Backlash 2009: How Will It Play Out?

WWE’s Backlash is set for April 26, and with the pay per view fast approaching, I’ve decided to examine the possibilites of what kind of Diva match the WWE could give us. The 2009 Draft is complete and with the record-setting numbers of Divas that changed brands, there are multiple new ways this could play out. Of course, it will depend on what happens on Raw and SmackDown over the next couple of weeks, but even the creation of WWE’s newest show, WWE Superstars, allows for interpromotional matches of all kinds to be arranged. Let’s take a look!

Option #1: Maryse vs. Mickie James: Diva’s Championship
Typically, Raw has been getting more Divas matches at pay per view events than SmackDown. If WWE keeps this up, not to mention how Maryse is viewed within the company, then Raw could be awarded the coveted timeslot for a match. With the Glamazon busy with the Santino/a angle, this leaves the door open for Raw’s top face to take on the top heel. I think this would be a great match to see, especially considering it would provide Mickie with the chance to be the first ever Diva’s and Women’s Champion. If the WWE goes this route, though, I’d still see Maryse retaining for now.

Option #2: Maryse vs. Beth Phoenix: Diva’s Championship
This could also be an alternative for a title match. I think it’s a bit too soon for this to happen though. WWE does tend to rush into storylines, so it’s a possibility. But Backlash is only a week or so away, so it doesn’t really give Beth a chance to turn face in a timely manner in order to compete with Maryse for the gold. This is a huge feud that WWE will want to spend a lot of time developing and playing out, so again, it’s way too soon for this to happen. Nontheless, this match is bound to happen; it’s just a matter of when, not if. I predict that Maryse will retain her gold until she faces Beth at a pay per view event where she will drop the gold to the newly-turned-face Beth Phoenix.

Option #3: Melina vs. Michelle McCool: Women’s Championship
If SmackDown gets the Divas match at Backlash, I see this option as being the most likely. Melina coming onto SmackDown as the face Women’s Champion will most likely put her right into a feud with Michelle McCool, who has already taken to her blog to talk about beating Melina and being the first-ever holder of both the Women’s and Diva’s Championship. Michelle is the top heel on the brand, so she would probably get the first title shot. However, like Maryse, I see Melina retaining the gold in this situation. I don’t think that either Maryse or Melina will lose their respective titles this early coming off the Draft, where they’d only have 1-2 weeks of being the Champion. I think Michelle will chase Melina’s gold and will probably be the one to beat her for it and win Erin’s Race To The Double Championship, well, unless Beth or Mickie does it first!

Option #4: Melina vs. Gail Kim: Women’s Championship
This final option is also a possibility. It’s been suggested that Melina will make her SmackDown debut as a heel, thus filling out the face/heel ratio for the blue brand. If Melina does this, Gail Kim will definitely be the top title contendor. Since her debut, Gail has beaten Maryse and Michelle McCool individually and even in tag-team action. Pinning the champion in a non-title match almost always makes you the #1 contendor, and by beating the former #1 contendor, Michelle, Gail has secured her spot as one of SmackDown’s biggest names.

Option #5: Raw vs. SmackDown Tag Team Match
This option is probably the biggest longshot out of them all, but we all know anything is possible in the WWE, especially when they like to give our Divas just one match and clump them all in there (I don’t think you need me to write the list of examples). This one could play out to involve Maryse, Mickie, and possibly Kelly Kelly or Beth Phoenix vs. Melina, Gail, and Michelle in a variety of combinations, either 2-on-2 or 3-on-3. It could also be a face vs. heel match. This way, no title would be on the line just yet and it would allow for some storylines to play out before any of the Divas get a title shot against their brands’ new Champion. Another option would be a “pandemonium match” as I like to call them, basically any tag team match that involves 10 Divas or more, which have been much too common as of late and really do nothing at all but serve to let the Divas have their 5 minutes of air time. Let’s hope that doesn’t happen.

