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Raw Redux (April 2nd, 2012): Eve Speaks Her Mind in the Shortest Redux Ever!

Greetings everybody, and let me welcome you to what I’m sure will soon be defined as the shortest Raw Redux ever. Cryssi is on her way home from Miami, whereas I arrived a day earlier, therefore you have an endure one more week of me covering the beloved Raw recaps! This week, we had so much action that I can’t even control myself, as Eve Torres came out and a cut a promo regarding her double-cross on Zack Ryder at WrestleMania! Not only that, but um, well… yes, okay, only that. But it was still an amazing Raw that was topped off with the same fantastic pro-Daniel Bryan crowd that the actual WrestleMania event itself had. Let’s get started!

SHEEEEEEEEEEEE Looks Good to Me! Out comes our benevolent Raw Ruler, Eve, with a microphone in hand. She takes to the stick as a “Hoeski” chant erupts much to her disapproval. Eve states that everyone wants to have their WrestleMania moment, and last night she got hers when she turned on Zack Ryder and manipulated him into easily falling for her charms!

Torres claims that it’s easy for her to manipulate any man except for one, and that’s the new General Manager of both brands, John Laurinaitis. The reason for this, of course, is because powerful people cannot be manipulated. Torres sums it up by stating that if her actions helped him in any way last night, well, then let’s hear it for “People Power!” With that, the segment comes to a close and we head out for the night with the Divas.

Thoughts: I don’t really have much to say. It was nice to see Eve be given some time to shine on the microphone, but it felt almost as if she was just told she only had 30 seconds before going out there. I’m a big fan of her as a heel, and I think she did a great job tonight, but unless this leads to Eve using this “aiding John Laurinaitis win” to get herself a title shot, I would much rather her use last night’s amazing turn moreso to taunt Zack instead of to help Johnny Ace. If it does lead to maybe a triple threat where she wins the Divas Championship, well then I have no complaints at all!

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