NXT Redux (December 11th, 2013): Bayley Got a Friend But Couldn’t Get a Win

BFFs vs Natalya and Bayley

What’s up Diva fans and welcome to this week’s slightly (majorly, sorry! Been very busy!) belated NXT Redux. It’s all about Bayley this week, as she finds a tag team partner to take on Sasha Banks and Summer Rae of the BFFs. Charlotte is still keeping a low profile yet if Natalya has anything to do with it, she’ll help Bayley get answers once and for all.


The first Diva sighting of the night is the lustrous Lana, looking fine in her red dress and silky ‘I’m a mysterious woman’ gloves. The commentary team (who are irrelevant due to the absence of Renee Young) put Lana over as a woman with money who has a hold over the actions of Alexander Rusev. Lana’s influence is that strong, Alexander only lets go of his Camel Clutch after she tells him to stop. Interesting!

Next, we see a glowing Natalya (not literally, it doesn’t look like she’s a regenerating Time Lord or anything) walking down the corridor and she sees Bayley sat on a random bench. Bayley says she’s really nervous about tonight’s match and the fact she still hasn’t been able to speak with Charlotte. Natalya says that she’s got her back tonight and that she’s her friend. Bayley is shocked that she has a friend (what with Paige going psycho and Emma going AWOL) and she proceeds to hug the oxygen, carbon monoxide and organs including bladder, pancreas and left intestine from Natalya – that was a tight hug! Nattie tells Bayley to just breathe. Well that’s always good advice. It’s not good when you stop breathing.

Out first this week in Full Sail are Bayley and Nattie, and they enter to Bayley’s music. WHAT A SHUN! Not really. I’m trying to create some drama. Natalya will no doubt thank me later. Out next to the epic theme music of Summer Rae, is of course, Summer Rae and Sasha. The antics are uniform and in-time with one another with one-another this week (take note Bella Twins and your hip shimmying) and I’m loving the attitude from Sasha. Just as over-exaggerated as Summer this week and it’s great to see she’s definitely improving.

The match begins with Sasha sassing Natalya after she shoved Bayley to one side. Bayley locks in a sleeper hold and then starts whacking Bayley like a pinata. Sadly for Bayley, there is no candy inside Sasha, just the heart-breaking memories of when Audrey Marie was her stalker. Alas, Bayley tags in Natalya, who hits a double suplex with the help of her bashful pal.

Sasha scrambles for a tag to Summer and the leggy blonde gets a drop-toe hold for her troubles. Bayley tags back in and the pair hit another double suplex. Summer tags Sasha back in again and my brain begins to hurt thanks to the deja-vu of Bayley hitting another drop-toe hold. The pair then jockey for position with a few irish whip attempts before Sasha goes slap happy on Bayley. Her banshee behaviour only gets a two count so she decides to keep things fresh by tagging Summer back in. Summer chokes the happy-go-lucky out of Bayley before ramming Bayley hairbow first into the floor.


Summer pins Bayley for two before ‘The Boss’ comes back into the squared circle, thrusting Bayley to the mat. Following a cover, Sasha gives Bayley a stiff slap to the pectorals as she goes her springboard armdrag. Bayley however counters out of nowhere, tossing Sasha half way to Albuquerque. Bayley manages to get a tag and here comes Nattie!

The Dungeon Diva clotheslines Sasha before nailing a snap suplex. After a sit-out scoop slam, Nattie kicks Sasha in the face and utilises her discus clothesline. Natalya locks in the Sharpshooter but then can’t decide where she should be positioned so it looks like she’s trying to start the next ‘Gangnam Style’ dance craze. Sharpshooting may take. Then again, it may not. Bayley tags in and instead of going for Sasha, she rams Summer off the apron. Unfortunately, she should have kept her sights set on Sasha as she turns into a kick before getting destroyed with Sasha’s ‘Bankrupt’. See what you did there, Sasha! ;) Bayley can’t get up from that and the BFFs get another one over on poor Bayley.

Thoughts: Another week, another solid performance. Natalya filled a great purpose of helping Bayley when right now, there’s no-one else active who really can. She wasn’t in the match too much, meaning Bayley got the most exposure, and she wasn’t pinned so she still looked strong in defeat.

Sasha and Summer had matching color attires this week and their new and improved entrance was excellent. I was skeptical at first yet I’m really loving them as a team now. Let’s hope Charlotte’s intergration into the group will end up being just as good.

The standout though was Bayley, who continues to make me say “AAAAWWW”. I’m heartless and cold and the only film I ever nearly cried at was Toy Story 3, so it takes a lot to get me to feel empathy or emotion. Bayley somehow does that for me. I can honestly see her winning the NXT Women’s Championship next and the slow, gradual build of her character is a pleasure to watch, meaning I wouldn’t mind seeing it at all. Off to get some soap now to wash my mouth out. And with that, stay tuned, Jack will be back!

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  • BorisG

    I loved the match, short but sweet. Sasha and Summer are gold!

  • Lily

    Sasha and Summer better be a tag-team on the main roster in the future. They give me a Lay-Cool type of vibe but Lay-Cool was more comedic.

    • Benjamin D

      I feel the same, because Sasha have totally became the Layla of the team.

  • PikachuBoo

    Ugh these videos are only shown in the united states. D:

    Not fair. Can you please post a dailymotion one?

