Live Coverage: SHINE Wrestling Presents SHINE 11


Diva Dirt presents live coverage of SHINE 11, airing on iPPV tonight.

This month’s show will feature the SHINE Championship Tournament in its entirety, where fourteen women will compete for the chance to be crowned the first ever SHINE Champion.

SHINE 11 comes to us live from the Orpheum in Ybor City, Florida and starts at 9pm ET (2am GMT). Order the event by clicking here.

Live results of the show will appear in the live blog below:

All times are GMT

Bracket A Four-Way Qualifying Match: LuFisto defeated Nikki Roxx, Su Yung and Mercedes Martinez after hitting Su Yung with the Burning Hammer. Roxx appears to be Daffney’s first client since reverting to a managerial role. The finish came when LuFisto capitalised on Roxx and Martinez brawling on the outside. Su Yung put in a great performance, not looking remotely out of place in the ring with the three veterans. Excellent match.

Bracket B Qualifying Match: Ivelisse defeated Amazing Kong, Kimberly and Angelina Love with a Code Red to Kimberly. Another great match. Kong dominated early on, but accidentally hits Love with the Implant Buster after getting her eyes raked by Ivelisse, allowing Ivelisse to superkick Kong out of the match and finish off Kimberly.

Quarter-Finals: Jessicka Havok defeated Saraya Knight by disqualification. The match went all over the place, as expected, with both women pulling no punches. An awesome spot halfway through happened where Havok piledrived Saraya onto the stage floor on the outside. The finish came when Saraya hit Havok in the head with a steel chair, forcing the ref to ring the bell. Saraya kept attacking post-match, needing to be dragged away by SHINE officials, and leaving Havok’s status – although victorious – up in the air.

Quarter Finals: Mia Yim defeated Leva Bates with a German Suplex from the second rope. Leva is dressed as black Spiderman. Both women treating each other with respect, as babyfaces and good friends, but both also giving their all in a superb match. The finish came after Yim kicked out of a Pepsi Plunge from Leva, and hit the high-risk German suplex variation for the win. The pair embrace after the match. Great stuff.

Quarter-Finals: Rain defeated LuFisto with a roll-up and a handful of tights. Rain had control of most of the first half of the match, but a weary LuFisto came back into it only to be distracted by April Hunter, allowing Rain to roll her up for the win. A short, solid match.

Quarter-Finals: Ivelisse defeated Santana with a roundhouse kick to the head. Stream went down for a little bit at the start, but was smooth sailing for the rest of the match. A brilliant, back-and-forth exchange between the two, which came to an end after Ivelisse avoided Santana’s Shining Star Press. Santana is ridiculously over.

Semi-Finals: Rain defeated Jessicka Havok by countout. While Havok was limping to the ring, Saraya Knight followed her out and continued her attack with the steel chair. SHINE officials – including Lexie Fyfe – came to ringside to deal with the situation, and the referee began to count. Havok, however, could barely stand, and was counted out, giving Rain a free ticket to the final.

Semi-Finals: Mia Yim defeated Ivelisse with a roll-up following inadvertent interference from Rain. Rain enters the ring while the referee’s back is turned, then as she rolls out, Ivelisse goes up to her only to be smacked in the face with a cast by Rain, thinking it’s Yim. Yim rolls Ivelisse up for the pin. Ivelisse is furious, and she and Rain argue in the ring briefly before leaving in a huff. It’s Mia Yim vs Rain in the final.

Final: Rain defeated Mia Yim to become the first ever SHINE Champion! A fine match that really showed the best of both women’s ability Mia Yim gave us an incredible performance, but Rain’s experience pulled her through in the end, as she hit the Rain Drop for the (clean!) pinfall. Interesting to see Rain win the match fair and square, as it adds a new layer of credibility to Valkyrie as heels. Rain, April Hunter and Ivelisse celebrate together in the ring as the show fades out.