Sunday, October 17, 2021

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Lilian Gives Farewell Speech to Raw Crowd

In a show of class you rarely see in wrestling these days, the WWE allowed Lilian Garcia to give a farewell speech live on tonight’s Raw, which marked her final appearance in what was a 10 year career with the company. PWTorch has a breakdown of what she said:

• Lilian was given the next-to-last segment of the show just before the main event six-man tag match to give a brief, but very emotional recap of her ten-year WWE career.

• Jerry Lawler set up Lilian’s farewell speech as Lilian choked back tears. He thanked Lilian for over ten years of service to WWE, then sent it to her in the ring.

• Lilian opened her speech by saying she joined WWE ten years ago not knowing what she was signing up for.

•Lilian talked about singing the National Anthem after 9/11 and overseas for the U.S. military during WWE’s annual Tribute to the Troops shows.

• She thanked the WWE crew, announcers, and superstars. Lilian choked up talking about announcing some of the greatest matches in WWE history.

• Lilian thanked everyone for their love and support, adding that she will miss everyone. She concluded by waving to the crowd, which applauded her final speech.

Watch it below (skip to 2:10):

Be sure to stop by Lilian’s Twitter page and drop her a farewell message!

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