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Impact Spoilers (Night #2): October 29th, 2009

Spoilers for next week’s Impact are now out, courtesy of our TNA tapings correspondent Camden! The shows airs October 29th on Spike. Click the ‘+’ to read:

Impact - October 29th
Alissa Flash vs Tara
Great match! Lots of top rope spots, power moves. Tara did botch one big move which she redid for production to edit. Tara gets the win.
Winner – Tara

While Alissa is knocked out, Kong comes out and knocks Tara out. She then picks her up for an implant buster on top of Alissa. Kong leaves both girls laid out in the ring.

The Beautiful People vs ODB, Hemme, & Hamada – 6-Knockout Tag Team match
Rayne did most of the work with a few tags to Velvet. Lacey got in the ring twice. First time, she did one move. Then, second time, she came in to chokeslam Hemme and get the win for TBP.
Winners – The Beautiful People

Kong’s music hits and she comes out. Tara runs out, jumping Kong from behind. Security runs out to separate the girls. TBP run while Hamada, Hemme, and ODB look on from the ring as security drags kong and Tara out.

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Thoughts after the cut:

Erin’s Thoughts
Looks like Melissa Anderson is getting beaten down in every character she has. What’s left, Cheerleader Melissa?

This Kong/Tara stuff seems so random in its execution. I guess TNA feels the need to cram it in wherever they can.

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