Friday, July 30, 2021

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April Showers Bring May Flowers

Spring has sprung, so it’s only natural that the Divas are already donning their bikinis for some beach-themed photoshoots. Mickie James is leading the pack in what I can only assume will be a trend in the coming weeks with her new shoot, “Summer Sun”. Summer doesn’t start until June, but I can look past the misnomer given how spectacular Mickie looks. The scenery is gorgeous, and Mickie blends in perfectly with her wet hair, simple makeup and accessories, and a gorgeous bikini. I love that her choice of wardrobe wasn’t just some skimpy number, because we’ve seen enough Sports Illustrated wannabes – she actually looks like she’s having fun, making for a natural looking shoot. Mickie knocked this one out of the park, and it’s not exactly an easy task – we’ve seen how bikini photoshoots can be hit or miss, whether it be due to over-the-top poses or skanky scenarios (no showers, please). This shoot’s certainly a “hit” in my book.

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