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Detailed SmackDown Spoilers for January 22nd, 2010

Diva Dirt reader Christie sent along her own spoilers for this Friday’s show which will include these shocking scenes. Click the ‘+’ to read:

SmackDown - January 22nd, 2010
* After CM Punk stops talking, a fan (Serena) comes running out like a mad woman trying to touch CM Punk but a guard tried to hold her back and they made it up to the ramp till Punk tells him to let her go. She comes into the ring and blah blah blah and he shaves her head. I swear It looked like Serena was having some kind of orgasm when Punk was shaving her head. Punk gave her multiple kisses on her shaven head. He announced her as apart of his straight edge team.

* As for the Divas segment, it was extremely good and the crowd was into it. Michelle and Layla came out to some pretty decent heat. The ring was decorated with pink ballons and a table full of pig cakes. There was a sign saying “BUH-BYE PIGGE JAMES”. Michelle starts off by saying something like “I was suppose to defend my title at the Royal Rumble but looks like we drove Mickie away,” and her and Layla start doing their typical routine. Both did great and got some good heat from the crowd. Maria inturpts and defends Mickie. Maria, to me, did great on the mic and the interaction between the three wasn’t flat at all. Some of it was corny like Maria calling them Tweedle Dum and Tweedle Dee lol. Mickie then comes out (looking fantistic) and says she has put up with girls like her before all her life. She says this is what a real woman looks like and looks into the crowd and says something like: “All the women out here, are real women… fat, skinny, short, tall.” Mickie I believe said something about the title but I wasn’t sure. There really was a lot going on for me to remember but it was just that good. I kinda took me back to the old Diva days with a segment like this.

Anyway, a fight broke out and Maria took on Layla in one corner and Mickie took on Michelle in another. Lay-Cool starts taking charge and beating up on Maria and Mickie. Beth comes out and stands there looking like “hmm who should I go after?” lol. Beth takes out Maria first and then all three beat up on Mickie. Michelle takes a pig off the cake and puts it in Mickie’s face then they dump a bowl of punch on her. Lay-Cool and Beth get lots of heat and even a “you suck” chant. It looked like Mickie was doing some real heavy crying saying “I’m sorry” to the fans. Maria tries to console but Mickie just storms away. The fans start a “Mickie chant” and clap for her but she kept on saying “I’m sorry” and she runs backstage, Maria then heads to the back quickly.

Natalya flirts with Khali during a tag match but it doesn’t work when Hart Dynasty looses to Hardy and Khali.

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