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From the Vault: SmackDown – April 15th, 2004

Hello all! In this week’s From the Vault I’m taking you back to good old 2004 and to an evening of pure terror in the life of Torrie Wilson.

Things kicked off on this particular episode of Smackdown with then WWE champion, Eddie Guerrero (R.I.P – you are forever missed) talking smack about then Smackdown General Manager, Kurt Angle. Phew, the things these men used to get up to! It all boiled down to a stipulation match between Eddie and the Big Show (ugh). Said stipulation entailed that if the Big Show was to lose to Eddie later on in the night, then he would be forced to quit.

Sadly (for him, not me. Ugh.) Show is a man of his word, and so when he inevitably lost to the champ, he had to do the walk of shame through the back and head on out of there.

This is where Torrie comes in. She was in the make up chair, having a little giggle with the make up artist as all women like to do when Big Show happened to be walking past. He was convinced that Torrie was laughing at him, and even though Torrie was adamant she wasn’t – and hey, I believer her – Big Show decided to take it upon himself to terrorize her.

Throughout the night, we cut backstage to where Torrie was keeping her distance. She just wanted to get out of there, but when she reached her car Big Show caught up to her. He wasted little time in working himself up and, blinded with rage, he destroyed her car! He broke the windows and turned it upside down – he threw it almost across the parking lot. (I remember thinking it was a fake car when I was younger. Now I’m not so sure.)

Sensibly, Torrie got the hell out of there. But he continued to chase her down.

Finally, at the close of the show, an assistant found Kurt Angle backstage and informed him that the Big Show had Torrie trapped up on a ledge, some 20 feet above the ground, and he was threatening to throw her off. Personally I was eating it up but I was only twelve! Kurt Angle dashed to the diva’s rescue.

Torrie begs Big Show to let her go but he doesn’t budge. Selflessly, Kurt climbs to the ledge and manages to waver Torrie’s safety, but it doesn’t work out too well for him. In helping Torrie escape Show’s clutches, Kurt instead becomes the subject of Show’s violent temper, and the GM finds himself unceremoniously choke-slammed off the ledge.

I know this was a pretty short piece to choose from the Vault, but I wanted to do something for Torrie and this remains in my mind as one of her better showings. She was convincingly terrified and you were really worried about her! At least I was. It was also nice to have a diva featured all night long, in numerous segments, and to have her included in a main event storyline.

Check back next week and, if you like, hit the comments for suggestions of what and who you want to see in future From the Vault pieces, and if I like ’em, I’ll write ’em.

Ciao for now, guys! x

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