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Raw Redux (March 5th, 2012): Eve Masters the Art of Playing With Emotions

Welcome one and all to another weekly edition of the Raw Redux! As I’m sure you all can already tell, I am not Khaleesi Cryssi, but I have agreed to take over this week as she is busy plotting new ways to pick on Steven. Last night’s Raw brought us some pretty interesting bits, including Eve facing off against Alicia Fox, Aksana getting into a scurry with Vickie Guerrero, and my wondrous AJ standing proudly by her champion, Daniel Bryan for his big tag team match. Not only did all of this happen, but we also got to see Kelly Kelly take a brief run at commentary, and Eve’s mind games continued to run wild on both Zack Ryder and all of us! Okay, enough of talking this talk, let’s walk the walk and get to recapping!

We head out to the arena where “PA-PA-PA-PARTAAYYY” can be vaguely heard in the background. Both Alicia and myself immediately get up and bust a move to the spunky theme, but the attention is soon taken to Kelly Kelly at the commentary table. She discusses her nomination for a Kids’ Choice Award, as Jerry Lawler BEGS to know how to vote for her. Kelly instructs him to just go to and click her name, which he agrees to do. (Only, we all know King’s secretly voting for Taylor Lautner. I mean come on!) Kelly and Lawler celebrate his vote, however, the not so celebratory Eve Torres proceeds to interrupt the festivities.

Eve walks out with a cocky smile on her face, laughing at all of the simple minded fans who boo her. (Yes, Eve is now getting actual boos during her entrance… it’s a proud day for us all!) An article from is plugged which I suggest you all go read, as the bell sounds and the two lock up. They exchange holds for a few, until Alicia is sent off the ropes and taken down with a shoulder block. Eve runs off the other side of the ring, but Alicia bends down at her feet in attempts to trip her up. The graceful Torres hops over her and rebounds on the other side, allowing the Foxy one to leapfrog over her and go for a reverse monkey flip type maneuver.

Eve hops over the attempted move, but walks right into a split legged arm drag! She lands on the middle rope, which forces Alicia to go for a big boot to the back… only Eve moves out of the way and hits a nice reverse spin kick to the leg. She then grabs Alicia’s leg and simply pins her for the victory. Womp womp.

Eve smiles at Kelly, with Alicia in the middle of both until we are cut off by the music of Zack Ryder! Ryder hobbles out on a cane and tells Eve to not even bother. Zack says he’s glad they never hooked up since he believes in “broskis before hoeskis” and leaves us with a “Woo woo woo, you know it!” A “Hoeski” chant erupts at Eve as Zack heads to the back and she looks on in disgust!

Backstage we go to see Zack Ryder heading out of the arena. He is quickly interrupted by Eve, who tells him to hold up! She claims that she has something to tell him, before locking lips with the fooled superstar. His cane seemingly drops to the floor in awe, while the kiss finishes and Eve walks along her merry way with a big smile on her face. In return, Zack looks on VERY pleased with what the conniving “hoeski” just did to him.

Also check out during a match which saw Santino Marella upset Jack Swagger to become the new United States Champion, we get a brief moment where Vickie Guerrero looks to play a distraction to the Italian Stallion. With the sock in hand, and after previously giving Dolph Ziggler the Cobra, he turns his attention to our cougar, Vickie Guerrero! Thankfully she hops off the ring apron just in time to avoid taking such a deadly maneuver, but this doesn’t stop the Lithuanian beauty, Aksana from walking up and shoving Vickie down on her butt! The two then get into a screaming fight with one another until the attention turns back to the match inside the ring.

Plus, watch as AJ stands ringside during a tag team match between Daniel Bryan and Chris Jericho against CM Punk and Sheamus:

Thoughts: I’ll begin with the Eve/Alicia match which I personally thought could have been phenomenal if they weren’t restricted to 20 measly seconds. They were flowing great together, even better than their past showings in my opinion. I hope Eve gets a new finisher soon though because I’m not a fan of roll ups, and while I get the moonsault is sort of a flashy, face finisher, perhaps going back to her neckbreaker or one of the submissions she’s learned will work. I’m glad they finally brought Zack back because if we’re leading towards a match at WrestleMania, he had to return soon and I loved how Eve continues to play with his emotions and trick him. All in all, tonight’s Raw was pretty good for the Divas even with a short match, and as a show overall, it was great!

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