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Impact Write-Up (May 3rd, 2012): Brooke Forces Gail to Eat Defeat, But Skies May Not be Clear Just Yet

Why hello there, and welcome to your weekly recap of all things Knockout in the land of Impact Wrestling. Before we get started, I first want to wish our coveted Knockouts Champion, Gail Kim, a happy wedding day! I’m not sure when exactly it is, but judging from her tweets it’s pretty close. Whether you love to hate her, hate to love her, or love to love her, it’s a big day for Miss Kim. But the real question is will she be wearing her Knockouts Title as she walks down the aisle?! It would certainly rival the infamous YouTube wedding dance frenzy to Chris Brown’s “Forever”.

Now onto the Impact Wrestling related matters. This week’s show was not very full in terms of the Knockouts being placed sporadically throughout the program, but what we did get certainly delivered as Brooke Tessmacher and Velvet Sky teamed up to take on Madison Rayne and Gail Kim in tag team action. On top of that Sky and Tessmacher gave a very interesting backstage interview as well, that’s certain to raise some eyebrows as to where the division is going, but enough of this summarizing. With action rivaling that of CW show, Nikita (which coincidentally airs Fridays like tonight at 8/7c… I’m just saying), let’s get into the TNA Knockouts!

Backstage we head, to hear Velvet Sky and Brooke Tessmacher engaging in an interview with the camera man. Velvet describes the frustration of having to emerge without the Knockouts Title due to countless cheating attempts by both Gail and Madison. Sky claims that she isn’t letting this get her down though, because at the right circumstance, she WILL beat the Knockouts Champ. Brooke then turns the focus on her saying that nobody gave her a chance when she wrestled against Gail either time, and that tonight she’s going to defeat the champ for a third time. Velvet agrees to an even medium by summing it up in that one of the two will beat Gail for the Knockouts Title, as we then head to the ring!

In what’s sure to make Taz smile with many emotions, we are treated to the weeks pan up shot of red headed ring announcer, Christy Hemme. I always think Christy looks nicer in pants for some reason, so I too join in on Taz’s parade of glee. The STILL addicting theme song of Gail Kim hits, and both she and Madison Rayne make their way out in baby blue. I must say I am disappointed because I saw her tweets hinting at this beautiful theme getting lyrics and I was praying tonight would be the night. Hopefully Sacrifice will bring us what could amount to the best theme song in history!

The duo climb into the ring following some posing as the steady contender in the race for “best theme song in history” hits in the form of “I Tease U Touch” which accompanies the lovely Brooke Tessmacher. Asstastic herself hops onto the stage, but unfortunately once the lyrics in her theme start, I begin to lose focus from everything that’s being recapped because I can’t stop singing along. Once Gail’s theme gets lyrics, this may happen during her entrances as well. Be warned… it’s the price you pay for having an addictive theme. It’s clear I’m not alone in this either since we return from the recap to see TESS-MACHA herself singing along.

Up next comes Velvet Sky in some awesome looking new gear. Miss Sky hops down the ring apron and… will she? WILL SHE? BY GOD, it’s Taz’s lucky day! A Christy Hemme pan up shot and Velvet Sky’s pigeons being let loose in the same segment? Who did he bribe to get such treatment like this?! For some ungodly reason, Earl Hebner feels the need to “check” Velvet Sky for weapons (I’m sure he also did the same to people like Samoa Joe and Bully Ray, don’t worry). Mercifully, Gail and Madison ambush the two ladies from behind and the bell sounds as we get into action.

Gail kicks Velvet in the corner and then sends her barreling near Madison, before knocking our Tessmacher off the ring apron. Kim just continues to dismantle the former number one contender… that is, until Velvet (is it wrong that every time I say her name, I want to say Velveeta? Dang cheese craving!) manages to score with a clothesline. Gail sends Velvet off the ropes, but Sky fights back with a series of jawbreakers to the knee, before following it up with a sick handspring armdrag! Mighty Lucha Sky then runs off the other side of the ring and follows it up with a booty-ful headscissors takedown!

