Impact Wrestling Discussion Post: March 15th, 2018


Tonight on Impact Wrestling, the rivalry between Rosemary and Taya Valkyrie heats up as they square off in a one-on-obe showdown.

Read‘s preview of tonight’s show below:

The Knockouts scene has changed and it happened in a heartbeat. When Taya Valkyrie returned to IMPACT Wrestling, the whispers started almost immediately, when will she target the Demon Assassin? When will we get Taya vs. Rosemary in a one on one match? Who is the “Alpha Knockout?” Tonight we find out.

The Knockouts Championship may rest around the waist of Allie at the moment, but the winner of this match will go a long way in determining who will be next in line to challenge for the title. This rivalry has been built on personal animosity more than anything else and it just seems that before Rosemary or Taya can think about the Knockouts Championship they need to get past the other first. It is personal. Remember in late 2017 when Taya took out Rosemary?

The eyes of the wrestling world will be on IMPACT Wrestling tonight when these two finally clash. Rosemary and Taya seem to come from very different worlds. Rosemary from the Valley of Shadow and Taya Valkyrie honoring Valhalla with her signature move, the Road to Valhalla. It seems very Game of Thrones’esque this rivalry between the two Knockouts. Perhaps it has as much to do with the future as it does the past? What happened in 2017 between these two is embedded into our memories like it just happened and we want the final chapter to written. However, one can argue that this saga is just starting, that this rivalry will go on for eternity with each Knockout finding a way to emerge victorious with each passing season.

How does the Knockouts Champion Allie feel about this battle between Rosemary and Taya? As long as they are focused on each other, than neither will be eyeing the gold around the waist of the bunny, the Vegan Slayer, Allie. Seems like a great place to watch from the sidelines.

Soon, though, one will emerge with a victory and set their gaze upon Allie and the Knockouts Championship and we feel that Allie will be ready. The bunny awaits her next challenger.

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