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NXT Watch (May 23rd, 2012): Can the Rookie Out-Fox Her Pro?

Hello friends, and welcome to your weekly dose of NXT…well, Superstars Lite. This week, we have another show involving just matches, so I can’t even pretend to bottle my depressed emotions like last week. This time, Maxine and Alicia Fox do battle in their third match against each other, I believe. Alicia has won both prior showings, so can Maxine prove that the third time’s the charm and top her former pro? There’s only one way to find out… scroll on down!

We head to the ring where the queen of PA-PA-PA-PA-PARTAY-ing skips out to the ring. Doused in bubbly blue gear, Alicia removes her fancy fox hood and swings it around as she dances for the crowd and shakes her tail-feather. Ultimately, she is cut off by the green stage lighting and club theme of Maxine! Mad Max walks out in her shiny new gear and climbs into the ring with a scowl on her face. Once again, no shades of her smiling personality or mention of JTG’s pairing with Fox.

Nonetheless, the bell sounds and the ladies lock up as Maxine backs Fox into the ropes. Another lock up follows, with Alicia backing Maxine into the corner and Max screaming to get off her! Maxine then shoves Alicia back, before Fox pushes Maxine right on her butt! This sparks Maxine to jump on Fox and these two have a good old fashioned catfight! Maxine proceeds to kick Foxy in the stomach, but is then sent off the ropes. She rolls through a leapfrog attempt and proceeds to roll through a split leg attempt as well! The two tangle a bit, but Fox manages to split leg snapmare her former rookie to the canvas. Maxine seems dazed, but she shoves Alicia into the ropes and then slams her face along the turnbuckle. From there, Maxine chokes her a bit and chops her in the stomach.

Following a snapmare, Maxine knees Alicia in the back and applies a choke hold. The crowd gets behind Alicia, but Fox’s comeback is shortlived as Mad Max slams her back down. Fox is choked on the ropes a bit and amazingly cries out that Maxine is pulling her hair, but this just seems to fire her up as she elbows Maxine into the corner. Maxine scores with a suplex, but only gets a nearfall in the long run. This sparks the bad girl to lock in another submission, as Alicia fights out and kicks Maxine in the face. Fox scores with a few punches, but Maxine ultimately comes back and continues to dominate.

She reverts to the submissions once again, as Alicia cries out that she can’t breathe! Alicia gets to two feet and finally fights out of the hold, with Maxine running right into a pair of dropkicks. Maxine Irish whips Alicia into the corner, but Fox flies back with a really nice elbow and hits a Northern Lights Suplex for a near fall. Alicia gets chopped in the chest, but ducks a clothesline and rolls through into a pin attempt. Maxine amazingly counters into her Dragon Sleeper submission and Foxy taps out. Big win for Maxine!

Thoughts: Okay, I’m allowing myself one negative review a year so let’s cash it in and get it out of the way…

The match was fine, and good for Diva standards in terms of time. I’m just not into NXT anymore at all. The reason I love the show has abruptly been cut with no explanation, and it just blends into the crowd of wrestling shows now. There is no excuse why they can’t just wrap the storylines up that we were in the midst of if this version is continuing anyways… but it’s whatever. This was the only wrestling program I actually liked watching because it was different and not just match after match, so I guess now I’m just in a wrestling slump. Nothing is really entertaining me anymore, and if this NXT is what will be continuing, I’d rather just see the FCW version because some of the people I like from this version (Derrick, Johnny, Tyson, McGillicutty) are on it anyways, plus Maxine, Kaitlyn, and Alicia should be competing on the main roster with the lack of Divas we see now… unless WWE just wants to give us Beth vs. Kelly or Layla every week. Not to mention all of the matches, both male and female, that we see on this current version have either happened multiple times before that it’s starting to feel like Superstars, or involve people I don’t really care to see wrestle so I’m just… bleh.

So how about instead of watching this episode of NXT sans the Divas, let’s all watch this segment instead and relive the good old days? It even features Kaitlyn! I’m in a better mood already…

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