon.

      • Randi Parker

        I think she has having to go through the process of getting the proper visas so she can come over, Drew McIntyre goes through it every couple of years, I hear it is a pain in the ass, but yes to that monster heel, bitch would break everyone in her way lol!

    • llele!

      she’s injured or was injured

  • shamaramill

    I love this name!

  • Foreveryoungx

    Loooove this name and Devin Taylor.

  • Nicola

    I like the name but I feel like it needs a second name to go with it lana on its own is boring

  • BorisG

    Like it, it fits her look.

  • JoeWWE

    Damn, there’s so many in development now, it makes you wonder how many will actually make the jump to the main roster. Even if all of them make it it’ll take years for all of them to get moved over judging by the fact only one has gone yet (Summer kind of)

  • WweRules32

    nice name

  • Getdownwithachola

    So many generic white names lol

    • charovnica

      “White names” ? Wasn’t that a bit racist from you?

      • Getdownwithachola

        Nope my race is listed under “white” catagory so give me a pass.
        after all this industry is dominated by the whites.

        • charovnica

          No,there is no “pass”.Comments like this are the reason why race is still a fighting topic in this world.People don’t know if you’re white or black…the comment is just straight up offensive.

          • Getdownwithachola

            Omg well im half black/white lol now you know. You are right but history books had proven the white man is the most evil force, therefore no matter how much we talk about them its not as offensive as mocking blacks,etc because they been through shit. You know wham saying mah niggah?

          • charovnica

            This is just a dumb thing to say.I hope you grow it out.

          • Getdownwithachola

            Nope this fact is well known, maybe you should yell at the ppl who wrote the history text books

          • charovnica

            I’m not against history,I’m against your current views.The people that are now on Earth are different people,the laws are different…You shouldn’t feel like you have to run over white people and get them back.This is what will make racism go on.

          • Getdownwithachola

            Fair enough.

            Good girl ^_^

  • Getdownwithachola

    God damn how many girls are there?

  • alexl467

    Based on her youtube clips I believe that if CJ Perry puts the effort in her acting and dancing background could help make the transition from being a non-wrestler to wrestler & successful Diva an easier process for her.


    • Jordan

      she has a bright personality, an interesting look, better mic skills than most and great athleticism so lets hope!

    • cyndi

      i just saw that omg she could give Noami a run for her money with the right training

  • dagmii

    How many divas they had on NXT? :o

  • Steve Sanders

    That’s a lot of Divas

  • mxxm

    how many African-American divas are on the developmental roster?

    • llele!

      1 i know they need more

      • ?igu??

        whos the 1 they have

        • Jordan

          Sasha Banks

          • ?igu??

            i think shes hispanic

          • StankyPants

            She’s snoop dogs cousin apparently, so….

          • llele!

            no she’s black or mix but she’s black

      • Marshy

        They need to sign more African-American Divas, they need some Asian Divas, or TBH that they need a Melting Pot of Divas.

  • shameronstar

    5 new diva names in one day! That’s a record I believe!

    • Marshy

      It is a world record for the WWE to come up with names in one day.

      • Raekon


  • xFoxylicious

    I love it! :D I love all of them! (Especially Alexa Bliss)

  • Marshy

    Well, Lana is good, but I was thinking more like Roxanne, if you know what I mean.

  • MatiBum

    I wish WWE could hire more african-american and asian Divas too. They could look for koreans, they’re so beautiful.