Saturday, October 16, 2021

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Maryse Makes Odd Trish Stratus Comparison


Former Divas Champion, Maryse made an odd comparison between herself and Trish Stratus on Sunday night, as she chatted with fans in’s TLC live chat. Maryse called herself an iTouch while saying Trish was ‘an old cassette player’. Err…

[Comment From Christian Jackson Christian Jackson: ] Maryse you’re of the sexiest woman in the world but your not better than Melina or Trish Stratus
Maryse: Trish Stratus is a cassette player and I am the newest version of the iTouch.
Maryse: iTouches keep improving. Technology gets better and better. Cassettes are collecting dust.

While I totally understand the comparison being made — what the hell?! Though, I hand it to her, it’s original and not as cliched as using the car analogy that men still seem to use. For her next trick, Maryse will compare cutlery. [“I’m a fork, Melina is a spoon.”]

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