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Beth Phoenix Talks About Dream Match with Lita & Molly Holly Being a “Wonderful Person”

Divas Champion Beth Phoenix talked to the Caroll County Times this week to promote Survivor Series this Sunday. In the interview, she’s asked about her dream match.

Beth says she’d like to step into the ring with male wrestlers The Undertaker and Stone Cold Steve Austin, but also former Women’s Champion, Lita.

Read below:

Whenever I ask this question of male wrestlers, I always get the same answer – the Undertaker. But as a Diva, who would your dream match be against?

Undertaker’s a pretty good one. I’d have to say Undertaker or Stone Cold Steve Austin, because I dig his trash-talkin’ style and his smashmouth hittin’. He’s the kind of wrestler I always wanted to be, you know? He also has a technical background and can go with the best of them technically, but I just always enjoyed his trash talking and his complete air of confidence, bordering on arrogance. But one thing’s for sure when Stone Cold hits you in the face, you never forget it.

How about a Diva?

Probably Lita. If not Lita, Trish [Stratus], but I have stepped foot in the ring with Trish, but I’d say Lita because I hear a lot of people would like to see that dream match and just because I a huge fan of hers. When I went to wrestling school the first day the first thing I said was teach me a moonsault and a hurricanrana. Little did I know that probably wouldn’t become my style. (laughs) But when I started, I said I wanted to be just like her. And eventually, my style developed into something completely different. She’d be an awesome opponent and that’d be something the fans would want to see.

Beth also talks about Molly Holly, saying:

After I’d pursued wrestling for a while, I got to the point where I was told if you want to take this seriously, go to WWE’s training school in Louisville, Kentucky. I had met Molly through friends and she had been my contact with WWE and she said “Go to Louisville.” When I went there, we had to pay tuition for the school and it was very difficult for me to come up with the money, I was a young kid and I had nothing. Danny Davis, the trainer there, was wonderful and said I could make payments. I wrote him a little check for $200 and said this was my first payment and I’ll do my best to get you the next one and he wrote me a receipt, and it was for about half of what the tuition was. And I was like, “Oh no, you made a mistake, Danny, I only gave you 200 bucks.” And he said, “Oh no, someone made your first payment.” And through much prodding and pulling I found out that Molly Holly had donated from her own money in her own pocket and her own hard work the opportunity for me to train. Not even to get signed or anything, she just bought me an opportunity I wouldn’t otherwise had. I’d love to pay it forward as much as I can in my career because she said the Macho Man [Randy Savage] had helped her and she was trying to pay it forward to help someone else who wanted to do this. It’s very rare to come across something like that and every chance I get I like to tell that story because she’s just a wonderful person.

Read the full interview here.

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