  • xChanellex

    I Love The RATCHET Chants

  • xChanellex

    Bankrupt <333333333333333

    • Benjamin D

      Recently JR talked about IWC fans whining about the WWE burying Dolph Ziggler, basically saying if the WWE wants to bury someone, that person wouldn’t be on TV and just fade into obscurity. WWE isn’t trying to bury her, they obviously sees something in her by giving her a program, a character and TV time. It’s a fictional sport, does win or loss really matter in a world of professional wrestling? As long as she gets to showcase her craft, that’s all it matters.

  • http://myworld.ebay.com/ferociouscougar 09DHK

    Why do they insist on burying Bayley?

  • Brandon Jones

    I couldn’t watch the match! :(

  • Christopher Bello

    Summer and Sasha SLAYED. Screw Bayley and Natalya! The BFFS shitted on em! Sasha clearly came into her own here- LOVE HER. The BFFs need to be called up asaaaaap. They are on point. Sasha’s new weave is flawless, bitch betta wurk. Summer is always perfect. Her yelling at the crowd at the end was spectacular; “What are you gonna do about it?! Not a DAAAMN thing!” *snap* lmao I love how white girl ghetto they are together ???? They are entertainment personified. They need to be called up, ugh! Summer! ???????????? Oh, and I loved how they finally decided to match. Summer’s gear is my favorite out of all the Divas. Just perfect!

  • Username

    Why is it that the only person who has put Bayley over in NXT is Alicia Fox, the main roster diva?

  • MrMexican99

    I hope that Paige only had about 2-3 NXT Taping left to do. Let’s face it. Paige is beyond ready. Now, I never mind a main roster diva coming down to get involved in storylines maybe to set a rookie straight or something or how Stephanie appears on Total Divas to fiix problems, but I’m not sure exactly why Natalya is down in NXT competing for their title? Well, I really like Bayley. With this gimmick, she could get over in the main roster. Imagine the epic heel turn that could come with it! I just wish Charlotte wasn’t injured cause her injury practically killed this storyline.

  • Half Of Me

    Can’t view it…

  • Brandon

    Enjoyed this match

  • charovnica

    It was a pretty good match. I loved agressive Bayley! She was on fire! I only think it was strange that Charlotte wasn’t there…I mean she’s the reason for this match in the first place.

  • charovnica

    People need to chill about Bayley wins-loses rate. She’s still one of the most over people on the NXT roster, and her character is still developing. When the time is right she’ll win and that win will mean the world.

    • Benjamin D

      Even Paige lost quite a lot during her days in FCW.

  • WweRules32

    nice little match and summer is good in the ring

  • Benjamin D

    The Ascension is so boring, there’s no tag team division down on NXT. At this point to make the tag team scene note worthy again is to have Paige team up with Natty and beat those 2 meat heads for the NXT tag team championship.
    I really dig Lana, she’s that rare diva that doesn’t have to show skin yet still have that sexy vibe about her. Watch out Aksana, she’s ready to take your job.

  • Effy Zoey Croft

    Great. I can’t watch it. Bayley has really grown on me lately. I love her, she’s just so cute & cuddly!!! xD Also putting up a missings person for Paige & Emma. We’ve hardly seen them lately.

    • Benjamin D

      Paige just had the Divas Match of the Year last week against Natty. And did 2 back stage promos a week before that. So I think we see her quite a lot.

  • Monkey Tennis

    Decent match but Summer and Sasha are still way too generic and ‘safe’. I’d just like to see something… I dunno.. something more from them than these obvious mean-girl tropes.

  • xChanellex


  • xChanellex
    • ChloeMatthews

      Where does everyone keep finding these picture cards for the NXT 200?

      • xChanellex

        Its on Sasha’s IG & Charlotte Also has a pic of herself like this on her IG

      • Benjamin D

        NXT’s Facebook Page.

    • Benjamin D

      Ummm…not really. Mercedes pretty good though, but she’s still got ways to go.

  • xChanellex

    IDK Why But I Really Don’t Like Bayley

    • CrazyGirlAJ (#ChickBusters)

      She plays a good face.

      • xChanellex


      • Benjamin D

        She’s the only face in the whole WWE system that’s capable of drawing sympathy from the audience. Plus she’s pretty good in the ring.

        • CrazyGirlAJ (#ChickBusters)

          Kaitlyn DID.But WWE blew it away.

          • Benjamin D

            No, she didn’t. She failed to connect the audience with her poor mic skills, her horrendous acting, and mediocre in ring skills. Why do you think the audience was chanting, “You tapped out!” at her (the face), after she lost the belt to AJ (the heel)?

    • Laquane Anderson

      I dont either… Maybe its her character.

    • HOLLA

      I’m not sure what I think of her either yet!

    • ChloeMatthews

      She does play a good face, but her character is sorta creepy, and different..

  • ChloeMatthews

    Bayley is creepy.. she’s clingy. But, I think Nattie can guide her in a good direction. Anyways, solid but rocky match. I like the pairing of Sasha and Summer, and wish that once Sasha debuts on the main roster, she also pairs w/ Summer. Enjoyed this match, and enjoy seeing the BFF’s improvement each week!

    • HOLLA

      Imagine a storyline similar to mickie james and trish stratus with natalya and bayley…..I get those vibes from her and I feel like they’d be able to pull it off! Obviously a more toned down version, yet something along those lines where bayley is obsessed with Nattie and wants to be her!

      • ChloeMatthews

        That’d be awesome! I could see Bayley debuting as that character on the main roster, just like Mickie did. I could see Bayley doing it to Nattie, or AJ.

  • 3xplicit

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  • Yanaliquisha


    • xChanellex


  • HoneyCaramelDiva?

    Yas Summer and Sasha better slay.