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Lady Frost confirms offers from various promotions, Recalls being told she was too old for WWE

Lady Frost has been recently in the news for reportedly signing with IMPACT Wrestling. She has had several matches with the promotion but has not officially made her debut since her signing. While speaking with Fightful, Frost discussed the appearance she had in WWE against Asuka in 2018.

In her first match ever on live TV, she faced one of the biggest names in WWE, Asuka in a bout that was supposed to be pretaped. Once shown that she could the match well, it was moved to live TV. From that match under the name Jamie Frost, she felt everything went well and that she was offered a WWE tryout. After said tryout, Frost felt that everything went smoothly and she was in high spirits about how she performed. She was later told by a WWE official that she was “too old” to get an offer. Frost was already in her 30s.

“At the end of the day, I don’t know what happened. Someone told me I was too old when I worked the next set of extra work. I did another loop after that – after they told me no and I was like this is weird they’re calling me back again. It was Scott Armstrong who was like sorry, he says not to be disrespectful, you look great, just as good as the young ones but we’re not hiring people of your age and I was like, alright see ya later.”

Frost would speak on the various promotions that she had worked for and also contracts that she has been offered. She mentions uprooting her and her husband’s lives to train with Ring of Honor in Maryland.

“I had the match with Jenny Rose here in Pittsburgh and they invited myself and my husband down to the Ring of Honor Dojo in Maryland. So we quit our jobs, I had just started a fitness company. My husband was vested in his pension for ten years at his county job and we sold our house and we moved to Maryland to go to the Ring of Honor Dojo. My husband just went through neck surgery, also. He had a broken neck. So we were still recovering from that. It was a wild time.

“We spent about six to eight months at the Ring of Honor Dojo and he was still recovering but he was pretty much good to go after the first month we were there. I think I had two dark matches in the six or eight months I was there. I probably definitely wasn’t ready, but that’s why you’re at a dojo, to get prepped. I don’t think it was a good fit and we got a call from CHIKARA, who was under some umbrella contract with WWE. So he asked us to move to Philadelphia. We were like, ‘Hey, maybe we do this character change and we have this deal with WWE and that’s back on the table.’” [h/t – Fightful]

NWA also offered her a contract earlier in the year.

“I don’t know if it’s a secret. I was offered a deal there. I very, very much enjoyed NWA. The locker room was great. It was the first time I felt like I was on a bigger stage doing something a step above the indies. I really enjoyed it, honestly. I think I’m playing the waiting game a little bit. Some other things were in the works. But, yeah. They’ve been good to me. They have.”

It was reported last week on her signing with IMPACT also by Fightful.

For the full interview with Lady Frost, you can view it below.

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