She attempts to go for another lucha-esque move that I’m sure would have wowed me if Madison Rayne hadn’t have smacked her from behind. This distraction allows the baby blue adorned champion to score her epic running knee to the back and control the match once again. Tag in to Queen Rayne, who gracefully steps in the ring and then chokes Velvet in the corner. Tag back in for Gail, as the crowd gets behind Sky to no avail due to a double team splash type maneuver by the devious duo that ends with Kim knocking Sky down by the hair.

Gail taunts the crowd and then once again knocks Brooke off the apron, as she hits a nasty move to Sky’s leg and Madison runs in with a calf kick! Rayne then hits her leg slam in the ring, as Earl wants to know what she’s doing. Madison then hilariously screeches back “She likes it and so do you!” Following a poised wave, Rayne proceeds to once AGAIN knock Tessmacher off the apron. A brief comeback from Velvet, but Madison takes control and tags in to Velvet who scores with a running clothesline for a near fall. Gail slams Sky into the corner and goes for a top rope Frankensteiner, but Velvet holds on and Gail falls to her knees! Velvet then hits an awesome bulldog off the top rope as both women look to be down.

Sky manages to get to her corner first, as a tag is made in to Brooke! Tessmacher scores with a series of clotheslines, following it up with a dropkick and a hurricanrana! Brooke goes for her finisher, but Gail elbows out and hits a clothesline to send our former secretary down. Not for long though, as Brooke counters out of the Eat Defeat and ducks a Madison Rayne attack that Velvet takes care of with a spear. Brooke goes for a kick, but Gail grabs her foot and begins taunting her until… UNTIL… Brooke grabs Gail’s hand and hits Kim’s own finishing move, the Eat Defeat on the champion! Tessmacher hooks the leg and scores the victory for her team! Velvet and Brooke celebrate their victory, as Kim and Rayne muster up some form a revenge I’m sure.

Thoughts: First off, I loved the match tonight. It was lengthy, fresh, and a lot of fun. Brooke is continuing to breathe some new life into the division in terms of a different face taking to the forefront, and I continue to love what I see. The finish was brilliant having Brooke use Gail’s own move against her because after pinning her with a roll up, and with a finisher, what better way to get in the champ’s head than her own finisher?! Genius. I’m not sure if Velvet Sky is completely out of the loop just yet based on that promo, and that’s another thing I love. Yes, I am thrilled Brooke is being pushed, but I still didn’t want to see Velvet simply forgotten about yet again. I would love to see a triple threat between the three, but since Gail/Brooke is already booked for Sacrifice I’m not sure we are going to essentially get it.

Another thing I want to address is Madison Rayne. For the first time tonight in I believe the past two years, Madison felt like the one in the backseat. I’m not complaining because it’s nice to see someone different in the spotlight, but it just seemed weird to have her not be the focus of a storyline for once. Even through Gail’s challenges as Knockouts Champion, I’ve always sort of still felt Madison as a strong presence beside her, although I didn’t get the same feeling tonight. Hopefully, they can find a prominent role for our Killer Queen once again after a little time has passed because she’s one of the most entertaining things in the division, in my opinion.

And finally, Sacrifice is coming up. It’s now confirmed Gail will defend against Brooke and I’m sure it’s going to be an excellent showing if the past few weeks are anything to go by. I’ve said before that I wanted Brooke to win because I feared where Gail’s reign could go from here and I do not want to see another “fan wins title on their debut” sort of thing. But if tonight is any indication and we could lead into a triple threat feud also involving Velvet Sky for the pay per view following Sacrifice, then I would definitely not be opposed to seeing Gail beat Brooke and transition into that. Things are certainly heating up in the Knockouts division I’m pretty excited to see what happens come Sacrifice. Nevertheless, this week, the Knockouts did everything right and I’m on board with where things seem to be headed.

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