Sunday, September 19, 2021

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Bellas Update

As reported last night, news began to spread that the Bella Twins, Brie and Nikki (real names Brianna and Nicole Garcia), may be finishing up with WWE later this month.

In a phone conversation with Diva Dirt, American Icon Autographs’ Sean Jacoby, who booked the twins for a post-WWE autograph session on May 19th in California, stated that Brie and Nikki’s contracts would be expiring on April 30th and they’d opted not to re-sign with WWE.

Following the news breaking, perhaps prematurely, the twins denied the story via their Twitter page and information for the signing was removed from the American Icon Autographs’ website.

Emailing Diva Dirt, Jacoby offered an update, saying he didn’t have “all of the correct information” at the time of speaking to us on the phone. “As of today, they are not doing my signing event and are still under contract with the WWE and certainly may resign.” A couple of things obviously don’t add up here as, if the Bellas were going to re-sign with WWE, they wouldn’t be able to take part in a non-WWE autograph session in the first place.

However, since the news broke, several sites including PWInsider have independently reported that the twins are leaving WWE at the end of the month when their contracts expire. The PWInsider report cites WWE sources with this news.

As mentioned previously, it looks like the news got out too early, but we’ll see come April 30th. It looks as though Brie and Nikki are indeed finishing up with WWE, however.

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