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Charlotte weighs in on not needing another all-women’s event, wants to be the best regardless of gender

Charlotte Flair says that she doesn’t need an all-women’s show to showcase her talent.

During an interview with Bleacher Report, the multi-time women’s champion spoke candidly abouts her thoughts toward WWE holding another all-female event.

Flair believes WWE could potentially host another all-women’s event down the line. But she would rather her matches stand out on shows regardless of gender.

Here’s what the ‘Queen’ had to say;

“I think [another Evolution is] more of a when [than an if], but I get asked this question a lot,” she said. “Would an all-women’s show be great? Yes. Would another all-women’s pay-per-view be great? Yes. But I’m in the mindset that I want to be on the card with men. I want to be on the card where there’s eight matches and I want to be the best of the night no matter the gender. I don’t need an all-women’s show or an all-women’s pay-per-view to highlight my performance or skill or being a lady wrestler. No. I want to prove, no matter man or woman, I am the best. I think it’s great, but I don’t need an all-women’s show to show I’m a great wrestler.”

The topic of an all-women’s show is a hot one as of late. NWA announced their first-ever women’s pay-per-view, Empowerrr with Mickie James as Executive Producer. Following the announcement, Triple H made some controversial comments surrounding all-woman shows. The comments received backlash from several NWA and AEW talents.

Charlotte played a memorable role in WWE’s only all-female event, Evolution. Her and Becky Lynch were in the middle of their epic feud and fought in an excellent Last Woman Standing match.

What do you make of Charlotte’s comments? Sound off in the comments below.

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