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Kavita Devi clarifies reports of her WWE release, says they are not accurate

Kavita Devi was one of the recent names mentioned during the releases from WWE’s NXT brand. Other names such as Vanessa Borne, Skyler Story (Brandi Lauren), and Jessamyn Duke all made comments on their releases. Devi hadn’t commented until a recent interview in where she clarified her status with the company.

While speaking with Hindustan Times:

“I’ve read some of those reports, and they aren’t accurate. I have been back at home in India since January. My husband contracted Covid earlier this year and I needed to be here with my family, I chose not to go back to America. Everyone at WWE has been incredibly supportive, I am filled with gratitude for everything they have done for me. I have also had an ACL injury for over a year and have been unable to perform in the ring but WWE still supported me through all of that. They understand that India is where I need to be. We are working together on a new arrangement that allows me to be home, but still part of the WWE Universe.”

There had been prior reports that stated Devi did return home to India to be with her family along with her ACL injury that had her out of action for over a year. She was originally in the plans to take part in the Superstar Spectacle event in February that highlighted Indian talent.

She further adds about not being part of that event, “Yes, exactly. I was at home in India with my husband who was recovering from Covid. WWE made every effort to still make me feel included – they even made it possible for me to film a video message to be used during the show. I was sad to not be there in person, but I had to be at home with my family.”

In regards to her future with the company she states, “India continues to be a very important market for WWE with some of the most passionate fans in the world. I will still be involved as an ambassador for WWE in India. In the future that may mean I am involved in scouting new talent or with WWE Live events, anything is possible. There are incredible Indian talent at WWE and I will continue to champion them here at home – including Sanjana George, from Kottayam, who recently signed a developmental contract at the WWE Performance Center in Orlando.”

Devi has taken part in both Mae Young Classic tournaments and she was featured in WrestleMania 34‘s Battle Royal as one of the NXT representatives. WWE did not put out an official report on those that were recently let go from NXT.

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