Beth Phoenix and Edge Welcome First Child

Congratulations are in order for former Divas and Women’s Champion Beth Phoenix, who recently had a baby!

Beth’s boyfriend, former 11-time World Champion Adam ‘Edge’ Copeland, announced that he had recently became a father in an interview last night.

Speaking with CBC television host George Stroumboulopoulos, Edge announced that he became a parent just six weeks ago.

When asked what the most romantic thing he has ever done was by Stroumboulopoulos, Edge replied: “Honestly, having a baby. As soon as you hold that baby and say ‘We created this’, it’s a bond for life.”

Edge did not disclose the gender of the child, but PWInsider have revealed more information. According to the site, the pair had a baby girl.

Since the news broke, Beth has also taken to Twitter to share a message about the new chapter in her life. She tweeted:

We here at Diva Dirt hope mother and baby are doing well. Congratulations!

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  • BorisG

    Wow! Congrats to them! Never even knew she was pregnant :)

    • JillianHallTNA

      I know!! I was like “Wait, WHAT?!?!”

      • BorisG


  • charovnica

    OH MY GOD *Janice voice*

  • Ahl Anthony Aggari

    I never knew they were together!

  • Lee (Foxy and Nee)

    WTF?????????????????When did she even get pregnant?? Wow well congrats Beth and Edge lol this is what ya call breaking news

  • Aaron Evans

    I never even knew she was pregnant!! :O

  • Kaledrina

    Congrats and also kudos to beth (and traci – even madison to an extent) on keeping it as private as possible :-)

    • Matty Marie

      Traci had a baby?

      • KissMeOnce

        yeah at the end of 2012

      • Kaledrina

        yup, her and kazarian had a son together about a year and a half ago. that’s the reason why traci left tna back in early ’12

  • #?ll??d?????????g

    Wow, she kept that on the DL. Congrats Beth and Adam!

  • RatedR

    Congrats to both. Wish they told us sooner

  • Sass.

    Did not see that one coming! Congratulations to Beth and Adam!

  • JillianHallTNA

    Future WWE Diva right there if it’s a girl <3

  • BorisG

    Don’t take me negative, I maybe assume it was high risk pregnancy like Kharma’s (just maybe) so she waited for everything to be ok to announce it. Maybe that was or she kept it quiet just because she wanted it. Anyway, happy that she and Edge got baby girl :)

  • Lee (Foxy and Nee)
    • charovnica

      EXACTLY! Almost gave me a heart attack. Didn’t even know she was pregnant.

      • Lee (Foxy and Nee)

        Me tooo lol, this news caught me off guard

    • BorisG

      lol mine too.

    • Lily

      Accurate LMAO

  • WweRules32

    congrats to edge and beth on their 1st child bet beth will be an awesome mum

  • AdrianRay

    Wasn’t even aware of her pregnancy!!! WOW. Congrats!

  • Jtiera

    Aww Congrats. I was not expecting that. i love them together.

  • Lee (Foxy and Nee)

    wonder if it’s a little glamazon or edge

    • BorisG

      It’s a girl. They said it Star lol.

      • Lee (Foxy and Nee)

        Oppps lmfaooo I just saw where they said it too lol

  • 09DHK

    Talk about keeping a secret. Congrats to Beth and Adam!

  • Rodney Holston

    Wow, she is better than Adele at this hiding pregnancy thing lol

  • Wesley

    OMG that is amazing, so happy for them. So many wrestling babies are brought in the world, I hope Taryn have a successfull birth too, I believe she is expected to give birth in the beginning of February. :-)

  • Esther Ramsey

    OMG! Way to keep a secret, hardly no one knew. Congratulations to Beth and Edge!

  • MarVelousMARK

    Congrats to beth and adam!

  • Marlon Eric

    Damn, what a secret. Congrats.

  • dagmii

    Wow, I had no idea. Congrats to both of them :p

  • Brandon WaddleSmitherFlap

    I’m in shock lol. Anyways congrats!

  • Jen7201

    Wow congrats to Beth and Adam I find it cute that Christian also welcomed a baby girl recently