Picture of the Day: Veronica Lane Looks Back on Her Pageant Days

Ever wonder what sparked NXT Diva Veronica Lane to take on the moniker of Miss NXT? Well, look no further than the above photo.

It appears that Veronica, real name Erika Hammond, is a former Miss Texas Teen USA pageant contestant.

Veronica posted the picture on her Instagram account, captioning it, “#tbt to my pageant days…Miss Texas Teen USA 2010 1st RU now on to #missNXT”.

So how about it Diva Dirt readers: what are your thoughts on Veronica’s Miss NXT persona? Has it won you over yet?

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  • PikachuBoo


  • OJ Von Erich

    I personally love Veronica, she (alongside Alexa Bliss) is the diva I am most looking forward to.

    • BorisG

      Me too, also I like Devin.

  • ????? KING ?????

    Would be perfect playing the beauty queen from hell kind of like Madison Killer Queen gimmick but i wonder in what ways can she switch it up to make it hers

    • vdcvt

      Madison’s gimmick was gold. She made it her own. I think Veronica can be sort of Eve-esque in her beauty queen. Be all sweet to get whatever you want, then be a downright bitch once you’ve got it haha

  • Half Of Me

    She has a great body i’ll have to wait & see if she can wrestle or talk though..

  • WweRules32

    cant wait for her to wrestle

    • BorisG

      She already wrestled couple of house shows. But on NXT would be good.


    She’s a beauty and I love the gimmick!

  • Fame Whore

    From the promo that leaked by her, the Gimmick seems really good & quite funny. She doesn’t even have to be amazing in the ring to pull it off as well. Differently a character driven gimmick, like Maryse’s. It would be more on point if she tried to avoid physicality because she didn’t want to in storyline ‘ruin her looks’.

  • BorisG

    This girl is gorgeous. With improvement she can be great heel and competitor.

  • xChanellex

    Can’t Wait For Her Wrestling Debut On NXT BTW She Is GAWG!

  • Angelica Marie MoNae

    She could have done better with that gown though it’s way to simple