Mandy Rose to replace Alicia Fox in the MMC


After Alicia Fox broke her tailbone while training for the Royal Rumble she withdrew from competition in the Mixed Match Challenge, leaving Goldust without a partner.

Goldust scouted a bit before WWE announced that his partner is the Golden Goddess herself, Mandy Rose.

Next week Mandy Rose and Goldust will take on Naomi and her husband Jimmy Uso. Goldust issued a warning to their opponents:

This past Tuesday Raw Women’s Champion Alexa Bliss and her partner Braun Strowman, Team Big Little, took on Becky Lynch and her partner Sami Zayn.

The endearing pairing of Braun and Alexa would prove too much for Becky and Sami and Team Big Little advanced in the competition.

After the match Braun and Alexa would elaborate on how and why their partnership works:

Becky and Sami also reflected on how and why they lost:

Did you enjoy this week’s Mixed Match Challenge? How do you feel about the RoseGold partnership? Who do you want to see win the tournament? Sound off in the comments below.