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FCW Recap: June 28, 2009 – WWE Takes Over


The WWE Divas were on display in Florida Championship Wrestling last night. After a couple of Diva-less weeks, FCW gets back into it’s stride pitting RAW Diva Rosa Mendes and SmackDown Diva Layla (pre-frizz) against Smackdown Diva Alicia Fox and Angela Fong. Sounds good, right? Yeah…, not so much. Watch the match below to see what I mean:


Before I get into the match itself, just a small note. Why does FCW keep missing the memo when it comes to Alicia? When she was a face in WWE, FCW was booking her as a heel and now that she’s a heel, they’re booking her as a face. So ass backwards. Weren’t there any babyfaces available? Throw one of the Bellas in there; it’s not like their WWE schedule is jam packed. Anyway, onto the match.

Unfortunately, this match starts off on a sour note and rides it all the way to the pinfall. Alicia and Rosa starts things off with some basic chain wrestling. Whilst running the ropes, Rosa manages to trip over Alicia. Yes, you read that right. Rosa trips over Alicia *sigh*. The ensuing confusion leads to a very weird takedown by Alicia. Both Divas manage to get the tag, and Angela hits a awkward ‘rana on Layla and tags to Alicia. Alicia with a kick to the gut and her patented Axe Kick. Alicia hits the ropes and Rosa misses her spot (C’mon Rosa! Really?!) to pull Alicia’s hair, so it has to be repeated (awkwardly, might I add).

The heels take control and Layla applies a submission, followed by a snapmare into a dropkick for a nearfall. Rosa tags back in, and goes to work on Alicia. A very ineffective looking submission by Rosa, which (thankfully) is quickly relinquished. Alicia hits a spin kick, which is sadly the best spot in this match, and tags in her partner. Fast forward through the usual ‘Hot Tag Flurry’, Angela sets up the Saki Bomb, but is distracted by Layla. Rosa takes mercy on us and rolls Angela up for the win.

The best part in this match was when it ended, and Layla makes Tiffany give her Angela’s crown (Give it to me! Give it to me! Thank you! SCREW YOU! Lol.) and gives it to Rosa. Angela attacks Rosa, jumping on the dropkick-through-the-ropes bandwagon and takes back her crown.

I usually sing the praises of the FCW Divas, but this match was really bad – possibly the worst I’ve on FCW. I don’t anything great to say about any of these girls, but Rosa is on my s**t-list. I said before that I think Rosa is hesitant, but after this match, my mind is officially changed. Sloppiness, missed spots and botching? Sadness. Rosa really needs to go back to FCW full time. I don’t know what motivated WWE to give her the call-up, but if they watched this match surely they’re having second thoughts.

If this match has done one good thing, it has motivated me to start a ‘Send Rosa Mendes back to FCW’ petition. Anyone else with me? Thoughts in the comments please.

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