Sunday, September 19, 2021

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Chyna Wants to Return to WWE

Former WWE icon Chyna revealed some major news today in an appearance on The Howard Stern Show — she wants to return to the WWE!

Chyna, who has had a busy year with a guest spot in TNA and a fledgling career in pornography, reveals that she wrote a letter to Vince McMahon asking if he’s ready to put their history behind them and do business together. Chyna says she’s constantly asked about returning to the company by fans.

Watch the clip below:

Thoughts: The former Intercontinental and Women’s Champion had one of the biggest fanbases and cross-over success of any female star in the industry. I think there’d certainly be money to be made in her returning to a WWE ring, but whether WWE would be interested is a whole different question. Whether the messy ending with Triple H and Stephanie could be overlooked for the sake of business leaves a big question mark. However, Bret Hart did return despite the Montreal Screwjob. With Chyna’s foray into porn and WWE now being PG, it doesn’t look like they’re quite a fit, but to see Chyna back in a WWE ring — even just once — would be a sight to see.

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