Option #6: No Divas Match
I hate to be a Bitter Betty, but let’s face it, WWE wouldn’t surprise us if they didn’t even bother making a Divas match. It certainly wouldn’t be the first time the Divas have been left off. Depending on how many Superstar matches WWE books for the event, the Divas could find themselves left off. This way, Creative would have more time to begin more solid storylines and feuds and allow for a “build-up” to culminate at a pay per view. Not an option I want to see at all, but it could happen.

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  • amygirl

    I picked other because I’m almost certain that they’re planning to set up Santino(a) vs. Beth for Backlash.

    I doubt they’ll have any other Divas matches and I don’t think they should there just isn’t enough time to set up a logical storyline behind it (the closest with any set up would be Michelle/Gail but even that has only been off and on and without a title its doubtful it would happen) and I’d rather there be no match then another forced match like at ‘Mania.

  • sheLooksGud2me

    I did picked OTHER also even I guess and know that many people picked (my favorite diva..uhm, I mean everyone’s favorite) Mickie James vs. Maryse but my idea flies on a winner-take-all match starring Mickie James and Gail Kim vs. the champs; Melina and Maryse. I think that is really great especially if the blend is changed and add it a lumberjack match.
    ..A winner-take-all lumberjack match! It’s exciting ,isn’t it? :D

  • Paparazzi Diva

    I said other, I think we’ll get Beth vs Santino/Santina and end this thing once and for all. Having Micke vs Maryse, Beth vs Maryse or Melina vs Michelle w/ no bulid up would be really stupid and another big tag match eh been there done that a million times.

  • KellyKellyFan

    I just have a feeling it will be some tag match like at last year’s Backlash.

  • chrisP

    Maryse vs. Gail Kim for the Divas title.

    The card has Cena (Raw) vs. Edge (Smackdown) for the World title, Matt (Raw) vs. Jeff (Smackdown), and a WWE title match that’s been built up on both shows, so I don’t think the seperate brand thing should be an issue.

  • Rebecca

    I defiantly think there will either be no diva match or Beth vs. Santina which would be set up after the kiss cam segment this Monday. Defiantly what I’m expecting from WWE.

    Its too soon to set anything else up and I don’t see the point in Maryse wrestling Gail like ChrisP suggested, Maryse already lost to Gail and Gail being new to the WWE needs to be built up, she can’t lose to Maryse right now, and she shouldn’t win the title either, then we’ll have two titles on one brand :/.

  • xmelissaa

    It’s impossible for divas to develop rivalries for Backlash in a week so I think it’ll be a Raw vs Smackdown / Heel vs Face tag team match, like last years 10 diva tag match.

  • Liam

    i voted mickie vs maryse. but looking back its gonna be a diva tag team match. that way it will path the way for future fueds and will make the draft picks fit stronger ito place because the results from it have kinda muddled up the divsion so a huge tag team match sd vs raw shouls fix the solution.

  • Melanie

    I’m actually rooting for Santina vs Beth, that could be entertaining. I’d hope they go the route of having that as well as a championship match, maybe Gail vs Maryse.

  • chrisP

    If Maryse does face Mickie or Beth. I wouldn’t be so sure about her keeping the title, and if she does, it’ll probably be by getting herself DQ’d. I think the reports of WWE being high on her are BS as she’s been booked to be lucky to still have the title for a few weeks now.

  • boi213

    i think the 6 divas in the picture u got up will give us a good tag match smackdown vs raw…or maybe have some sor of gaunlet match with melina and maryse start off and have it go from raw to smackdown

  • Lita-Sault-666

    Maryse Vs. Mickie

    If Beth is soon to turn face, then i think Mickie should get atleast a quick run at the gold b4 Beth does =|

  • jtp619

    i chose, gail kim vs melina cause i wanted it to happen but i dont think it will happen, i rekon maryse vs gail kim but this time for the title, and maybe gail kim scoring the victory, and then a few weeks later, maryse beats melina for the womens championship, or maybe someone else does so raw gets the womens championship back, but i mostly think there will be a random match, with no, build up, like they did with armegeddon with the santas little helpers match or, maybe there will be kno match.