Alexa Bliss on her ‘Twisted Bliss’ from the Elimination Chamber


At Sunday’s Elimination Chamber PPV, Alexa Bliss successfully defended the Raw Women’s Championship at the first-ever Women’s Elimination Chamber match. In an interview with ESPN, Bliss discusses her match, including the highlight of a Twisted Bliss from the top of a pod, her post-match interview and Ronda Rousey joining the WWE. Highlights of the interview below.

Performing a Twisted Bliss on top of a pod: “I was quite terrified. I’m not going to lie. I’ve done the ‘Twisted Bliss’ off of Braun Strowman‘s shoulders before, but that’s nothing to be on top of an Elimination Chamber pod. There are big challenges with being in a match like this. You’re inside of this chamber that’s intimidating, to begin with. There’s nothing appealing about the Elimination Chamber. When I first walked into it, I was terrified. You start out the match in these pods, and you’re just watching everyone go at it, waiting for your time.”

On her Elimination Chamber post-match interview: “Those were real tears for a minute, and then I had to be mean. It was great because I knew what my next move was. I was very excited to see how the crowd was going to react. I am very proud of the women’s division and genuinely happy that this happened and the fact that I got the ‘You deserve it!’ chant from the crowd, I don’t take that for granted; it’s amazing for our fans to do, but at the end of the day, I’m the bad guy and I can’t have them cheering me. It wouldn’t be very Bliss of me if I thanked them for cheering me.”

On Ronda Rousey arriving at WWE: “I think it’s great that she’s here. She’s built a brand for herself and a name for herself, and for her to be able to bring her fan base into what we do, into our world of the WWE is fantastic. If anyone can legitimize how tough it is to do what we do, it’s Ronda. She’s made a name for herself in the UFC, she’s worked hard, she knows the grind, and for her fans to come here and watch her grow and see the struggles that we all go through, I think will give people more of an appreciation for what we do. I think she’s just what we need for the women’s revolution in the WWE.”

You can the full interview here.

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