Lita on current talent dealing with social media criticism


Ahead of her in-ring return at Evolution in a match against Mickie James, WWE Hall of Famer Lita spoke with The Mirror to discuss the one of the biggest difference between her time with the WWE compared to today’s era: social media.

Lita explained why criticism from fans felt easier during her time:

“Oh my gosh! Trish [Stratus] and I have talked about this because we really didn’t have this; yes we had the instant feedback from the fans live, and they’re never shy! So we got our share of them looking at us in the eye and yelling, and telling us exactly how they felt, which didn’t feel great all of the time. But, now, it’s almost like people have instant access [to you] and it’s part of your job almost, to post and let everyone know where you are – it’s a whole separate job to add to your already-demanding job.”

Although Lita isn’t as active on social media compared to her peers, she praised the current generation of Superstars for being able to deal with the online pressure:

“I don’t know, man… if anyone follows me on social media then I’m sorry, because I’ll go dark for weeks at a time! It’s interesting how your brain works because 100 people can say yours was the best match ever, and one person will say ‘that match sucked, you were sloppy, I don’t like you and you don’t deserve the title’, or whatever it is. People can say ‘I don’t care what people think’ and ‘it doesn’t bother me’, but it does It’s a whole other thing in [the heads of WWE talent] while they’re trying to stay grounded and keep a positive attitude on a lack of sleep and everything that comes with being a WWE superstar. I don’t know how those guys handle it, I think it would be very challenging – I had the luxury of not dealing with it when I was there.”

Do you agree with Lita’s POV regarding social media?