Sunday, September 26, 2021

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In Video: Cherry Bomb, Courtney Rush & Xandra Bale in New Wrestling Movie “Beat Down”

The trailer for a new movie called ‘Beat Down‘ has been released. The movie is directed by Canadian native Deanne Foley and stars Marthe Bernard (Republic of Doyle) as a young girl who defies her father by pursuing her dream of becoming a pro wrestler.

The film also stars Canadian wrestlers Cherry Bomb, Courtney Rush (pictured) and Xandra Bale. Check out a short clip and the trailer below.

A small blurb about the film, from the 22nd St. John’s International Women’s Film Festival program:

Our festival is proud to open with another thoroughly homegrown feature production, a debut achievement for Deanne Foley whose shorter gems have always found a place on our screens. BEAT DOWN is, not surprisingly, a comedy, a signature move by the St. John’s director. Foley has always produced wry and slyly amusing stories about girls growing up, and BEAT DOWN capably extends her favourite theme into a full-blown narrative. Marthe Bernard (REPUBLIC OF DOYLE) plays the unsinkably feisty Fran, a young woman with vague dreams and a restless heart. Dad, known as Whitey, is a former wrestling champ who forbids Fran from entering the ring at any time. As played by the familiar Robb Wells (TRAILER PARK BOYS), Whitey is profane and overbearing and, as one would expect, hilariously emotional. He fervently wants to save Fran from a broken heart and will curse anyone who gets in his way, but a girl gets what a girl wants. BEAT DOWN boasts a fine tag team of actors, with Andy Jones, Mark O’Brien, Tony Nappo, and Janet Kidder rounding out the A-Show. The script, penned by Foley and her trusty pal Iain MacLeod, exploits the clichés of the underdog story with fresh attitude. With Pope Productions in her corner Foley is bound to take home the championship belt. Ultimately, what you see on the screen is a legit hit—a knockout with a clean finish. Bravo to Foley for giving us such a fine main event.

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