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NXT Spoilers: August 30th – September 20th, 2017

WWE has taped several episodes of NXT from Full Sail Live. Spoilers below.


Dark Match:

* Mae Young Classic competitor Jazzy Gabert defeat Lea Knox in a short squash match. Gabert received a huge reaction and won with a modified Anaconda Vice.

Airing August 30th::

* Peyton Royce defeated Ruby Riot. Ruby with a dropkick for a nearfall. Ruby locks in an arm wrench, but Peyton fights out to the ropes. Peyton tosses Ruby outside and rips her hair extensions out. Ruby takes over after a clothesline and drives Peyton’s head into the turnbuckle with her knees. Peyton hits her Fireman’s Carry driver but Ruby kicks out. Billie Kay pulls Peyton out of the ring but Ruby hits a suicide dive onto both. Peyton distracts the ref and Billie lays out Ruby with a kick outside the ring. Peyton pulls Ruby in and hits her Fisherman’s Suplex for the win.

Airing September 6th:

* Andrade “Cien” Almas defeated Cezar Bononi. Zelina Vega is on commentary. Cezar gets some offense to start, but Andrade takes over with a stiff backfist after sidestepping a kick. Andrade goes for the double knees in the corner, but Vega yells at him from commentary to finish Bononi, so Andrade hits the El Idolo DDT for the win.

* Sonya Deville defeated Zeda in a sloppy match. Sonya nails a rough knee to the sternum on a seated Zeda and locks in an armbar for the quick win.

Airing September 13th:

* Ruby Riot defeated Peyton Royce and Billie Kay. Ruby starts the match with no partner. Peyton and Billie take advantage, but suddenly Nikki Cross appears at ringside, looking on with a smirk on her face. Ruby turns the tide and crawls to her corner, when Nikki jumps on the apron and tags herself in to a huge pop. Nikki goes crazy on both of the Iconic Duo and hits the swinging fisherman neckbreaker on Billie. Nikki tags Ruby in and leaves through the crowd as Ruby hits a cannonball senton off the top for the pin.

Airing September 20th:

* Bianca BelAir defeated Lacey Evans. Bianca dominated the match. She gets win with an inverted powerbomb after her trademark hair whip spot.

* This segment should air on the September 6th episode. A video package on Asuka and her incredible run airs on the tron. William Regal is in the ring and introduces Asuka. Asuka says she loves NXT and is grateful for NXT. Regal says she’s done nothing but defend the title with honor since coming to NXT and that she is one of the greatest champions in WWE history. Regal announces that Asuka and himself have begun negotiations with both RAW and SmackDown General Managers, but it is bittersweet as she will be stepping down as NXT Women’s Champion. The NXT roster empties out onto the stage to say farewell. Asuka says wherever she goes, NXT will go with her. Ember Moon walks out and offers and handshake, but fakes out and gives Asuka a hug. Triple H comes out and gives Asuka a bouquet of flowers and takes the title, introducing her one final time as the undefeated, 523 day reigning champion. Asuka takes her bows and poses with HHH on the stage to end the tapings.


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