Brie Bella and Daniel Bryan Get Engaged


You can guarantee Brie Bella will be saying “Yes! Yes! Yes!” as she is now engaged to her WWE wrestler beau, Daniel Bryan (Bryan Danielson).

The former WWE Champion popped the question to his girlfriend of three years during a hike in Big Sur, California, on Wednesday.

Brie told E! News: “I have never in my life seen him so nervous. I’ve been by him when he’s gone out for WrestleMania and some really big things. He got really, really nervous and he started talking about how long we’ve been together. He got down on one knee and compared our love. He said he’ll love me forever like the ocean goes on.”

Oh, and romantic D-Bry didn’t just get down on bended knee, he invited Brie’s whole family to join them. (How awkward would it have been if she said no?)

Brie added: “He flew out my whole family and his family and surprised me for an engagement dinner. That was probably the most special thing anyone has ever done for me.”

The former Divas Champion’s twin sister Nikki — who has hinted on Total Divas that she wants her man John Cena to put a ring on it too — is naturally excited for her sibling, and it looks like she can’t wait to get Brie into ‘Brie Mode’ again!

Brie revealed: “Nikki was over the moon happy for me. I could just see in her eyes that she’s just so happy for me. I think she’s excited to plan the wedding because she’ll be my maid of honor. She’s already talking about the bachelorette party.”

The entire proposal was filmed for E!’s hit new reality show, Total Divas. You can watch the romantic moment when the show returns for six new episodes from November 17.

Check out Brie’s engagement ring:


Congratulations Brie and Bryan!


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  • XavierSkyy

    Congratulation Brie! I’m happy for you so I’ll ignore how hairy your fingers look <3

    • nadirah432

      Yeah I saw that too! But I guess some women have that…..i’m one of those unfortunately, :( but I don’t fuss about it! Some women don’t have that perfect, smooth, hairless skin like some do! I would call it an anti-feminine flaw! Something your born with and can’t do anything about it, no matter how hard you try to get rid of it….trust me I have tried! But I learned to embrace my lil perminent feminine flaw! ‘-’

      • XavierSkyy

        I’m only dicking around lol it’s not that noticeable haha

        • nadirah432

          Well I meant what I said! Plus it is noticeable! And “playing around” would be a better term instead of dick….cause saying dicking around makes you a prude moron! Go get laid and forget I even replied to you loser!

          • XavierSkyy

            Lol, you really need to relax and stop taking things so serious. I’m sorry if I offended you and your hairy fingers.

          • nadirah432

            Well you need to be more considerate of people and how they express something personal! Body issue is no joke! Some people are born with it some are not, but still no reason to be a prick about it! So grow up! LOL, you need to be taught respect for people’s flaws and differences!

          • XavierSkyy

            You act like I said it’s such a horrible thing. I never condemned her for it. I simply pointed it out. And you’re getting far too excited and pissed over something so small. Chill. I have a hairy ass and I’m not throwing shade at someone for a little finger hair lol.

          • nadirah432

            You were being a douche the way you responded to my other reply! You need to give yourself a reality check and see the way you come off towards someone! I’m not pissed, i’m just annoyed, by your cocky, unnecessary reply! You could have come of less of a douche with your reply! so you need to chill with the cockness it’s not cute to me as a girl! ok! ‘-’

          • XavierSkyy

            Please just disappear lol how old even are you? Don’t call me a douche and rant then say I’M the one who needs to chill out.

          • nadirah432

            LOL, stfu you moron! Take your cocky douche a$$ somewhere else and shove your d*ck in your mouth! I’ll say whatever I want to say about your ignorant cocky lil a$$! How old are YOU retard? LOL grow up!

          • XavierSkyy

            I feel like I know you’re age already. But I’m not sure if you’re too old or too young for the Internet.

          • nadirah432

            Are you lame a$$? Lol maybe it’s YOU! Get a life moron! You don’t know sh*t about my age, so stfu!

          • XavierSkyy

            I’m not sure if you’re trolling or just stupid but either way goodbye.

          • nadirah432

            You are the one doing that LOL! And yet you can’t figure sh*t out for yourself! Which goes to show you really don’t have a brain! Whatever your a waste of time! Bye loser!

    • Equasir

      Forget aboutr her hairy fingers she is still f*cking HOT H-O-T!!

    • Mariah_Scarey

      I thought everybody had hairy fingers? Am I missing something?

  • shamaramill

    Aw! Congratulations Brie, you deserve it! =)

  • Jtiera

    Bout time lol happy for them

  • @KENLushh

    Congrats they’re a beautiful couple.

  • Foreveryoungx

    Aww congrats! Btw brie got some hairy knuckles

  • nadirah432

    YES YES YES! Love them and happy for them!

  • OJ Von Erich

    ? ? ? I KNEW IT! ? ? ?

    I’m so happy for them, they seem to be the perfect match for each other, they seem so earthy & grounded… I absolutely cannot wait to see this moment on Total Divas.

    *SQUEAL! ^_^

  • Randi Parker

    AWWW yay, I think they are so cute, they seem so great together, and Bryan did a good job picking out the ring, it is beautiful! congrats guys!!!!

  • SimplyDivaLicious

    What a beautiful and perfect couple<3 :)n

  • James is A

    (dabs tear) THE FEELS GUYS TOO MUCH I AM GONNA GO GRAB A TUB OF BEN AND JERRYS and sing some demi lavato

  • thenotorious1

    Congrats to the both of them.

  • Eric Holt

    AWWWWWWW : ) I’m so happy for them! I knew it was a matter of time before they got engaged. Congrats to Brie and Daniel.

  • Ashlee Law

    I’ve been waiting for this! And i admit i got a little teary eyed when i saw Brie’s instagram! I am so happy for Brie and Daniel!

  • AdrianRay

    So fucking jealous! I love them!!!

  • BorisG

    Brie said ‘YES’. Happy for both of them.

  • OH SNAP!

    Congratsssssssssssssssssss Brie. Omg. if they both win the title at battleground. she runs out with the divas title after bryan just won. They both say YES YES YES with they new titles at the end. magical. THEN big show and kharma comes out and steph says..KNOCK THEM OUT. ok ok. Take that last part out lmao.


      HAHHAAHAHAHAHAH “KNOCK THEM OUT” dead dead Steph says it like a fuckin G

  • shameronstar

    When Brie caught that bouquet Daniel was like,”SH*T! Now I have to marry her!” lol

  • DivaDestiny

    DYING! Finally! I’m so happy for her!!! :) B+B <3


    Congrats Brie and Daniel! I’ve always rooted for those two. You can tell the genuine love they have for each other.

  • DivasChampAJ

    Congrats Braniel!!! #DB and Brie 4Titles!

  • DivaLicious

    I wonder how Nikki feels, knowing John still didn’t put a ring on it.

    • Lay Royalty

      She needs to get use to it. John will never put another ring on a finger until he can really trust someone. He is not a dumb man.

      • nadirah432


    • Mariah_Scarey

      Well considering Brie had to wait 3 years, I think she’ll get over it.

  • sheba

    damn boo those hairy ass fingers had me thinking it was daniel. jk gorgeous ring, gorgeous couple all the best i am happy for them, i want her to start poppin out some kiddies

  • Brittany Anne Lynn

    Its official now.

  • nismos69


  • Raekon

    So happy for them! :)
    All the best for both for a very Long, healthy and happy life with each other!
    Much love! :)