Monday, August 2, 2021

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Report: Vickie’s Daughter Asked Her to Quit?


According to a new story on Vickie Guerrero‘s WWE departure, Vickie’s daughters may have asked her to quit the company.

Both of Vickie’s daughters are teenagers, one of whom is said to have just finished her senior year in high school, and were becoming upset at the portrayal of their mother on national television and asked her to quit. Definitely understandable as you have to go into school the next day and everyone must be talking about you.

If this is true, I admire Vickie even more for putting her daughters above and beyond her career. Seeing your mom ‘married’ to Edge, having an affair with the Big Show, having ‘nude’ pictures of her leaked on and being called a ‘pig’ – no matter how scripted – must be hard. As we’ve pointed out a number of times, Vickie did a great job and received an opportunity to earn an income that she would have otherwise never had dreamed of, I guess her and her daughters are now financially secure. I can’t fault someone who did what she had to do to invest in her children’s future. I hope their story is a happy one.

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