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Raw Redux (September 16th, 2013): Harsh Words, Harsher Actions

Last night’s Raw was the final chapter of a weekend novel that saw the Divas compete at Night of Champions, slay on the mid-season finale of Total Divas, and come together to on the after show to talk about what happened and dish the dirt on the final six episodes that start in November!!! The best thing about Raw is that in addition to our Total Divas girls, we got A LOT of goodies from the other women on the roster! Alicia Fox, Aksana, and Layla competed against Naomi, Cameron and Brie Bella. Eva Marie, JoJo and Nikki Bella were at ringside. AJ Lee and Natalya took seats at the commentary booth. Summer Rae totally put to shame every single person who was on Dancing With the Stars last night. But perhaps it was the goddess Stephanie McMahon who put everyone to shame last night…

Let’s get started!!!

First I just want to say how great all of them did! We don’t get a lot of opportunities to see Cameron in the ring and I think she did amazing. Our sassy Funkadactyl has come a long way since her days on Tough Enough and she definitely deserves to have heaps and heaps of praise thrown her way. She was the least likely to make it after Tough Enough, to be honest, but luckily for us Cameron stuck with it, worked her butt off, overcame all the obstacles heaped at her, and has had the best career out of that entire cast. I couldn’t be more happy for her. She gets better everytime she gets a chance to compete and hopefully she continues to work and get better.

That being said, I loved this match and I think it was much better than the actual title match. Multi-Diva tag matches can sometimes be rushed and super sloppy, but this was pretty spot on. It had decent flow, it didn’t seem rushed, and I loved the spot where all the divas hit the ring at the same time. I also love how Brie knocked Naomi out of the way to make sure she got the tag. It was nice for Brie to get the win after getting screwed at Night of Champions.

I don’t think it’s far fetched for me to think that perhaps that sketchy spot at NoC was done on purpose. Brie had Naomi covered forever and the referee just stood there. With the way the McMahons are running things it wouldn’t shock me if they end up using Brie to hurt Daniel Bryan even more. It’s possible and dammit she deserves to be in that storyline. Especially now that it seems like we are going to get Nattie versus AJ.

That stare down was EVERYTHING!! Oh my gosh I LOVED that more than any other part of the match. AJ was so overly smug having retained the night before and Nattie looked flaw free and so classy despite having tapped out the night before. I can’t wait for these two to face one another one-on-one with that title on the line. It’s going to be so so so good.

Speaking of good, Stephanie McMahon redefines the word. Everything she puts her hands on literally turns to gold. We all love her and admire her presence on camera, and last night Stephanie was at her very best. Her segments with Randy Orton and Dusty Rhodes were so brilliantly evil that I can’t even put it into words.

This basically all but secured the fact the McMahons are using Randy as their puppet. They found someone who is desperate for gold and incredibly dangerous. Someone who basically has a history of being a little mentally unstable and they are playing him like a fiddle! I hated it at first to be honest, because Orton pushes usually bore me, but I’m keeping an open mind. Stephanie pushed all the right buttons and Orton absolutely unleashed all his hate and anger on The Miz.

In front of The Miz’s own parents.

Oh man. Randy Orton wasn’t the only one who had to endure Stephanie’s wrath either. The American Dream Dusty Rhodes, who was invited to Raw by Steph, came out to try and get his youngest son’s job back. The absolute low Stephanie stooped too shock me, and I would be lying if I said I didn’t enjoy every single evil delicious second of it. The more Big Show cries, the happier I get. What can I say?

When Stephanie handed Dusty that gift card for Bed, Bath, and Beyond I screamed. Theres nothing that is woman won’t do to put herself over as the queen of bitch, and the fact she backs everything up with batting her lashes and making her eyes look so sincere and innocent just leaves me spellbound every single time. Making Dusty pick between his children was nothing short of cruel and hateful. What happened at the end of the segment, was even worse. It was awful watching Dusty get punched in the face by a sobbing Big Show. It was even worse watching Big Show cradle Dusty’s lifeless body. The hateful part of me absolutely relished this segment more than anything I have seen on Raw in years. It was Stephanie at her finest and all I can do as a fan is stand up and applaud. I can also be horrified and disgusted and so anti-McMahon it’s ridiculous but we all know I’m a heel at heart!

My evil heart isn’t totally without feeling. Those girl emotions run rampant every now and then, and they were absolutely sobbing at the cuteness that we got to witness backstage later on in the night.

I know it was simple but it was everything! The hug was so sweet, so tender, and just right for that moment in time. Daniel and Brie are absolutely perfect together and the romantic in me seriously died and went to Heaven over that simple, adorable embrace. WWE, we need more of these moments ASAP! We all know they’re together and we love it, so capitalize and use it!

Raw was soooooo good tonight and trust me, I didn’t forget our Weekly Summer Slay Watch. I totally just gave Summer Rae her own special segment in my Redux, following in the footsteps of the legend Vickie Guerrero. Up until now, Vickie is the only person I ever gave a special focus too. I think Summer is following in great footsteps.

All I want is for Summer and Fandango to be invited to perform on Dancing With the Stars. That, or maybe they can just crash a future episode. Either way, I would be fine. I’m also relieved that they finally got a win! Now, can we please get Fandango into some type of title feud???

I loved Raw tonight and I would be doing all of us a disservice if I didn’t at least mention Paul Heyman kissing Ryback. After all the greatness I’ve provided you with I think it’s only fitting I love you all with that nice little mental imagine. They don’t call me Heel Cryssi for nothing ;)! Until next time… Khaleesi out!!!

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