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Lucha Underground Analysis (June 28th, 2017): Taya becomes the first woman to advance in the Cueto Cup

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Welcome to this week’s Lucha Underground! The Cueto Cup continues this week with Taya taking on Joey Ryan.

Before we get to the tournament, however, we check in with the Mistress of Macabre, Catrina.

She stands by with Mil Muertes. She says tonight begins his journey to getting back the LU Championship. She tells him to destroy them all! He says he will destroy them for her before they kiss. Jeremiah Crane stands in the shadows?

Mil takes on Veneno in a Cueto Cup Match. He makes quick work of his opponent as Catrina curses Veneno with the Lick of Death.

Next, Kobra Moon is out to accompany Vibora as he takes on Paul London.

Paul takes the fight to Vibora but, he’s like a stone wall. Paul reaches for his carrot as he bumps into Kobra Moon. He then takes her hostage with his carrot, what? She eggs Vibora on but Paul pushes Kobra into Vibora as a distraction.

She commands Vibora to take him out! The members of the rabbit tribe rush the match to distract Vibora before they randomly disappear under the ring. However, they subdue Vibora outside the ring and he’s counted out, making Paul the victor. Kobra approaches Vibora and slaps him for failing to advance in the tournament.

Next up Taya and Joey Ryan go head to head:

She makes her entrance with the crowd chanting “La Wera Loca!” and then Joey makes his sleazy entrance as Taya looks on in disgust and amusement.

He grazes his lollipop down his chest before offering it to Taya. She smacks it out of his hand and kicks him in the gut. She clubs him down before clothes lining him into the ropes. She hits him with double knees.

He rolls out of the ring to collect himself but she follows. She slaps him hard on the back before dragging him by the chest hair into the ring. As she makes her way onto the apron Joey superkicks her and she lands on the ground.

The fans rally behind Taya as Joey takes the fight to her outside the ring. He rolls her back into the ring after bashing her head into the apron. Joey signals he’s going to the top rope but Taya slaps him across the face. She continues to slap and chop him before throwing him off the turnbuckle.

She hits him with a double stomp and attempts a pin, but it’s not enough. She rushes at him in the corner but meets the turnbuckle. Joey slaps her hard on the back. He hoists her up in the electric chair position but Taya reverses it with stiff shots to Joeys head.

She plants him with a Northern Lights Suplex before stomping his face in for the win!

In the back, looking all business, Mil is attacked by Jeremiah! He yells she’s mine, referring to Catrina, as he beats him up.

Thoughts: Things are going down in Catrina’s neck of the woods. Did Jeremiah kill Mil? It sounded like he broke his face. However, we’ve seen Mil get resurrected before. My question is, what’s the end game here? I’m missing Ivelisse. I know she was injured for most of this season but, I feel like her inclusion again would really shake things up here. I’m a bit perplexed as to why no one has mentioned her absence either.

I know we’re moving towards some kind of twist or reveal in Catrina’s story too and I’m curious as to where this will put us. She continues to look for ways to assert her power and for someone who is so powerful, she’s a supernatural being after all, I’d like to see much more of it on display. She continues to blow her role away and I’d really like to see her step into the ring, which is also why Ivelisse is sorely needed for this story. Who does Catrina’s heart really belong to?

Kobra Moon is also someone I’d like to see more of in the ring. Lucha Underground has no qualms about showing off what its women can do, but it feels like so far we haven’t gotten enough of them. Kobra is doing well though and commands viewers with her presence.

The match between Taya and Joey Ryan was entertaining and I wish it was a bit longer. Taya sells really well and can take a beating, it’s well known that she can hang with the most vile in the hardest hitting matches so she doesn’t shy away from violence there. I just feel like we’re still just scratching the surface of what she can really do and I’d like to see her compete much more often. I’m pleased that she’s advancing because this definitely gives us a chance to possibly get that. Her Northern Lights was reminiscent of Alicia Fox‘s, who definitely has the most beautiful one in the business. I want to see what other moves she has up her sleeve.

What did you think of this week’s episode? Sound off in the comments below.

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