Monday, October 18, 2021
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Dashwood picks up another controversial win; Purrazzo seemingly finished with Kimber & Susan


Tenille Dashwood continues to stack up wins as a singles competitor despite her obsession with wanting a tag team partner. Kaleb with a K continues to be the decision-maker however in Dashwood’s matches as he is the ultimate distractor. This week’s IMPACT was no different.

Dashwood took on Rachael Ellering this week. Backstage Ellering was speaking with her tag team partner Jordynne Grace about the rocky road they have been having ever since they lost the tag titles. Grace is frustrated and upset because the word around the locker room is that she only won those titles because of Rachael.

Prior to the match, Dashwood and Kaleb tried one more time to have Ellering join them by giving her a t-shirt. Ellering dismissed it and said she just wants to wrestle. Grace did not accompany her to ringside. Grace lost to Dashwood this past weekend at Against All Odds.

In a very competitive match, Ellering had Dashwood right where she wanted her to get the win, but Kaleb caused the distraction with his ring light. Dashwood then executed a crucifix pin to get the victory.

This was the only Knockouts match of the night but we did see two segments. The first was Knockouts Champion Deonna Purrazzo sharing her frustrations with Kimber Lee and Susan. Purrazzo says that the duo needed to prove to everyone and most importantly her that they deserve to stand by her side. They fail to do so time and time again and were unable to capture the tag titles at Against All Odds.

Before storming off, Purrazzo says she is done with the both of them as Susan calls her a typical degenerate millennial.

Last but certainly not least, we see the Knockouts Tag Team Champions backstage. Fire ‘N Flava were looking around to find people to ask them who the best tag team of all time is. They came across two employees who couldn’t answer them. The first was sweeping the floor and said it was his first day while the second was taking out the trash.

As Kiera Hogan and Tasha Steelz were arguing with the employee who was just trying to do his job and take out the garbage, Rosemary and Havok showed up. The newly formed pair made a statement by throwing Steelz up against the wall and dumping Hogan into the bin that was carrying the trash. As the tag champs tried to put themselves together, they found a very specific trash bag.

The bag had the name “Mickie” written on it. This was taking a jab at WWE who sent Mickie James her belongings in a trash bag when she was released from the company in April. Could we be seeing Hardcore Country making an IMPACT return as well?

What did you think about this week’s IMPACT and what do you think we are going to be seeing at Slammiversary in July? Leave your thoughts below!